Name In Lights: Filipino Musicians Who Got Featured On The Spotify Billboard In Times Square, New York

Imagine having your own billboard in Times Square. These artists can relate.

One of the great things about music is how global it is. Even if you don’t understand the language the song is in, it won’t stop you from enjoying it. Just look at the success of K-Pop around the world and its millions of fans, even those who don’t speak Korean. Musicians can release music in one part of the world, and then find success with their music being listened to all over the world.

This global popularity is also seen in the fact that quite a few Filipino artists got featured on Spotify’s billboard in Times Square, New York City. It isn’t every day that people can get their face plastered on a billboard in one of the most famous and most photographed places in the world. So, it truly is an honor to be featured in this space, lighting up one of the most popular spots in the city. Here then are some Filipino musicians who got featured on the Spotify Billboard in Times Square.

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When Filipino-British musician beabadoobee’s song, death bed, became a massive hit in 2020, she established herself as one of the next generation of artists to watch out for. But aside from getting tens of millions of streams for her songs, she also got featured on the Spotify billboard in Times Square. The Iloilo city-born artist dropped her album Fake It Flowers in 2020, the Spotify billboard promoted her new project.


Musician and actress Julie Ann San Jose is no stranger to topping the charts and scoring number one hits. But being featured on Spotify’s billboard in Times Square may just be one of her biggest career achievements to date. Back in July of this year, she got featured on a billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, which aims to empower and highlight female musicians around the world. At the time, her song Free was also included in the EQUAL global playlist.


Back in August of this year, Janine Tenoso joined the list of Filipino acts who made it to Times Square. Once again as part of the Spotify EQUAL campaign, Janine was featured on their billboard at the iconic city spot. 


Kiana V has been making moves in the US as of late as she promotes her brand of sensual and soothing OPM. And it’s clear that she is being recognized for her talents as she was featured on Spotify’s Times Square billboard as part of their EQUAL campaign. The best part about it was that Kiana actually got to see it happen there in person. Kiana was also recently included in the lineup for SXSW 2022 so expect to see more of her in the future.


Ever since she won season one of The X Factor Philippines in 2012, KZ Tandingan has proven herself to be not only a talented singer but a world-class musician. The singer has been lauded for her soulful vocals and even invited to perform in international music shows. This year alone, she had the honor of being the first Filipino to sing an original Filipino song for a Disney animated movie. It’s no surprise then that she got featured on Spotify’s Times Square billboard.


From releasing groundbreaking albums to giving award-winning performances, Nadine Lustre has done it all. And that includes being featured on Spotify’s billboard in NYC. In April of this year, Nadine made it to Times Square with her billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign. “This is some Bella Hadid sh*t,” she told NYLON Manila when asked her reaction to the billboard.


Indie pop artist Reese Lansangan can proudly include herself in the list of Filipino musicians who got featured on Spotify’s Times Square billboard. Shortly after the release of her second studio album, Time Well Spent, at the end of May, Reese was seen on Spotify’s Times Square billboard for their EQUAL campaign. Considering that this year also saw Reese get noticed by her NCT bias TEN for her song cover of his solo song, she truly is living the life.


The most recent entry on this list, Ylona Garcia is another Filipino musician who made it on Spotify’s Time Square billboard. Just this past October, the Don’t Go Changing singer marveled at her billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign. “IS THIS REALLY ME?!?!! IS THIS FOR REAL??” she wrote on social media. As part of 88rising, Ylona is already making a name for herself abroad with her music. Her billboard is further validation of her hard work. By the way, her latest song is also currently part of the EQUAL Global playlist if you want to check it out.


It’s safe to say that 2021 has been a great year for Zack Tabudlo. His hit single Binibini helped push him to be one of the top OPM artists right now. He also dropped his debut studio album, Episodes, in October and got included in a feature for Rolling Stone magazine as one of 10 international hitmakers that should be on your radar. Zack can also add being on Spotify’s Time Square billboard to his list of achievements. As part of Spotify’s RADAR Program, Zack got included in the Spotify billboard.


While James never got on Spotify’s Times Square billboard, he did get featured in a billboard in Times Square and it’s worth mentioning. After the release of his latest song Crazy, the single was promoted by Amazon Music in a billboard promoting their Mixtape Asia playlist. Crazy was part of that playlist and the billboard showed James right at the heart of NYC.

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