There’s A Lot To Celebrate About Belle Mariano’s ‘Somber’ Album

She really is somber.

For her sophomore release, Belle Mariano gets introspective with a refined touch to her acoustic stylings.

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Given the Gen Z superstar that she is, it would be understandable if Belle’s music went for a more pop or modern take. But over the years, it’s been clear that Belle knows the kind of artist she is and the music she wants to make. Following 2021’s Daylight, which saw Belle go more acoustic than synth, the star is back with the recent release of her second studio album, Somber (the first part of a two-parter).

With her new body of work, she proves that Daylight was no fluke as Belle continues to develop her status as an acoustic musician who tells stories through her lyrics, voice, and laidback style. And in Somber, Belle put together an album for the sad girls. Part break-up album, part introspections of a young woman, the album sees Belle refine her sound with a bigger creative touch in six songs that serve as her reflections in a fast-paced world. Let’s break down each song and see how they hit right in the feels.  


While at initial listen, the opening song of Somber seems like a gentle love song about spending time with that special someone, it soon gives way to a melancholic tale of realizing that the relationship is not going to happen. Using the allegory of a road trip, the track sees Belle lay down the sad truth that their time together has reached its destination, as epitomized by the closing line, “Sad to say our roadtrip has come to an end.” Roadtrip expertly lays the groundwork for the kind of vibe the rest of the album will have. 


Somber showcases Belle as a fine storyteller with her music, with Session Road being one of the best examples. After starting relatively simply with Belle trying to get over a boy while in Baguio, it soon leads to her realization that her love for her ex may not be done just yet after a chance encounter with a boy on Session Road. With production that scales and soars to meet its developing emotions, the song embodies how breakups can get complicated.


If Belle can get us in our feels in English, she can also do so in Filipino, as seen in the midway mark of Somber. Mainly with a guitar backing her, Belle goes deep as she ponders on the realization that her relationship is nearing its end date. Knowing that your relationship is coming to an end is a bitter pill to swallow, and that’s a feeling Belle brings to life with her angelic vocals. Still, she ends the track by leaving the door open to rekindling the romance, showing that a fleeting relationship can find its spark again.


This song was made for Gen Z. In this track, Belle vocalizes the feelings that many youth go through today, always feeling as if they are in a rush to do the next thing. We live in a time where many want and expect quick and instant gratification, and Belle narrates how that lifestyle is damaging to your physical, mental, and emotional health. And considering how Belle’s life hasn’t been on pause since she rose to stardom in 2021, the song is one we have a feeling she can relate to. Take it from Belle and don’t think about where you’ll be weeks and months from now. Slow down and take it one step at a time.


Lyrically, Bugambilya delivers the most complex take on the entire album in a four-minute tour de force of emotion. And that bridge? Belle did that with her transition from Filipino to English, and back to Filipino.


If you listened to the album in chronological order, then you’re probably an emotional wreck by this point. And for the album’s closing, Belle leaves one last punch in a song about feeling lost in the midst of it all. The track, which was co-written by Belle herself, brings to life the power of stopping and realizing that life has its merits when you take the time to take it all in. It’s a feeling many can relate to as it puts a period on Belle’s musings and reflections on life. Despite how hard and complicated life can be, there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. 

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