Call Them CEO: These Stars And Personalities Are Bosses Of Their Own Company

I'm the boss.

From KD Estrada, SB19’s Ken, Julia Barretto, and more, these actors, musicians, and content creators can also add business mogul to their resume.

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While some may see making it in the entertainment industry as the golden ticket to a better life, or for some, an endgame, that isn’t the full picture. Showbiz can be very fickle where typically, what was once the hottest trend can become yesterday’s news. Today’s celebrities need to be on their toes on what their next career move is. And for many of them, that means starting their own business. While stars are already busy with their own careers, many have found the time to widen their portfolios and flex their entrepreneurship skills to establish businesses where they can proudly call themselves the boss. Plus, these businesses also serve as another way for you to support your faves. Here are some stars and personalities who can add CEO to their resume thanks to their business ventures.


Andrea Brillantes isn’t even 20 yet, but already, she’s experienced a career many can only dream of. Aside from her numerous acting projects and endorsements, Blythe has also made a name for herself in the business world such as having her own make-up line with Careline. She reached her highest business peak yet though when she recently announced the founding of A.B.G. Trading Inc. At just 19-years-old, Blythe is currently one of the youngest CEOs in the entire country. Clearly, this is just the start of what could be a promising business venture.


As one of the top stars of her generation, Julia has had her hand in many fields from acting, YouTube, and modeling. She can also add business to that list as she is the founder of her very own lifestyle brand, The Juju Club. Established in 2021, the brand has become a favorite for many thanks to its fun, colorful, and aesthetically-pleasing apparel and merch. They are even set to enter the world of perfumes with the upcoming launch of their first fragrance, Francesca by The Juju Club.  


Aside from his attention-grabbing stage presence and slick moves, SB19’s Ken is also known for his sense of style as the dancer, rapper, and singer isn’t afraid to play around with his looks. It’s really no surprise to learn then that he also has his own clothing line called SUPERIOR SON. You’re lucky if you manage to get your hands on any of their items considering that their stylish take on streetwear often gets sold out.  


As one himself, Juan Karlos Labajo knows what it feels like for how hard it can be for creatives to thrive in the Philippines. Freelancers can often get the short end of the stick when working with businesses and clients. This is something he wants to change, which is why he, alongside his business partners, established raket.PH in 2021. The website is an online marketplace built for and by Filipino freelancers. Freelancers can sign up for the site and prospective clients can avail of their services, all of which is done through the freelancer’s terms and conditions. At raket.PH, the freelancer is the one who is championed.  


Ivana Alawi is often hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines. So, the star decided to share her beauty secrets to the world by launching her very own skin care brand, Ivana Skin. The cruelty free skin care line sells a range of soaps, lotions, and more to help you achieve that natural glow just like its founder.


Like many, Kim Chiu decided to focus her business on something she loves. So, the actress, athlete, and now businesswoman turned her love of handbags into her very own business venture. On October 16, 2022, Kim launched House of LittleBunny Philippines, a bunny theme brand that sells cute and aesthetic handbags all at affordable prices.


Singer, songwriter, actor, and now businessman, KD Estrada can really do it all if he puts his mind into it. KD doesn’t own just one business, he owns several. First, he’s the head of Kayd’s Coffee, his most recent business that sells handcrafted cold brew. Second, there’s Daine by KD, which offers customers a range of scents and jewelry. Finally, you can own a piece of the young star’s closet with Kayds Preloved, an IG page where he occasionally sells his old clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. We love a talented entrepreneur.


SB19’s Justin is a true creative force. Many of the group’s material, from their music videos, merch, concerts, and more, have Justin’s creative input considering his status as a creative director. His creativity is also seen with his business, visar society. Launched on his birthday this July 2022, visar society is artistic expression meets aesthetics and practicality as the brand sells a variety of merch, art materials, and other nifty items. Not only are the items great to look at, but they’re useful, too.  


With the kind of career Maja Salvador has, you would think the actress would have achieved everything in her life. But aside from conquering the screen, Maja looks to make her presence known behind the scenes as well as she’s the founder of her very own talent management company, Crown Artist Management. Some of the artists on their roster include Christine Samson, Miles Ocampo, John Llyod Cruz, and Piolo Pascual. So yeah, they seem to be doing well for themselves.


Why start a beauty brand by yourself when you can do it with friends? TikTok faves Rica Salomon, Ayn Bernos, and Kai Javier decided to combine their expertise in business when they came together to launch Kayu Beauty, a make-up brand that puts you at the center.


While you may know Elisse Joson as an actress, did you also know that she’s the owner of her very own jewelry brand? That’s right, the actress and young mom helped establish Felizia Jewelry, which is named after her daughter. The brand sells a diverse selection of jewelry, bracelets, accessories, and more. And you know the brand is of quality as they only use real 18k gold and natural diamonds.


Individually, Rei Germar, Jammy Cruz, Hazel Quing, and Ry Velasco have slayed when it comes to their own ventures and careers. But when they work together, it makes for a magical project. Such as is the case with The Lula Club, the aesthetic lifestyle brand these four influencers helped make. The brand sells a bunch of eye-grabbing items though they are most known for their popular disposable cameras.


There are many words you can use to describe Heart Evangelista, and that includes CEO. Aside from slaying every red carpet she attends and showing out in the fashion shows she attends; Heart is also a businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Pure Living, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that sells a collection of creams, serums, and tools that will help you live your best, beautiful life.  


With over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, Chelseah already has a successful career as a content creator. But her talents and achievements doesn’t end there though. When she was just 17-years-old, Seah established her very own clothing brand, Revel. Afterwards, she spun that off to create Kenny Beans Café which you probably know what it is about based on the name. As of this writing, the café has three branches across Manila and is available on apps like Grab.


While Mimiyuuuh is known for her funny, relatable, and often viral content on social media, she is also a bit of a fashion maven. She graduated from Saint Benilde with a degree in fashion and she used those skilled to good use by launching her own fashion brand, FANGS GANG.  Named after her iconic teeth, the brand launched in 2017 but has since seen a recent revival with an all-new collection of killer designs.

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