Kisses Delavin’s Next Career Move? Possibly A Business In Masbate

She's a businesswoman.

Kisses Delavin has been radio silent since her stint in Miss Universe Philippines 2021. But certain clues on social media seem to hint that she’s aiming to start her own business.

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When Kisses Delavin began her showbiz career, she quickly became one of the biggest stars of her generation. She was in one of the most talked about love teams of the 2010s and not to mention, a big star herself. Then in 2021, she shook most of the pageant world storm by joining Miss Universe Philippines. She proved that she wasn’t just all hype and made for a strong candidate in the competition. While she didn’t win, she did leave a stellar impression. But since then, Kisses has been MIA, keeping her head down, not updating her Instagram since October 2021, and showing no sign if ever she’ll make a comeback in acting. But thanks to some recent clues on social media, it seems that Kisses may be entering a new chapter of her life, her entrepreneurship era.


In late July, a now private video posted by Team Goryo vlogs showed off an under construction building in Masbate. That wasn’t any random building though, as it was Kisses’ new business. According to the video, it is a commercial development Kisses is building in her hometown of Masbate that she reportedly plans to turn into a restaurant. It can be remembered that she took up Business Management in La Salle. So, if this is to be believed, it seems that she’s using her degree and flexing those business skills.

Of course, Kisses hasn’t responded to the claims nor confirmed if she’s actually starting a new business. But whether it be for herself, her parents, or whatever venture Kisses thinks of, it’s interesting to know that she’s out there making moves. If this is true, we love how she’s building it in Masbate instead of say Manila. No doubt when it opens it’s going to be the talk of the town and might even inspire people to travel to Masbate just to see it. She’ll most likely talk about it when it’s ready to be revealed. If this is the new career path Kisses has decided to take and no longer return to showbiz, it’s honestly okay, because at least she gets to do things on her own terms. We’re definitely interested to see how this develops.  

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