Patrick Starrr Does An Ube-Inspired Makeup Tutorial In Tagalog

Get that lumpia and sago’t gulaman ready because he finally did it!

Having done almost everything in the past seven years of thriving online, would you believe that this is the first time Patrick Starrr did a YouTube tutorial in Tagalog?


Ever since dipping his toes in what was then the uncharted waters of YouTube some seven years ago, Patrick Starrr has done it all—thrived as an influencer across multiple platforms, struck personality- and product-based collaborations that one can only dream of, and of course, inspired a beauty revolution with a mantra that would become a brand in the form of ONE/SIZE. He has even gone on to flex his artistic skills by doing the makeup of such standouts including Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Salt-N-Pepa, Raven Symone, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and even our very own, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, but what he hasn’t done is a makeup tutorial speaking in nothing but the Filipino language, Tagalog. Sure, he has always been proud of his roots and heritage in the Philippines, sprinkling a few words here and there, and even making lumpia and sago’t gulaman, however, there is no known record of him speaking in the mother tongue extensively online—until now that is.

Without prodding or a viral trend to hop on, Patrick Starrr has finally dropped a makeup tutorial where he challenged himself to go through the entire video talking in Tagalog. “Hindi mo alam, magaling pala ako sa Tagalog ha. Pero sa public, ‘wag mo akong kakausapin ng Tagalog. Charot,” he says in jest. To his credit, he persists and powers through the 13:09 minute-long tutorial that sees him doing the whole “dramang-drama” gig in what isn’t necessarily broken, but more like the colloquial hybrid of Tagalog and English. From precise brows, full-coverage base, and purple smoky eye inspired by the Filipino favorite, ube, Patrick Starrr details the look in as much of the Filipino language as he can, stumbling only with words that are understandably harder to translate.

“So, kaya ako hindi nagta-tagalog kasi tatay ko nagsasalita ng [Bicolano] at nanay ko, Ilonggo,” explains Patrick Starrr just as he is about to swipe on concealer. “This is so hard, but nagta-try talaga ako.” Showing and explaining it thoroughly in as much Tagalog as he can, Patrick Starrr succeeds, often exaggerating English in an accent to propel him past the language barrier. A timely exercise, this undertaking coincides with the recent availability of his global beauty brand, ONE/SIZE in the Southeast Asian market through Sephora, which naturally includes the Philippines, of course. “Ibig sabihin Miss Universe pala ako? Weh?” he chides.

After dusting off the ONE/SIZE Ultimate Setting Powder and misting himself with the Patrick Ta Beauty Setting Spray, Patrick Starrr changed into a dazzling turban and jacket ensemble that is as he describes, “ternong-terno” with his ube makeup look. “Itong look na ‘to ay super glam, super bakla…pak na pak for every occasion. Na-shock ako sa Tagalog ko all while doing my makeup.” Hopefully this isn’t the last time he attempts to speak Tagalog on his channel, because the endeavor was obviously met with delight from the Filipino audience that was digitally summoned from around the world, saying it reminded them of their grandparents, friends, or home.

Not too shabby for a first time effort, this definitely merits a YouTube thumbs up.