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What’s In It? Find Out How Calamansi Gets Into This Patrick Starrr-Approved Self-Care Moment

Excuse us as we go nerd over what goes on in this no slip, no drip goodness.

A Filipino beauty secret and kitchen staple, calamansi is securing the blur in the supercharged release of Patrick Starrr and his growing brand, One/Size.


It’s probably sitting in the chiller inside your refrigerator or in a basket of fresh produce for cooking, but there’s a whole lot more to the kitchen staple that is the humble calamansi. Aside from the zing and zest it adds to sauces and meals, this small citrus fruit native to the Philippines that also happens to refresh, rejuvenate, and revitalize the radiance of the skin when used properly. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants that regulates the appearance and reduces visible damage and aging, the calamansi is ripe with potential to become more than just a best kept beauty secret.

Growing up in his Filipino household, beauty guru and mogul, Patrick Starrr, has most likely been long made aware of the wonders of the calamansi. Beyond its puckering possibilities, as well as of it being a nod to his heritage, the founder of ONE/SIZE realizes its big and juicy payoff in his most recent release for the Secure The Blur Line of skincare.

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Coming together with the Makeup Magnet Primer, the brand’s super flawless product that is packed with glycerin, witch hazel, and niacinamide, it is the Hydrating Under Eye Patches that has all of social media’s beauty community obsessed.

The Patrick Starrr And Calamansi Connection

Patrick Starrr

Supercharged with key ingredients such as water, glycerin, caffeine, mango, and dipropylene glycol, the supersized strips are a tropical, power snack for the skin. Whether it be a beauty emergency or a self-love indulgence, the ONE/SIZE Secure The Blur Hydrating Under Eye Patches are that boost you need to look wide awake for everything from that fresh out of bed selfie or the nth Zoom call you had to jump in on for the day.

Patrick Starrr Calamansi

Along with its standard of skincare swirl, the Hydrating Under Eye Patches is made different as an eye mask and primer hybrid that nurtures and nourishes with diligent use. The stars of this Patrick Starrr and ONE/SIZE formulation come in the form of hyaluronic acid that plumps and soothes, plant collagen that smoothens, caffeine that depuffs, and guava extract and calamansi juice that hydrates and brightens tired and textured skin.

patrick starrr one/size

Large and in charge, the deceptively cumbersome layer soaked with all that gratifying goodness hugs the under eye area and its immediate periphery, delivering its promise and more whether you use it before a makeup routine or for that end-of-day self-care moment. (No slips and drips here, no ma’am.)

Better, Brighter, Beautiful

Beyond skincare, Patrick Starrr swears by the calamansi-soaked patches, which he uses to help diminish dark circles in the under eye region—a clear indicator of stress and exhaustion for even the best of us. But for his makeup routine, the social media superstar routinely takes to the latest release, lifting it from the plastic disc in a pack of six and placing it securely on the hollows right below the lash line before priming the face with the ONE/SIZE Makeup Magnet Primer. It may be an added step, but it helps product cling on to the skin, making it concealer or foundation glide seamlessly after.

No longer just a routine of radiance passed on from generation to generation in the Filipino context, the use of calamansi and its amazing effects on the skin now gets a bigger audience, making things better, brighter, and more beautiful, one under eye patch at a time.