#BGYO | 'Tumitigil Ang Mundo' Official Music Video

It’s Young Love And Fun Times With BGYO’s New Song, ‘Tumitigil Ang Mundo’

Imagine BGYO chasing you around Enchanted Kingdom.

BGYO’s second album is on its way, and their first song for this new chapter, Tumitigil Ang Mundo, may just stop your world.

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A wise woman once said, “World stop!” and BGYO really took that to heart with their new music. The ACES of P-pop are back once more after dropping hit OST singles like Mahal Na Kita and Best Time. But after a flurry of activities, partnerships, and OST participations, it’s time for BGYO to come back with music that’s definitive of them. After all, we are entering a new chapter of BGYO’s career as they are leaving their rookie phase behind with the anticipated drop of their sophomore album later this year. And to that end, starting off this new and exciting chapter is the release of their newest single, Tumitigil Ang Mundo, their first original song not part of an OST in over nine months.


Composed and produced by several musicians and producers from local sound production house FlipMusic, Tumitigil Ang Mundo is four minutes of fun pop beats, an upbeat and vibrant melody, and a wholesome romantic message. In essence, the track is a love song about feeling as if your surroundings slowed to a crawl when you see that someone you love. It touches upon this feeling of other worldly kilig through lyrics that illustrate how falling in love and being with the right person can magically feel like everything in the world just stops.

Tumitigil Ang Mundo is one of BGYO’s brightest song to date, which is saying a lot. The electric energy of the song is enhanced by a dancey pop beat with slight hints of techno in the opening and chorus that breaks down for Mikki and Gelo’s rap verses. It’s a giddy track that makes you want to move when in love, a theme that is further enhanced by Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate’s vocals.


This fun and somewhat euphoric energy also translates to the track’s music video. Directed by Karlo Calingao, and produced by Chapters PH, the music video with a magical touch finds the boys in a photoshoot when a mysterious woman in white, played by Star Magic Circle 2019 member Aiyanna Waggoner, catches their eye. With their feelings taking over, their infatuation with the young woman leads them to follow her through a portal that brings them to Enchanted Kingdom.

Dressed in cool and comfortable casual threads, BGYO spends the rest of the music video chasing after the girl, riding some rides, and busting a few moves around the park. They are having a fun time at the theme park with the bubbly choreography for the track matching the songs upbeat energy. All five of them look good as always with fits that are both music video and theme park appropriate.

Even though summer may be over, Tumitigil Ang Mundo feels like a great summer jam to move to, whether it be on the dance floor or your bedroom. It’s an overall fun song with an earworm of a beat and chorus. It definitely has us excited to see how this new era of BGYO will go as the group continues to grow. Aside from waiting for their new album, you can also catch BGYO and other P-pop groups at the Tugatog Music Festival on July 15 and the Be You benefit concert on July 22.

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