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Bretman Rock, Doja Cat, And Chloe Bailey Prove Patrick Starrr Right: Makeup Is A One Size Fits All

Yes, points were made.

In just a little over a year, Patrick Starrr has gone from building the legend-in-the-making beauty brand, ONE/SIZE, to really driving the message across that in his world, everyone is welcome to come as they are.

If you don’t pay close attention, it can be fairly difficult to keep up with what’s new, now, and next in the world of beauty. It seems that at this point, everyone is either building a brand, collaborating with celebrities and personalities, or expanding their tried, tested, and trusted products to greater, more innovative heights—and sometimes all at the same time.

There is a lot constantly happening, with releases and reveals coming right through, even amid the unrelenting pandemic. Now, while others wonder if there is really a need for that much makeup, especially at a time when the simplification of a once complex routine becoming the major consideration, there are those who have taken to cosmetics as an escape, creative outlet, or a manifestation of joy that has been drained of us. So, to not only push for products, but to persist at the pursuit of this passion is admirable, just ask Patrick Starrr, one of the OG beauty gurus on the digital space, who launched his brand, ONE/SIZE at the early onset of the pandemic just last year.

It might seem a little disconcerting that with everything that the Filipino social media superstar and now, rising mogul, has accomplished in a little over a year that it hasn’t been too long since Patrick Starrr went off—literally—with the fateful release of the ONE/SIZE Go Off collection (Dissolving Mist, Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes). In what was a big risk for appears to have paid off, because aside from the obvious monumental star power that he has carved out in his years of building his brand online, the unique point-of-view, storytelling, and experience of Patrick Starrr proved to be the aces up his turban.

One Size Fits All

Since then, Patrick Starrr began to hit his stride with ONE/SIZE, batting out products that not only made major noise on the internet, but it also made all the right moves. No mere lip service, the guiding mantra of the beauty brand, “makeup is a one size fits all” really set the tone for the community that it has built from the ground up. Yes, Patrick Starrr was and will always figure in the marketing and movement of ONE/SIZE, but it is the mindful and well-intended approach to diversity and representation that really sets it apart from the ocean of beauty brands drowning out the market.

“If you hear [someone say] ‘taking up space’ or making a space for my own, you would automatically think like pushing and carving out, almost like a sandlot to create a home, you know? Whereas my mind, which I learned from Momma Starrr, is instead of just carving out a space and putting up barriers in a sense for me to create my own landscape that is Patrick Starrr, I have allowed camaraderie and community to create a more beautiful ecosystem we can all thrive on,” he says in a statement during the paradigm shift of a launch of ONE/SIZE. “We’re all putting on lipstick. We’re all putting on lashes. It’s a matter of how we shape our voice. And at the end of the day our audience is able to see that. And I think it’s really cool and special when they’re able to resonate with our sense of community and love being One Size.”

Since then, Patrick Starrr and ONE/SIZE have been launching at a tireless pace, with such standouts as the Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Eye Popper Sparkle Vision Eyeshadow, Visionary Eyeshadow Palette, Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder, Secure The Blur Makeup Magnet Primer, Secure The Blur Hydrating Under Eye Patches, Turn Up The Base Versatile Powder Foundation, Turn Up The Base Butter Silk Concealer, Browkiki Micro Brow Defining Pencil, Browkiki Tinted Nourishing Brow Gel, On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray, Preserve The Serve Luminous Setting Mist, and Come Thru Full-On Faux Lashes. But more than this ecosystem of products, as well as of all the noise it has made thus far, it was the fact that however one identifies and chooses to self-express, there is a place for you to shimmer, shine, and sparkle with ONE/SIZE.

Everyone Is Welcome

Wherever one tips on the scale, whether it be on the extremes of pragmatism and obsession, it cannot be denied that Patrick Starrr’s ONE/SIZE knows its stuff. Making all the right moves, its push for unerring quality, undeterred innovation and formulation, and unapologetic messaging has earned it a place in many beauty kits, especially from the best, bold, and brightest of makeup artists. There will be preferences, but trust that the unmistakable shade of pink and red with its now iconic face stamp winks at you from your peripheral vision. Yes, we’ve seen Patrick Starrr really use and sell the product, but for others to see how good it is and use it on themselves or on their clients, then it must be nothing short of amazing.

Dusting, dabbing, and detailing very memorable looks as of late, ONE/SIZE has been set on the skin of the best and baddest. As seen on the legendary and game-changing cover of Bretman Rock for Playboy magazine (Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation, On ‘Til Dawn Setting Spray), Chloe Bailey for a shoot (Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation), and recently on Doja Cat for her Miss Bellum Halloween look (Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder, On ‘Til Dawn Setting Spray), these stars and their equally stellar makeup artists swear by the offerings of Patrick Starrr and ONE/SIZE. And most importantly, in this assemblage of personalities, the spirit of the brand rings true: everyone is welcome to come as they are, because what? Makeup is a one size fits all.

Would you believe this is barely just the beginning? Clearly, points were made.