K-Obsessed? NYLON Manila Is Looking For Fans To Be Part Of Its First-Ever K-Council

Here's your opportunity to be part of this fan gathering.

Knowledgeable with all things K-pop, K-series, or K-style? NYLON Manila is on the search to find the best K-fans to be part of the K-council.

Here at NYLON Manila, we are always on the lookout for new ways to celebrate Gen Z pop culture. And undeniably, the Hallyu Wave has made an influential mark on the generation, especially for Filipinos. Whether in social media or in real life, you would be hard pressed to find at least one person talk about, listen, watch, or consume anything K-related. We here also love our share of K-pop, K-dramas, and everything in between.

And it’s clear that the fans have been one of the major factors as to why all of these have been making its mark on the global stage. The fans are at the center of it all, and rightly so. This is why when we decided to celebrate all things that Filipino Gen Z love about K pop culture, it was only right that it would be through the fans and community. So, for the first time ever, we are launching the NYLON Manila K-Council and you, yes YOU, can be part of it. Here’s how:


First things first, the K-Council will be NYLON Manila’s go-to group of super K-fans who love K-pop, K-series, and K-style. The council will be made up entirely of fans, because who else knows these things better than the fans, right? The K-Council will be composed of 15 members, which will be split into three categories with five members each, K-pop, K-series, and K-style. The council, in essence, is a gathering of the fans to celebrate what they love.


If you’re interested in joining, know that there are no limits based on age, gender, or location. As long as you love or are knowledgeable in the said categories, then go for it. To audition, you first need to upload a TikTok video explaining why you should be chosen as a member of the K-Council. The video should be no longer than a minute, but feel free to add things to it to make your video stand out. You may upload one video per category: K-pop, K-series, K-style.

Make sure to tag NYLON Manila in the video and include #NYLONManilaKCouncil and #KCouncil[category] (e.g. #KCouncilPop, #KCouncilSeries) in the caption. Deadline for entries will be on Sunday, March 6, 11:59 PM PH time. After that, the winners will be chosen via public voting from March 7-11.


Aside from having bragging rights, the K-Council holds some important responsibilities. Firstly, the chosen 15 members will meet up to discuss and choose the actual nominees for NYLON Manila’s upcoming K-Faves celebration, which, as the name suggests, is a coming together of the things we love about K pop culture. Second, K-Council members will appear in videos and other materials for NYLON Manila as they serve as NYLON’s ambassadors of sorts to the K-world. And the best part is that the fans chosen to be part of the K-Council will receive exclusive prizes. So, if you feel that you have what it takes and want to experience all of this, upload that TikTok video.

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Mundo Mo Ito: Alamat’s ABKD Era Is All About Believing In Yourself And Championing Diversity

Alamat said say no to colorism.

ABKD not only serves as Alamat’s first anniversary single, but it’s also a message of hope that everyone can relate to.

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Ever since they made their official debut in February 14, 2021 with kbye, Alamat has stood out more than just the fact that they’re a P-pop boy group. Since day one, the group has been all about representing different facets of Philippine culture. Coming from all over the country, Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomas, R-Ji, Valfer, Gami, and Alas, are able to best champion their unique heritage. And more notably, all their songs feature the members sing and rap in their native tongue such as Tagalog, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bikolano, and Waray-Waray.

A series of single releases later, Alamat has firmly planted themselves in today’s modern P-pop landscape. This past February 14, the group reached the all-important milestone of their first year anniversary. And as part of this celebration, the P-pop group graced their fans with their first single of the year, ABKD. Not only is it a catchy single, but the track also has themes and messages that anyone who’s going through a tough time will find comfort in.  


Produced by frequent Alamat collaborator The Kennel AB, ABKD is a catchy and light hearted pop track with hints of a hip-hop vibe. It is filled with uplifting and mood-bosting verses that implore listeners to not let bad days get them down. As always, the track has each member sing certain parts in their native language. Not only is it accessible, it also makes for a more emotional and compelling response from listeners. It’s an extremely wholesome track as each members lays down the case of why you shouldn’t give up and continue to follow your dreams.

While recognizing the fact that there will be moments where you’ll doubt yourself, it’s important that you shouldn’t lose sight of where you want to go. Its wholesome message is made even clearer when it reaches the chorus, revealing that ABKD is actually an acronym. A is for achieving your dreams, B is breaking all the barriers, K is keeping your stars as your allies, and D is dabbing it with hope.


This confidence-boosting message is also reflected in the track’s music video. No strangers to featuring more serious topics, Alamat has always been intentional with their narratives. For example, in kasmala, they turned their attention to how Filipinos were treated during the American colonial period. In ABKD, the group focuses the lenses towards discrimination against the Aeta community. The video starts with a young Aeta girl looking at a billboard for a skin whitening product. It proclaims that people with whiter skin and features are better people. Alamat then comes in to perform the song while delivering slick dance moves and sporting distinctly Pinoy threads.

The features of the Aeta community, dark skin and curly hair, are often deemed undesirable by certain sectors of society. And in the video, it shows how the young girl is getting beat down by those who deem her ugly. But by the music video’s finale, she, along with other young Aetas, come together to live confidently. To make the message more profound, one shot features the kids holding a sign that crosses out the word Baluga, a derogatory term unfortunately thrown around even to this day, and replaces it with Ayta. In the end, they won’t let society portray them as less than other. And it’s a message many should understand and realize that there is beauty in diversity.

Alamat’s future remains a bright one and it’s nice how they use their songs and music videos to highlight important aspects and issues of Philippine culture. Who knows what else the group has up their sleeve. Maybe we’ll finally get that long-awaited album? Fingers crossed.

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patrick starrr social media

Giving Up? No, Patrick Starrr Is Subscribing To Social Media On His Own Terms

Petition to make social media a happy place again, please.

Before the alarm bells go off, Patrick Starrr is turning up the honesty in a recorded introspection that sees him finding his way back into love with the tempest that is social media.

Is Patrick Starrr really giving up social media?

Over the course of the past few years, the last two coming into focus most especially, hhe has experienced quite the tectonic shifts in his life. From countless collaborations, a universe of content created to express and entertain, and most importantly, a beauty brand built that has, in its infancy, made a significant impression on the already saturated market both critically and commercially, the audience Patrick Starrr has built on social media, especially on YouTube has seen less of the digital superstar. Well, at least in the way the internet was used to at one point where tutorials, transformations, and truths were regularly scheduled. While the stories on the channel were not calendared as consistently as before, Patrick Starrr worked on ONE/SIZE with eagle-eyed focus and laser-like precision to truly carve out a safe space where makeup is one size fits all.

Now, before the alarm signals go off in a fit of panic with the possibility of Patrick Starrr giving up social media completely, the Filipino beauty guru and mogul sets the record straight in what else, a YouTube video.

“I know I haven’t been as active in posting and I haven’t been as engaged. You know, the algorithm has changed; influencers in the space, content creators are finding that Instagram isn’t as favorable. You have to be a TikToker now, you have to get views,” he says of his journey, recognizing the pressure to perform—and perfectly at that. “I think I came on YouTube to express myself and really authentically share with you, you know, me, and I feel like I wanna continue to do that.”

The Reality Of Social Media

In the recorded introspection, which was, to further the irony, published on social media, Patrick Starrr grapples with the realities of what his life has become. Further compounded by the unhealthy desire to just keep going and meet the expectations of people, the content churned out was glamorous, sure, but not as vulnerable as he had intended in the first place. Without the larger-than-life production and gleaming finish of a typical video, Patrick Starrr turns honest, which is already something he has expressed before, except this time, it was serious.

“It’s kind of sad, when I thought of me being over social media. It was kind of sad because that was like, how I started, and when I think about where I am now, its because I have a freaking brand,” Patrick Starrr shares, bringing into the conversation the grown-up responsibilities, insecurities, and imposter syndrome that everyone has to inevitably work through in life, whether it be shared online or not. “I wanna share with you my life, share with you what makes me happy. I’m able to have a brand to call my own with amazing team members on it that help me thrive and bee myself creatively. I get to be a boss; I get to be proud of the things that I create for all you guys.”

So, no, Patrick Starrr isn’t leaving social media behind. It’s just that this time around, he is subscribing to it on his own terms, much like he did before the well-deserved fame and fortune happened. And more than anything, after admitting to falling out of love with social media, he simply wants to bring back the joy, which perhaps, as many of us have experienced, was lost along the way.

This Is Patrick Starrr                                          

“If you guys are watching and have a dream or have a goal, no matter how old or young you are, I want you guys to know that you’re special. You’re amazing and life opens up when you do. And that’s what I’m here to remind myself, is to continue be vulnerable for you guys,” intimates Patrick Starrr. “At first, I was ashamed to talk about my social media and my decline on social media, but I don’t see any decline, I just see gains and a more mature me, a more expressive me, a more adult side of me, and I’m so excited to share that with you. I’m still going to be Patrick f*cking Starrr, b*tch. I still think I’m fun, I still feel like I love to kiki, and have a good ‘ol time, but you know, I’m an adult now and this is just me.”

Patrick Starrr has a lot going for him. There’s a growing fashion line, a podcast, and yes, ONE/SIZE that is well on its way to dominate more markets beyond the strongholds of Sephora in the USA, Canada, and parts of Southeast Asia  (hello Europe and Latin America), he wants to share that with the rest of the world, with the very same people who have been supporting him from his first upload on YouTube to the latest drop of the Beauty Blur Balm on Sephora. Going back to the basics of vlogging, he hopes to be able to connect and further develop a relationship with his audience. Whether it be through Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or YouTube, he wants to continue to inspire as many people as he can, all while being glam, best believe.

Back, Back, Back Again

“I’m glad to be back here with all of you,” says Patrick Starrr in a reflective series of Instagram stories following the release of the YouTube video. A necessary lesson, especially those who struggle with disengaging and disconnecting, it is important to take a step back from the grid from time to time for your peace of mind and well-being. If it doesn’t bring you any joy, then it’s time to shift perspectives, quiet things down, and recalibrate the platform to align with your purpose and passion. Also, and perhaps most importantly, one must remember that in a time where the virtual has become a veritable extension of our existence, there is life outside the world wide web.

Besides, you aren’t here to please anyone else but yourself, so what, when, and how you post is completely up to you, just as long as you play nice and be kind as much as humanly possible. “Let’s spread more love for everyone, but also for yourself,” punctuates Patrick Starrr. “Treat yourself with kindness, operate through kindness, and I will see you all on my next video.”

And just like that, all is well.


kanye west documentary jeen-yuhs

Miss The Old Kanye? Watch The Jeen-Yuhs At Work In His New Documentary

Kanye revealed in the documentary that he used to practice his Grammy speech on his way to the train station.

Wake up, Mr. West!

(Warning: spoilers ahead!) We’re pretty sure Kanye misses the old Kanye as much as the entire world does, taking into mindful account his rampant behavior on social media. Despite the media villainizing one of hip hop’s biggest game-changers, the new Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy lets us into the world of Kanye West before he rose to the top of the food chain. The show was 22 years in the making and was seen through the lens of director Coodie Simmons, who didn’t realize Ye was going to blow up exponentially in just a few years, yet stuck with him even when everything else fell down. In case you haven’t seen the new documentary, here are some life lessons we’ve learned from the old Kanye.

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Kanye will always have the best self-support system, because honestly who else will? He once said, “If you are a Kanye West fan, you aren’t a fan of me. You’re a fan of yourself.” Despite Jay-Z telling him to stick with producing beats and major labels snobbing him even when he worked on Hov’s album, The Blueprint, Kanye was just hungry for the world to hear what he brought to the table. He basically predicted his whole life through music over the years, including legally changing his name to “Ye” and his married life.


The first episode of Jeen-Yuhs showed the real star of the show: Kanye’s mom Donda West. She even rapped with him after reminding him that “the giant looks in the mirror and sees nothing. Everybody else sees a giant.” Donda didn’t always agree with everything he did, but she knew her support meant everything to him. We completely lost it the moment she saw his new gold chains with a huge angel pendant, saying, “You know what? You need an angel to watch over you, so it’s all good.” (*Sobs aggressively*) As Coodie narrates, “It was easy to see the confidence Kanye had in himself was because of the confidence Donda had in him.”He was never the same after her passing.


There’s something so reassuring about Jeen-Yuhs showing how Kanye West went to different record labels to play his tracks just like how an ordinary person looking for a job would do. When he moved to NYC from Chicago in hopes of getting signed as an artist, he went to the Roc-A-Fella Records office, which Jay-Z co-owns, and played All Falls Down before they kicked him out. Nobody cared back then, but the song went on to be one of his best hits, got Grammy-nominated, and became a multi-platinum record.


Kanye always had to deal with criticisms for most of his life. Memphis Bleek told him in the first episode, “When a dude becomes great people get hate.” They hate to see you shining, that’s for sure. Even hip-hop fans speculated that Jay-Z didn’t sign Ye to Roc-A-Fella because he wanted to keep him behind the curtains and was threatened by him. He knew how great Kanye was destined to be and didn’t want him in the spotlight. Jeen-Yuhs also showed that Kanye’s had beef with the media early on, with one of his close friends and fellow rapper Dug Infinite dissing him in a track. How could the world be so heartless?


With no one taking Kanye seriously as a musician, it definitely made him cling onto the people who believe in him. Jeen-Yuhs showed a scene where he initially wanted rapper Scarface in Jesus Walks, and even made it to the booth, however after listening to a couple of demos, left. He never returned to the studio, but him bobbing his head to the tracks was enough for Kanye to go on. Another scene where he wanted to be interviewed badly on MTV’s You Hear It First show was pivotal. The channel was a huge melting pot of pop culture and music back then, months later he gets signed to Roc-A-Fella.

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JYP Entertainment’s New Girl Group, NMIXX, Finally Makes Their Debut With O.O

There's a new K-pop girl group to stan.

After much anticipation, JYP Entertainment’s new girl group NMIXX is finally unleashed to the world and they start things off with the interesting O.O.

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Wonder Girls, TWICE, ITZY, and now NMIXX. Say what you want about JYP Entertainment, but the company knows how to produce iconic girl groups. For those who haven’t been in the loop, NMIXX, who originally went by JYPn, has been anticipated by many fans for more than a year now. Back in 2021, JYP released a blind package where fans had a small window to buy their upcoming album despite not knowing anything about the group. Though that didn’t stop tens of thousands from securing a copy. Rumors and teases have followed this group for a while now, which only added to the mystery and hype. It also helps that the members the group is composed off trainees are famous in their own right.

Arguably the most popular during pre-debut is Lily M. She is seen by some as a legendary trainee for first appearing in K-pop Star, working with Stray Kids, and training for years under JYP. Then we have Haewon and Sullyoon who have been noticed by fans and observers for their talents. Jinni already experienced a bit of virality when she was called the pink pants girl during her dance cover of Press by Cardi B. BAE has been noted for her singing skills while Jiwoo and Kyujin, the maknae of the group, have already made fans thanks to their performance abilities. The talent was there. And after a series of teasers and covers, NMIXX is finally a reality as they make their official debut with O.O and single album Ad Mare. And let’s just say it’s definitely a head turning debut.


For their debut, NMIXX (pronounced as N-Mix) gives us O.O. It starts of with a buildup before hitting you straight with a hard-hitting pop and EDM opener and chorus. But if you think that’s how the rest of the song goes, it surprises by transitioning to this pop-rock middle section that’s a bit more lighthearted than the rest of the song. O.O then zags once more by returning to the pop/EDM vibe for it’s final chorus. In a sense, it reminds of Girl’s Generation’s I Got A Boy or aespa’s Next Level with how it mixes things up halfway through the song.

It makes for an interesting listen that may require a few more repeat listens to fully grasp. Not your average K-pop song to say the least. Because of the song’s different approach and transitions, O.O may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But at least it showed the NMIXX is open to experimenting. The track itself is quite symbolic of where the girls hope they will go with their career as they sing about aiming for their dreams and going straight forward towards their goals.

Even though this is their debut, JYP Ent did not skimp out on the budget. The looks, set design, special effects, and camera work were all on point. No stone was left unturned to make sure the production screamed quality. It’s a gorgeous music video. And let’s not forget how they already got Coca Cola as a paid sponsor in their debut music video. (Secure those brand deals girls.) As stated before, along with the release of O.O is their debut single album Ad Mare. It contains one additional song called TANK, as well as the instrumentals for both tracks. And just like with O.O, TANK features unique production, especially when it reaches its chorus.


This marks JYP Ent’s second group to debut this year following Xdinary Heroes in January. So, you could say the next generation of K-pop groups from JYP is slowly upon us. With a legacy that includes legends like TWICE and ITZY, NMIXX has a lot to live up to. And hopefully as the months and years go by, the group will have more opportunities to show off what they got. For their first time out, NMIXX delivers a debut that should get you talking, how exactly will be up to you.

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celebrities as object meme twitter

The Odd Yet Fun Trend Of Comparing Celebrities To Random Objects On Twitter, A Thread

Taylor Swift albums as sciences? We see it.

Belle Mariano as Starbucks drinks? Liza Soberano as BTS albums? If you can think of it, probably someone has already done the comparison on Twitter.

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It’s no secret that celebrities bring a level of inspiration to their fans. While you have your casual listeners and viewers, there are those who see their faves as more than just entertainers. People and fans take insight from their faves to do a wide variety of things from making art, organizing events, and even pursuing certain career paths. The influence is real and a scroll through Twitter can show how fandoms have acted in ways because of what their idols have said and done. But not everything they do has to be big or hardcore. In fact, it can even be quite random. This is where the odd yet admittedly fun trend of comparing celebrities to random things come in.


In case you don’t know, these Twitter threads are basically when fans compare their idol or a certain celebrity to literally anything under the sun. Want to compare your favorite actress to nail art? Go ahead. Think your fave musician reminds you of certain bacteria? No one’s stopping you. Literally anything goes. If you can think if it, you most likely can do it. It definitely is one of those moments that you’ll only find on stan Twitter. On the outside looking in, you might think that these celeb as threads on Twitter make no sense, but that’s part of the charm to it.

These comparisons actually show off the imagination of the fans. Who would think of comparing someone to ampalaya? Some actually might. It also shows how dedicated and knowledgeable some fans are since they’re able to pick through the life’s work of their faves to make the apt references. The threads also serve as a way for fans to compliment or highlight certain features of their idols, whether it be talking about their natural charms, their sense of style, or anything in between. It’s just another unique way for fans to show their love and even elicit a giggle or two from other users. With that being said, we rounded up some of our favorite celeb as threads on Twitter for your enjoyment.
















sb19 concert wish

They Did That: A’TIN Turned SB19’s Latest Wish Bus Performance Into Their Own Mini-Concert

And that's on being one of the most dedicated fandoms.

It’s well known that SB19’s fans go all out for the group. So, when the boys finally had their long-awaited return to the Wish Bus, it was going to be a moment between SB19 and A’TIN.

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The last time SB19 held a live performance with an actual crowd was during their tour in early 2020 that was sadly cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The boys have since held multiple concerts then, including their anniversary concert that had a pared down audience in the coliseum, but one key ingredient was always missing in these performances, the full force presence of their fans, A’TIN. It’s no secret that A’TIN go hard for SB19 and the boys reciprocate that love back. So many fans have been waiting in anticipation for that opportunity to see their fave group live and in person, even if just for a few moments. And that opportunity came just recently and for those who showed up, they made sure to make the most out of it, turning it into a core memory.

On February 21, 2022, Wish 107.5 announced that SB19 were going to be performing at the Wish Bush at Eton Centris once more. The performance in itself was already special as it was the first time the group performed on the bus in quite a while. It was also the first live Wish performance of Pablo’s La Luna and Ken’s Palayo. And to top it all off, Pablo’s brother, Josue, was set to perform as well. So, in essence, it was like a mini-concert in itself, much to the astonishment and delight of many. The last time a crowd was able to watch SB19 on the Wish bus was in early 2020, so it was a long time coming for many A’TIN who finally had a chance to see them in-person. Check out some of the moments that happened on location, as captured by the fans.


The performances were set to begin at 4 PM. But even before that, people who came from far and wide were already filling up the space in a quick pace just to see the group and of course, show their love. But aside from watching SB19, the assemblage also proved to be a good time for fans to meet with each other IRL. Some groups even prepared water and snacks for those in attendance so that they wouldn’t get sick during the roadside show. They even sent out a dispatch call for a medical unit to be nearby just in case in an emergency erupts. Talk about foresight.

@charls_keuna OMG ang dami #sb19 ♬ SLMT – SB19

Even before the performances began in earnest, A’TIN on location started singing along to some of SB19’s songs. It wasn’t just them doing the fan chants, they performed the entire song. It was a preview of sorts for how the rest of the day would go.

@taro.milkt hindi pwedeng maiyak for today’s videooow! #sb19_ken #sb19 ♬ original sound – taro

It wasn’t just teens and young adults who showed up to the Wish bus. A motley crew of spectators and supporters were present on the scene.

(Note: This couple is actually the grandparents of an A’TIN in attendance. They accompanied the fan to the event.)

After a bit of a delay, SB19 finally arrived and began performing. And as you can expect, the hype was real. Even though some fans were there already for hours, the audience gave their full attention and energy by the time they started doing their songs. The fans turned Eton Center into a blue ocean with SB19 light sticks at the ready as they sang alongside the group. The boys performed a medley of their recent hits, MAPA, Mana, What?, and Bazinga. It was then followed by the solo song performances of Ken and Pablo. And the night closed out with a performance from Josue.

@sb.susxn sheesh baka ATIN yan #sb19 #ATIN #ppoprise #wishbus #fyp #yannaeditzx ♬ Bazinga – SB19

Even non-fans who caught sight of the coming together from the MRT were left in awe by the display and energy of A’TIN, with some even becoming converts by the end of the ride.

As this was the first time in ages that A’TIN could be this up close with SB19, the night also had its fair share of cute and wholesome interactions between SB19 and A’TIN. Some fans also caught some fun moments between the members.


Love you A’TIN ?

♬ diwata – kubi
@keunna19 SOBRANG CUTE HUHUHU FLS ?✋? DKDJSK #sb19 #Sb19onwishbus ♬ original sound – KeunNa19
@kc.suson supportive leader ?#sb19official #sb19 #fyp #SB19onWishBus#sb19xatinwishcometrue ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) – Ruth B.

Of course, some fans used the opportunity to expertly capture the boys’ visuals.

A’TIN aren’t just a dedicated fandom, they are a responsible and disciplined one as well. Just as quickly as they turned Eton Centris into a mini-concert, they also cleaned up after themselves and left the location neat and tidy.

After the event, SB19 took to social media to thank those who showed up. It was also a proud moment in itself as seeing the crowd size difference between 2020 and 2022 really showed just how big the group has gotten since. The only thing we need now is for a concert with a full in-person audience to get the real party started.

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STAYC Serves Once More With Their Latest Comeback, RUN2U

We would say we're surprised, but it's STAYC.

STAYC refuses to miss as the 4th gen girl group keeps on giving hit after hit, and RUN2U is no exception to that.

Ever since their debut in November 2020, STAYC has always stayed consistent with their releases. So Bad was an exceptional debut song that proved the girls were one to watch out for. In 2021, they showed everyone that they were worth the hype as ASAP and Stereotype became some of the most addicting K-pop hits of the year. Every comeback saw the group deliver time and time again. And with their latest comeback, they have shown once again that they haven’t lost their touch. STAYC girl, it’s really going down.


For their latest release and first of 2022, STAYC serves us another light hearted K-pop song with RUN2U. The track sees the girls express being not afraid of what others say or think about them. Instead of feeling insecure as to what others might think, they wholeheartedly run towards to that special someone. As you can expect, it’s another banger for STAYC as its upbeat verses lead towards a hype worthy pre-chorus and a chorus with an earworm of a production.

As for the music video, STAYC doesn’t disappoint as they deliver on the looks, vocals, choreo, and set design. J slaying her parts, Yoon riding a motorcycle, Sumin in that room full of diamonds, yeah, they did that. It’s been a while since STAYC had a comeback, and you can tell Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J worked hard to deliver a comeback worthy of their pedigree. And while they don’t say their famous catchphrase in the song, they do say it at the end of SAME SAME and it’s as satisfying as you can imagine.

STAYC unveils more teaser photos for their upcoming comeback with  'Young-Luv.com' | allkpop

Speaking of new music, the girls also dropped their second EP called YOUNG-LUV.COM, a six-song EP all about, as the name suggests, love. STAYC has only been active in the industry for less than two years but so far, their discography remains flawless. Don’t sleep on STAYC because they are a rookie group worth stanning. All hits, no misses for STAYC and we can’t wait to see what the group has in store for us this 2022.  

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james reid hollywood

Go Little Rockstar: What Is James Reid Up To In Hollywood?

Is this where his (palm) dreams is leading him to?

While James Reid remains characteristically tight-lipped on what he is up to in Los Angeles, the internet might have some clues. Whatever is on the works, it sure sounds like something special.

“When it comes to my music and my image, I’m going to fight for what I feel is right,” says James Reid in a conversation roughly a year ago. At this point, it has been well established that he is in control. From his artistic and professional pursuits, there is a mindfulness to his method, which is manifested in what one of his main focuses, Careless Music, has achieved so far. Committed to creating content that is progressive and allows the artist’s point-of-view to flourish, the independent label is where James Reid found a greater purpose. A man of few words, it is through music that he gets to fully express himself and most importantly, make dreams become reality. Beyond the blinding illusion of celebrity culture, James Reid has come into his own, and this time, it seems that he is setting sights on something greater: Hollywood.

As permanent as its letters cast a shadow over the terrain of Los Angeles, Hollywood stands as a prominent fixture on many a vision board, James Reid included. Just like many who have come before him, it looks like he is taking a shot at this dream, and this time, he is moving to make things happen.

This wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood would be making a connection with James Reid, because right before the pandemic crippled the world, he was set to perform at the Overpass Music Festival in California (which eventually was rescheduled as a virtual event in September 26, 2020), and sometime last year, his collaboration with Manila Grey (Backhouse Ballin’) lorded over Universal Studios City Walk through an

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“>LED billboard. This time, however, some people are convinced that he’s working on something special, because James Reid also happens to be signed with the Far East Movement founded agency, Transparent Arts, which aims to represent and platform Asian acts and its culture imprint for all the world to see and hear.

California Dreamin’

While James Reid has landed in La La Land, he remains characteristically tight-lipped on what his trip to Hollywood is for. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans who have sleuthed their way on the internet have stacked clues together. From the flood of despedida stories on social media to the well wishes that followed, it was clear that this wasn’t just any other trip for the main man of Careless Music. “Bon voyage and good luck Jams Red,” and so was playfully written on a cake from his friends that made the rounds on Instagram. On top of this, a post of his sister together with the family sending him off at the airports corroborated what is believed to be a significant shift in his career. “Go rockstar,” she wrote fittingly.

@chantalcalicdan Go rockstar! @jamsred ♬ original sound – ❦

But before getting more hopes up, his father, Malcolm Reid, took to Instagram, setting the record straight. “With James at NAIA a few days ago. On his way to LA for recording sessions and to visit his brother Andrew,” he wrote. “That’s it.” There might be something there, however, as usual, we have to just wait and see. Or you know, hear from James Reid himself on what he has up his sleeves in Hollywood. Either way, it looks like the potential and possibilities are all for the taking of Mr. Palm Dreams himself.

Chasing the Hollywood dream (or any dream for that matter) is nothing new, especially for James Reid who once wrote to his future self, manifesting what he still hopes to achieve. “I promise to take us around the world and beyond,” he scribbled auspiciously. “I will give you a life worth living.” And if all this is any indication, he is well on his way to do just that for himself and more.

You go, rockstar.


ylona garcia nba

She’s Got Game: Ylona Garcia Interviewed NBA Legends For All-Star Weekend

Now can we get a half-time performance?

Despite being towered over by NBA legends, Filipino-Australian singer Ylona Garcia is the real MVP for interviewing the likes of Dirk Nowitzki and James Worthy.

The stars don’t seem blind at all now that the universe is paving the way for Ylona Garcia. Right after the release of her newest single, Entertain Me, which gained a million streams in 24 hours and a co-sign with The Valorant, she’s back at it again, but this time she’s ballin’ with the greats.

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Kicking off the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend with Team Durant vs. Team LeBron, Ylona Garcia got us a backstage pass in between. She was able to interview the legendary James Worthy (a.k.a. “Big Game), one of the key players that led the Lakers team of the 80s to championships and is now a sports commentator, and gave him a pop quiz on famous musicians like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

But what made NBA fans most jealous is Ylona being able to have a 1-on-1 demo with Dirk Nowitzki, who’s probably one of the greatest power forwards of all time. He’s a 14-time All-Star, too, which is why the moment he taught Ylona Garcia some of his defense tactics, we were caught off guard. Can we talk about their height differences, too? Ylona is us feeling tiny when Dirk got off his seat and showed her his moves.

Welp. Aside from the light-hearted moments between the Filipino-Aussie and these big time hoopers, Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat’s coach) also made an appearance as the head tactician for Team Durant. The first Asian-American coach to win an NBA championship, he also shared during an interview at the All-Star game that he felt goosebumps when he learned that there’s a possibility that the Philippines will be hosting the upcoming The World Cup. “I am really grateful that everybody will be able to see Manila and just the enthusiasm worldwide for basketball. The fan base there is as good as anywhere in the world,” Erik said.

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