Slaying In The Sun: Turn Up The Heat With These 10 Celeb-Inspired Summer Looks

Is it hot in here or is it just those fire 'fits?

From Western cowgirl realness to sheer, sparkling coverups, here’s what summer 2024 looks like in fashion, as worn by your favorite celebs and creators.

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Clearly, this summer is all about sheer fabrics, colors and patterns, mixing and matching, and Western-inspired pieces. Turn all your summer adventures into a runway as you curate a summer wardrobe inspired by ooks that range from edgy and elegant to fun and colorful. You may not be going to Coachella Valley like these style icons are, but you can still serve in this sweltering heat on the beach or in the streets with summer fashion pieces and outfits that are the perfect splash of fun.

From Coachella to Siargao, Andrea Brillantes’ festival outfits to Maris Racal’s summer destination wedding looks, check out how these celebs and creators are dressing to turn up the heat this season. Their summer looks riff on classics and trends in their own special ways, and we’re taking notes.


Lorin Gutierrez Bektaş came to Coachella with one goal in mind: to serve. And serve she did, as she embodied a handful of summer 2024 trends all at once with a sheer lace top as part of a white matching set. She was also giving cowgirl coquette in a pair of cowboy boots and thin-ribbon bows in her hair. Pinterest pinspo realness.


Andrea Brillantes rocked three stunning looks at Coachella this year, pulling from both trends and timeless classics. The first look, an airy, lacy number (matching with Lorin) had a shawl Andrea pulled over her head to provide some protection from the heat and dust and gave her an otherworldly look.

Her second outfit was pure Western cowgirl goodness. The leopard print fuzzy top with a short denim jumpsuit, brown leather accents, and to-die-for cowboy boots was topped off perfectly with a bolo (because she’s committed!) and a ten-gallon hat.

For her last Coachella look, the actress picked up a few things from her mom’s closet for an authentic boho-Y2K look that is the definition of summer 2024. Andrea paired her mom’s flowy halter top and accessories with a more modern denim skirt and Sambas, and has inspired countless daughters to turn back to a favorite pastime—raid their mother’s wardrobe.


P-pop artist and ALAMAT member Jao was an eye-catching sensation at NYLON Manila’s Hot Tropic summer party. You really can’t go wrong with busy, colorful neon pieces in the summer. All the prints, details, and colors of his button-down were perfectly complimented by his accessories and his life-of-the-party personality.


Listen, in this heat, sometimes you just have to go with as little layers as possible. But leather? In the summer? Creator Kerwin King makes a case for it in a black leather terno with simple accessories, putting an edgier twist on the Western fashion trend.


Model and actress Maureen Wroblewitz also donned a leather look for Coachella, but it’s her sheer mix-and-match outfit that got us digging through our closets to emulate. Pairing different sheer patterned fabrics with shoes that look like they don’t belong in the desert just works for this look, and it gives off a simple but playful bohemian vibe.


A monochromatic look for a poolside excursion? Sign us up. Actress Maris Racal attended Angelica Panganiban’s wedding in Siargao, and her green-toned ‘fit featuring a glittering shirtdress coverup and neon bikini top totally got beachgoers green with style envy.

But the looks don’t end there. For the welcome dinner, Maris was tied up in a white two-piece set that was just screaming summer coquette. The cinching all the way down shouldn’t work, but it does—and it’s so uniquely stylish.


Serve summery, preppy, chic, and party-ready all at once like the iconic Bretman Rock with vests (an elegant alternative to tank tops), skirts, and chunky accessories. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching patterns, too! Just look at that cow-print bag.

Whether it’s summer or any season, all you need to do to be “stylish” is to dress up following your own rules and your own preferences. Get inspired, but the best thing about these summer looks is that they reflect the personalities of those rocking them, and there’s nothing hotter than someone who’s confident and comfortable in their own skin (and clothes).

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