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Here’s How Nadine Lustre Made The Wildest Dreams Of These Filipino Designers Come True

She did THAT.

A year after Nadine Lustre dropped her surprise visual album, Wildest Dreams, we spoke to some of the Filipino fashion designers who are still over the moon.

We’re still in disbelief when we found out that Wildest Dreams was Nadine Lustre’s debut album as a musician despite all the collabs and bops that she made throughout the years. Of course, Wildest Dreams was the ultimate testimony of Nadine’s creativity and a way for her to re-introduce who she really is, not only as a musician, but as a creative director. Her choices in fashion is unmatched, too. Keep in mind that despite being produced at the early onset of the pandemic in 2020, she pulled off more than 50 looks on the 30-minute visual album alone, which were created by mostly Filipino fashion designers. A year later, we spoke to these creatives on how Nadine Lustre has impacted their career.

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“Creating a custom look for Nadine’s Wildest Dreams was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. You have to imagine, I was in a creative rut, in the middle of a pandemic with strict lockdowns and very limited access to a lot of things. The project brought me back to life, it made me excited, and made me dream again my wildest dreams.”


“It’s really difficult to produce a piece during the lockdown since everything has to be done online as much as possible. There was a point that I had to ride our family business truck to pass through check points just to get my materials. No fittings and personal meetings, so there were no room for mistakes because we need to finish the piece in just two weeks. I am happy with the placement of the embroidery and that it perfectly.”


“Being able to make the Filipina Version of Venus for Nadine’s Wildest Dreams is truly a dream come true for me, the moment I saw Lyn Alumno’s styling presentation, I know that I needed to get this part. An anxiety-inducing story for me is the delivery process, since there were no same day delivery from Cebu to Manila and it was delivered during quarantine, I went through delivery couriers in Cebu to look for one that can deliver on time until Lyn introduced me to PalCargo just hours before they closed.”


In a conversation with Coleen Aytona, the young designer behind Yeen Studios (who made the chain mail dress on NYLON Manila’s cover), she mentioned that it was one of her first custom pieces ever since she started the brand. Talk about dibs!


“About WD, seeing the vision come to life was mind-blowing! Definitely one of the highlights of my 2020. It jumpstarted an entire line of body chains for Stone River because y’all got me so inspired!”


“Back in July this year, Lyn Alumno, Nadine’s stylist for her digital album contacted, because Nadine is requesting if I can make her a full look inspired by raindrops. I accepted the project sans second thoughts. This is my first commissioned project after almost two years of not accepting custom pieces. One main reason why I accepted this project is that I missed dressing Nadine. It took me a month to finish the whole ensemble because I have to wait for the crystals to arrive from abroad. Nadine is one of the first celebrities whom I was able to dress when I was starting and will be one of my muses, FOREVER!”