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From Musings To Manifesting, BJ Pascual Photographs Patrick Starrr In His First Fashion Collaboration

Yes, Filipinos turned this party out.

A massive fan of his work and YouTube series, Musings, Patrick Starrr enlists the skills of BJ Pascual to photograph his Fashion To Figure campaign.

If you follow BJ Pascual on Instagram, snippets of his life as one of the most in demand Filipino photographers (and yes, personality) are well documented, obviously. So, a fleeting fragment of him prepping for a presumably long day of shooting is nothing out of the ordinary. However, in what seemed to be just another obligatory working shot of his equipment was in no mere cryptic, watch-out-for-this-project post. It was, in fact, his way of marking a milestone in his illustrious career of image making shrouded in secrecy for the time being, in Los Angeles no less. It didn’t take long for the veil of mystery to be lifted because eventually, beauty guru and mogul, Patrick Starrr announced his first fashion collaboration, Fashion To Figure, with the campaign photographed by who else, BJ Pascual.

“I watch all his videos, like if you guys are obsessed with behind-the-scenes, he has the best, most iconic behind the scenes ever…and I’m always on that side of watching,” shares Patrick Starrr, expressing how he is a massive fan of the very popular YouTube series of BJ Pascual called, Musings. In a video taking us into the goings on of the shoot in a club that served as the glittered and glistening playground of Patrick Starrr’s Fashion To Figure collection shoot, the two Filipino creative exchanged adoration for each other as if you know, they weren’t followed and looked up to by millions of people the world over.

“This is a dream come true,” gushed Patrick Starrr as he continued to chat with BJ Pascual about the mood and moment they were trying to build for that day.

When Patrick Starrr Met BJ Pascual…Again

Recently, we sat down with BJ Pascual to chat about this coming together, and he revealed that despite the many editorials, covers, and campaigns he has shot over the span of his storied career, he was nervous for this particular one, because surprisingly, this was first international campaign shot abroad. Clearly, a lot of dreams were made under the sparkle of the shimmering disco ball.

“It was a very properly paced and professional shoot,” BJ Pascual recalls. Having flown out of the Philippines especially for the Fashion To Figure shoot with Patrick Starrr, he detailed how everything was smooth and seamless. “They provided a truck of equipment and more assistants than I requested for. So, we were able to work efficiently on an average of 17 layouts, with videos in between.”

Taking us through the inspiration and vibe of the campaign, BJ Pascual was explaining to Patrick Starrr how his idea of a party expanded to reference Studio 54. “So, it’s gonna be kind of like that, because the all of the silhouettes are late 70s, early 80s…very, very playful,” he says. This direction made the most sense, especially since the Fashion To Figure collection was christened, Life Of The Party.

Where the first foray of Patrick Starrr into fashion is decidedly fun, loud, and bright, which is a true reflection of the beauty influencer turned revolutionary force who championed the empowering mantra, “makeup is a one size fits all,” BJ Pascual perfectly immortalized this proposition of plus-sized fashion in his clean, crisp, and considered photography that suited the story very well. With the aggressive flashes and lingering exposures, the intention of the garments was really highlighted.

Fashion To Figure

Unapologetically glamorous, the Fashion To Figure collaboration with Patrick Starrr is a full circle moment for the man who has done it all in makeup, heels, and a turban. The story is gospel at this point, but for anyone who needs reminding: the turning point for the then struggling creative was when he grew exasperated of not finding clothes that fit him, he realized that unlike fashion, makeup is a one size fits all. Here, his journey into the legend-making path began, slowly, steadily, and surely, and today, he it can be said that in the context of content creation, Patrick Starrr not only blazed trails, but also set the standard as we know the dynamic and diverse beauty community today.

“As a plus size, Filipino, bald man in makeup, it’s been hard to feel truly represented in the fashion industry. I’m a lover of sparkles, prints and all things glamour, but designers don’t create clothes for my size. For the past few years, I took it upon myself to create my own clothes for events and red carpets so I can continue feeling beautiful in my own skin (and sequins),” says Patrick Starrr in a statement. “This collaboration is a passion project for me as I work to open up doors and encourage inclusivity for all body shapes and sizes, skin types, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientations to be accepted and represented equally. This collection celebrates feeling fabulous, confident, and highlighting our differences rather than blending in. I can’t wait for others like me to feel like there is a place for them in fashion.”

The result is a 10-piece plus-sized collection he designed himself for Fashion To Figure, which makes him the first male influencer to do so. From jumpsuits, dresses, and separates in everything from sequins, faux leather, and rhinestones, this colorful, curvy, and confident assemblage of looks is reminiscent of what Patrick Starrr’s closet actually looks like.

Never Forget

As covetable as the pieces are, which run from a size 12-28, the images lensed by Filipino photographer BJ Pascual of the Patrick Starrr creation was all the more inviting with its electric energy and vibrant colors. Whatever the circumstance may be still, these expressions really make you want to glam up and get jiggy with it, even if it’s at home and in safe distances for the most part.

Now, this may not be the first time Patrick Starrr and BJ Pascual worked together, having shot two magazine covers in the Philippines, this was the most significant, because together, they built dreams and made it a reality. “Love that a Filipino icon like you got to photograph my very first fashion collaboration with @fashiontofigure,” writes the indefatigable multi-hyphenate. “Mahal kita mamshhhi.”

And just like many firsts, this is something they will truly not forget.