No Half-Baked Attempt, Patrick Starrr Goes All Out With The Ultimate Reveal

Want to get ultimately baked? Puffs at the ready, glamazons.

Launching in Southeast Asia this month, Patrick Starrr buffs out a fully realized dream come true in the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder.


For the uninitiated, Patrick Starrr loves to bake. Perhaps not exactly in the way one is typically accustomed to in the gourmet sense, but it does operate on certain parallels. In baking, as in with bread, pastry, and the like, flour, liquids, and concentrated heat factor in the process of expanding, dehydrating, and browning of the piping hot goods. In baking, as in with the tried-and-tested-the-f***-out-of technique from our drag predecessors, a similar chemical concept follows, except this time, powder, liquid makeup, and body temperature work to control the moisture and finish of the face no matter the external circumstance. This is short of saying: you will appear flawless just like a piece of perfectly risen, crusted, and dusted bread.

For people who prefer a long-wear, fool-proof type of filtered finish, baking is the technique you will want to perfect, especially since working with a liquid base is easier to slip and slide on the skin. Patrick Starrr swears by this makeup miracle, one that not only buffs the face to poreless perfection, but it also helps accentuate the sharp contours and bright highlights for a more snatched beat, honey. “Trust the process,” he would remind his audience in the middle of the beauty application. “It might look busted now, but it will work out in the end.” True enough, with so many tutorials, reviews, and playtimes on YouTube and on social media, baking always reveals a flawless look that needs no work on Facetune or Photoshop.

Always a must on his beauty to do, Patrick Starrr has always been on the lookout for the perfect powder. From trying out tons of powders to collaborating on one with MAC for his highly successful collaboration, it wouldn’t be a true to his vision and mission if his big and bold beauty brand, ONE/SIZE, didn’t come with a setting powder. After being in development for 2 years, the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder finally joins the ranks of runaway hits that include the GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist and Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes, Visionary Eyeshadow Palette, and POINT MADE 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

“I want to cry and I can’t believe this dream has finally come true,” he writes on Instagram during the official debut of the product online on Sephora. “Makeup is a one size fits all betch!!!” Set against a fictitious backdrop of cotton-candy swirl of pastel pink, the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder is what it claims to be—the definitive endgame of powders. A super fine and light-as-air milled concentrate, the 14-hour setting powder optimally functions to set the beauty base and complexion that works well with a natural look to full glam. Smoothing with its signature soft-focus effect that evens out texture for a more natural finish and controls excess oil and shine, the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder comes in two shades (Translucent and Dark-Deep) that covers all skin tones. As it is meant to liaison an Instagram filter beyond the grid, it sets and extends the lifeline of your base, making you photo ready for all the holiday mid-frame virtual get-togethers—no flashback or white cast as guaranteed by Patrick Starrr himself.

Speaking of the founder himself, he offers a pro tip when working with the powder: “For the ultimate, full-glam makeup hold, use in between each base makeup step to help with layering and grip.” This way, everything is set and locked in evenly so as to avoid what might otherwise be delicious in a bakery and not a beauty counter—caking.

A lot of thought and care has gone in the formulation and foundation of the Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder, as evidenced by the product itself, the unique slash opening to dispense an ample amount of powder, and the precise patting partner, the Ultimate Baking & Setting Puff. No stone was left unturned by the prophet of powder himself, Patrick Starrr, primarily because this was and still is a dream come true. “It means everything to me, because I had launched this brand not only on the dot com, but not even just in the US, but in Canada, too. To transcend just that border was a disbelief and for Sephora to carry ONE/SIZE Beauty was exciting to me. And ONE/SIZE stands for every brand of beauty, where we are continuing to redefine beauty by elevating voices of the unheard and the unseen. My goal is to create a space for everyone that feels safe. I want everyone, when I say everyone, everyone all around the world to feel like they can belong—and that includes people in the Philippines,” Patrick Starrr reveals, as ONE/SIZE makes its long-awaited way to Southeast Asia this December. “It really means a lot to me that we can share this sentiment of self-acceptance and love. That’s what my brand colors are red and pink, [because they] are the colors of of love.”

Sweet, now who wants to get ultimately baked? Puffs are at the ready, Patrick Starrr.