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Ylona Garcia Continues To Make Waves Internationally As Seen In Her Set During The HITC 3 Festival


Ylona Garcia is a talented young woman, period. And ICYMI, her set during the HITC 3 festival was proof of her potential.

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They say some people were born with talent that is meant for the world, a statement that aptly applies to Ylona Garcia. Ever since we met her during her stint on PBB in 2015, we had a feeling that Ylona was destined for greater things. After all, if there was one memorable thing that viewers could take away from Ylona Garcia during her season, it was that she had charisma and an amazing singing voice. Audiences also took a liking to her as seen in her second-place finish that season.

Afterward, she started a career in acting and singing in the local entertainment industry. But Ylona Garcia’s talents were worthy even for the international stage, so when she joined 88Rising under their sub-label Paradise Rising, Ylona was aiming things. And as can be seen in her performance during the recently held Head In The Clouds 3 Festival, Ylona looks to continue to carve a name for herself internationally.


Joining a lineup of stars like CL, NIKI, Rich Brian, and more, Ylona Garcia gave a great performance during the HITC 3 festival. Aside from the fact that she had the honor of being part of the line-up, Ylona was also only one of a handful of Filipino artists to perform at the festival. Her 20 minutes set began with her cover of Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Afterward, she did a freestyle song that she admits she and her band only made during rehearsals. She then followed that up with a trio of her recent releases, Don’t Go Changing, All That, and Space. Ylona ended her set with her rendition of Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars.

Even if she wasn’t a headliner, she still gave it her all and made it feel like she was the star of the show. Her red top and pants fit was fire, she gave power vocal energy, and her stage presence was on point. Needless to say, you shouldn’t sleep on her talent. Ylona Garica is only 19 years old, but she is already growing into her own artist and we are excited to see how she continues to evolve into a full-fledged artist.

Check out her full set below:

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