SB19 Justin Just Launched His Own Business, Which Lets Your Inner Artist Shine

Taking Justin's art to a new level.

visar society channels SB19 Justin’s artistic sensibilities in the form of aesthetic notebooks, stickers, tote bags, and more.

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While to the casual fan, SB19’s Justin is usually seen as the youngest member of the group, he is much more than that. As the main creative brain behind the group, many of their projects, from their music videos to concerts, were directed by Justin himself. He’s low-key their creative director as the communication graduate applies his love for the arts in his work. And if you follow Justin outside his work in the group, you would know that the arts and creatives industry is something he is passionate about. But aside from applying his imagination and creativity into SB19, Justin is set to showcase a new side of his artistry with the recent launch of his very own business, visar society.


Initially teased a couple of weeks ago, visar society is the brainchild of Justin and a small group of family and friends. The business marries common everyday items with a uniquely aesthetic touch for a range of items that complement any artistic mind. “A soul family that expresses themselves through visual arts” is how the brand is described in its bio. Based on the visuals they dropped, visar society is going for a nature-like aesthetic with the heavy use of greens, browns, and whites for a simple yet visually appealing look. It’s a chill and laid back vibe that matches the items they have on offer.

As of this writing, the items on sale are stickers, notebooks, and tote bags, though they did promise more things are in store in the future. The brand launched with their first collection, the Silakbo Collection, which is available in two sets. The first set is the Alpas Set which contains an 8×5.3 in. A5 unruled kraft notebook, 7×5 in. matte sticker sheet, and a 10×8 in. canvas tote bag. With its bold stickers and attention grabbing designs, the set is going for a more fun and lighthearted feel.

The second is the Kubli Set which contains an 8×5.3 in. A5 unruled kraft notebook, 7×5 in. matte sticker sheet, and a 15x13x3 in. canvas tote bag. More low-key then the previous set, the Kubli Set screams minimalist with a touch of cottagecore.

The sets combine artistry with practicality as you can practice your art on the notebook, decorate your laptop or phone with the stickers, and use the tote bag when you go out and about. The Alpas Set will set you back 499 pesos while the Kubli Set costs 949 pesos. Do note that you can only currently buy it as a set and not as individual items. Heavy use of nature in visar society’s imagery and items aren’t just for aesthetic purposes only. The environment is one of Justin’s personal advocacies and even spent his 24th birthday planting trees at the Masungi Georeserve along with some fans. They even donated to the reserve a 60,000 peso check.


With the launch of visar society, Justin becomes the second member of the group to be a proud business owner following Ken’s launch of SUPERIOR SON. But what’s even more special is that Justin’s business launched on his birthday, July 7. The nature-inspired aesthetic of the brand makes it a great get for a variety of people, whether you are an established artist, or just looking for some well-designed items to match your style. While the whole launch collection looks great, we personally have our eyes on the cute lemon tote bag from the Alpas Set.

You can get your hands on visar society via their Lazada shop though as of this writing they are currently sold out. But in the meantime, as we wait for a restock and new items, you can follow them on their socials on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as the brand grows into this artistic hive where CEO Justin and company showcase their artistic talents.

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