tugatog music festival

5 Performances From The Tugatog Music Festival That Had Us Screaming

We're still not over G22 and Dione's collab stage.

With performances from BGYO, BINI, MNL48, VXON, G22, and more, it made the over seven-hour Tugatog Music Festival worth the price of admission.

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When Tugatog Music Festival said that they were using the moment to lift up OPM like a mountain, they meant it. The festival had a diverse line-up of nearly every active P-pop group right now, as well as Zack Tabudlo and The Juans. The line-up allowed each performer to share their unique musicality to the audience present at the SM MOA Arena, including those who tuned in during the livestream. It was a show unlike any other as the festival’s collab stages between P-pop groups was an exciting first for many and brought the house down.

Like with any mountain, the first ever Tugatog Music Festival had its ups and down, but the seven-hour show gave what needed to be given and served as a fun experience for viewers. With that being said, here are just some of the best performances of the night that really took the night of music to great heights.


The female energy on display during Tugatog was strong. MNL48 opened the show, followed by BINI, and P-pop Generation, and they all came back for a killer opening number. And that fierce female power was very much on display when P-pop Generation, R Rules, and Calista joined forces for a cover of Maymay Entrata’s Amakabogera. The energy and confidence was at a 10 as all three P-pop girl groups did justice to this empowering bop and channeled the track’s fierce attitude.


When watching G22 and Dione at Tugatog, you wouldn’t have guessed that both groups were rookies who just debuted this year. Their solo stages served with G22’s in particular being one of the best of the night. And when they came together for their collab performance, it was a high energy display that ate from start to finish. The vocals, bars, stage presence, and choreo were all there. It was the kind of performance that made you want more and turned these rookies into future stars.


This isn’t the first time BINI and ALAMT shared the same stage, but their Tugatog collab was one of, if not their best team up to date. At the tail-end of ALAMAT’s solo set, BINI joined them on stage to deliver a stripped back rendition of their songs like Na Na Na. The new arrangements, together with the live band, brought their tracks to a whole new light and one we wouldn’t mind if they dropped an official recording on streaming platforms. The camaraderie shared between these groups was so wholesome and bonus points for how they all did the songs’ dances.


There is a good reason why MNL48 and BGYO’s sets were at the near end of the concert. Dressed in white, BGYO bodied their setlist that included the first ever live performance of their new song, Tumitigil Ang Mundo. As for MNL48, the group brought the energy and the feels with their performance of 365 Araw Ng Eroplanong Papel being a particular standout, and all while dressed in school girl chic. And when they came together, that was when the party truly started. MNL48 sang High Tension with BGYO serving as the cutest backup dancers. Meanwhile, the boys sang Sabay and gave us the biggest disco party of the night. The only thing that would have made it better was that if there was a giant disco ball at the roof of the MOA Arena.


In a night that was filled with performances, team ups, and much more, the ending of Tugatog proved a particularly apt way to end the festivities. As the closing number of the festival, all the groups came together on stage to dance to Tugatog’s theme song. It was a moment of P-pop excellence as groups old and new came together to celebrate Filipino music as a whole all while interacting with one another. The coming together served to remind us that these P-pop groups are all here for the good of all OPM and the continued rise of P-pop very well beyond the mountain it stands on.

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