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7 Of Ylona Garcia’s Best Songs That You Need To Add To Your Playlist ASAP

Some people sleep on beds, others sleep on Ylona Garcia.

Ylona Garcia has released some pretty fire songs over the years that deserve more attention than they have received.

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Ever since we first got to know Ylona Garcia during her stint on PBB, one thing that has stood out to many is just how good of a singer Ylona is. Even as far back as her teenage years, she had a phenomenal voice. And naturally, she has dropped a series of singles and even an album. But when people think about Ylona Garcia, her music usually doesn’t come into top of the mind, which is a shame honestly.

Not only does Ylona have a close relationship with fans and a role model for young morenas, she also has a killer discography that is underappreciated. With Ylona recently revealing that she is currently in the studio working on a new album, releasing her new single, Entertain Me, on January 5, and planning to go on tour next year, we thought it was only appreciate to look back at some of her best songs to show why people should stop sleeping on this talented star.


All That is that confidence boosting power anthem you need in your life. The upbeat track sees Ylona sing about moving on and leaving behind all the noise and nonsense in 2020. The single was Ylona’s first under 88Rising and signaled a new chapter and era for the young star. Not only was she letting go of the horrible year that was 2020, but it signaled that she was ready to let out her full potential for the world to see.


Her most recent single as of this writing, Don’t Go Changing is an emotional ballad about feeling left behind and not wanting your significant other. Ylona lets her heart out as she hopes her special someone doesn’t change into someone she doesn’t know before he leaves. The song is a great showcase of her powerful vocals and will get you feeling some type of way.


Ylona Garcia goes after all the lying partners in a relationship in this sensual R&B bop. Lie So Well has Ylona emote as to why her partner a liar and yearning for honesty in a relationship. But at the same time, she also sees through his lies and will no longer get fooled by him.


Ylona Garcia is known to relatable themes through more mature productions that you wouldn’t normally associate with people her age. And that was on display as far back in 2018 in this oldie but goodie. Not Yo Bae sees Ylona get straight with someone who she has no feelings for. Not only does she sound amazing, but the track also features a great mix of pop, rock, and jazz, especially when the saxophone solo part kicks in at the latter half of the song. The production is *chef’s kiss* and is one of her most underrated songs ever.


This chill R&B song is all about yearning for the company of someone close to your heart. It features a laid back sound as you get whisked away by Ylona’s voice to a whole vibe. Pretty Please is a mood that is perfect for anyone looking for that slow jam R&B banger.


We sometimes experience those moments where we feel pressured conform to certain people’s standards. And Ylona tackles that subject head-on in Space. The track sees her express that she is constantly being under watch and wants to be true to herself and have space to be real. The beat ad production of the song are on-point and the chorus is addicting. Jamilah then comes in to deliver a fire rap that complements the song. Listening to the song, it’s not hard to imagine the track alluding to the pressures of fame Ylona experienced as a young celebrity and breaking free from those expectations.


Getting over a breakout is never easy. But at the end of the day, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. That’s the message Ylona is sending in this upbeat, funky track about getting over a guy. The retro song differs from her other releases as the verses feature Ylona in a conversational, almost rapping like type of singing in the verses to make for a unique listening experience.

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