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You Can’t Stop The Beat: Patrick Starrr Says That Powder Foundation Is The Way To Go This Summer

Drum roll please.

Marching to a different beat, Patrick Starrr goes left of field in his first foray into complexion with the unsung hero, powder foundation. The message is clear: it’s time to turn up the base.


Remember the much simpler times when all we needed was some good ‘ol brow product, lip and cheek tint, and powder foundation in those ubiquitous compacts? Back in the day, this was the whole beauty routine, because stress didn’t quite show on the skin yet and the pores weren’t as gaping as they have become. Armed with these (in school most likely), we felt like we were all that, up until the world decided that heavier liquid foundations and hollowed out contours were not only the rage, but the requisite for a bomb-ass beat.

Now, you would think that the moment Patrick Starrr marched towards the field of complexion products for his thriving beauty brand, ONE/SIZE, he would go for something more seamless and snatched such as a cream or liquid foundation. After all, the beauty guru and digital darling is a self-confessed full coverage queen. However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate a lighter look, because contrary to popular belief, there are days when he wants to considerably tone things down—without sacrifing the glam impact, of course. So, in his first foray into complexion, Patrick is digging deep into the beauty kits of our youth with the introduction of—drum roll, please—the new powder foundation from ONE/SIZE, Turn Up The Base.

Patrick Starrr Marches To The Beat Of Powder Foundation

The discussion and debate on foundation is long and winding, but at the end of the day, it will settle to personal preference. To each his or her own, really. This is why at the church of Patrick Starrr the gospel rings true each and every time: makeup is a one size fits all. “With skin and complexion, my goal at ONE/SIZE is that we address skin texture concerns with every one of the complexion products that were to launch,” says the band leader of the democratic beauty domain. “Whether you wanna minimize pores or texture or even out your skin tone, y’all know I got you.”

Turning more personal, Patrick Starrr brings to life the inclusive, versatile, and harmonious subtext of the Turn Up The Base powder foundation through the striking imagery of a marching band, something that he counts as one of the truly memorably and character-building memories of his youth. “[It’s] literally owning your own beat, marching to the beat of your own drum, and people coming together to make something so beautiful,” he says in full band regalia, no less.

Housed in a chrome ruby red compact (acrylic nail-friendly, of course), the recent release promises to be buttery, buildable, bullet-proof, and blurring on your face, turning down texturing and turning up smooth skin from all angles. An innovative feat in formulation, the ONE/SIZE Turn Up The Base powder foundation by Patrick Starrr allows you the freedom to go from natural to full glam with its customizable range and controlled coverage.

The unique lightweight blend of triple-milled micronized true-color pigments, texturizers and microspheres, and rice silk powder, seamlessly wraps itself onto the skin for the unclockable soft matte blur that can last for up to 12 hours. Even more impressive is its portfolio of 32 smart shades, curated across 6 shade families and 6 undertones (rosy, neutral rosy, neutral golden, golden olive, and golden), which you can easily find out for yourself in an online quiz.

You Can’t Stop The Beat

The unsung hero of the complexion segment, powder foundations aren’t as considered as a formidable base compared to the cream and liquid versions. But with Turn Up The Base, Patrick Starrr is making a strong case for this multi-purpose product. For example, if you want a softer beat, all you have to do is to massage a bit of the Secure The Blur primer before adding in a bit of concealer. After blending it out with the Ultimate setting powder, dust Turn Up The Base liberally with a large brush for that even, diffused finish all over. If you’re feeling a little extra, all you need is mascara, blush, bronzer, and gloss, then you’re good to go for that Zoom call.

Not just meant for a soft and sweet beat, Patrick Starrr suggests buffing out Turn Up The Base on top of liquid foundation and concealer. Apart from the guaranteed coverage, it also blurs the skin, allowing you to even go in lighter under the eyes for extra brightness using a sponge. Using a darker shade, you can fan it out on the cheeks for a subtle swoop of contour.

Whether you use it for daily coverage, set the skin, blot away excess oil, or touch up complexion, Patrick Starrr and ONE/SIZE has you covered with the powder foundation, Turn Up The Base—literally.