What We Know So Far About Nadine Lustre’s New Movie, Greed

We might be seeing Nadine in a horror movie.

After a long wait, Nadine Lustre is finally making her actress comeback. Here’s what you may expect from Nadine’s latest movie project.

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These days, Nadine Lustre has been spending her time focusing on her music career and other worthwhile projects. But for most people, they met Nadine through her movie roles, proving time and time again that she is a capable actress. Given this, fans have been waiting and hoping in anticipation that she makes a return to the silver screen. And that wait is finally over as Nadine Lustre is finally making her return to acting with a new movie on the horizon. Details are currently scarce on Nadine’s new movie, but here is what we know so far about the project.


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The movie’s director, Yam Laranas, recently revealed that he, Nadine, Diego Loyzaga, and Epy Quizon had a virtual script table reading. Nadine is slated to take on the lead actress role with Diego and Epy serving as her co-stars. Nadine is no stranger to taking on lead-acting roles. And with her critically acclaimed and award-winning lead performances in Never Not Love You and Ulan, this is a much-welcome return for Nadine.  


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While we do not yet know the official plot, we have a feeling that it may be in the horror or thriller genre. That is because the movie’s director, Yam Laranas, is known for making horror movies. Some of his works include Nightshift, Aurora, The Road, and Sigaw, which was remade into the American film, The Echo. The teasers that Yam Laranas has also dropped give us the vibe that Greed is going to be a suspense-thriller. This marks a noted departure for Nadine Lustre as she is most known for her dramatic roles. But it’s gotten us even more excited to see Nadine in a more horror-inspired role. Seeing her take on new roles can help her show off her versatile acting.


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Greed marks Nadine Lustre’s return to movies in over two years. The last movie role she had was in the dance movie Indak in August 2019. Meanwhile, her last TV series role was all the way back in 2016 in On the Wings of Love. As one of the youngest actresses ever to scoop up major acting awards like FAMAS and Gawad Urian, Nadine’s isn’t rusty when it comes to acting. But aside from the pandemic though, this extended hiatus from acting can be attributed to her focusing on her music career.


Despite the cast already having a script table read, many details of the film and plot are still a secret. The official plot synopsis has yet to be revealed. We also don’t know what Nadine’s character name is or that of her co-stars. Details are also scarce of when the film is coming out. But given that filming is set to begin this November, it’s not hard to imagine it coming out sometime in 2022.


As stated before, Greed is being produced under VIVA. And when Yam Laranas posted about the script read, he tagged VIVA’s streaming service, Viva Max, in the caption. It’s safe to assume then that the film is coming to the streaming service when it comes out. Whether Greed will have a cinema first then streaming later release or only available on the streaming service remains to be seen though.

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