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From Rolling Stone To Music Videos, BINI Is Staying Busy For Their Anniversary Week

Another day, another slay.

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When people say P-pop rise, this is what they are talking about. BINI has had a phenomenal year one and already, year two looks to be just as exciting, if not better. In just a span of one week, the group got themselves a feature on world renowned music magazine, finally dropped a highly anticipated music video, and is even going to the moon. No rest? No problem, because BINI is out to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with and more. Now, here’s what been keeping BINI busy these days.


When you’re one of the top P-pop groups in the country, it’s no surprise then that people recognize your talents. And that also includes global recognition as BINI just recently got themselves a feature on Rolling Stone, one of the biggest and most iconic music magazines in the world. The feature was in partnership with Spotify’s RADAR program, which recognizes artists from around the world and gives them a bigger platform. The piece’s author, Tara Aquino, included the girls in a list of “International Artists on the Horizon.”

The group was recognized for their song Pit A Pat, which was described as “a loud, vibrant, sugar-coated vibe that is only second to their commanding, ear-grabbing style.” Further it reads, “Pit a Pat itself is a summer anthem brimming with attitude and optimism that sees the group confidently singing about empowerment, respect, and ambition. They’re here, and they won’t let you forget it.” BINI was the only Southeast Asian artist and group on the list. If you haven’t listened to BINI yet, even Rolling Stone is telling you to get into them.  


Na Na Na was a standout on their Born To Win album, so it was little surprise that the pop tune went viral on TikTok. And finally, the group gave us the accompanying music video to their hit single. BINI actually asked fans to vote for their next MV with Na Na Na being one of the choices and the song was unsurprisingly the runaway winner. The cute and catchy love song features an equally wholesome music video that is set in school. Dressed in shades of orange, purple, white, and black, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena look like that stylish clique everyone wants to be friends with. What’s extra special about the video is that it’s star, Dale Montaniel, is a BLOOM who won a fan competition to be part of the music video.

In it, he plays the male lead who develops a crush on the girl, played by Star Magic Slaymate Sharina Villena. Throughout the video, he, and with the help of BINI, try to make the girl fall for his charms, all culminating in him getting her in the end. The Miko Pelino-directed video gets even more wholesome with Dale joining the girls during the final chorus and the use of slow-mo effects as if it was an anime. What makes all of this even better is that the composer behind Na Na Na, Nica del Rosario, recently revealed that she’s reuniting with BINI once more for new music.


BINI has performed at their fair share of locations with dreams of performing even more around the world. But BINI domination isn’t just limited to the world as even their music is heading to the moon. The girl group, along with a whole host of other OPM musicians like BGYO and Moira Dela Torre, are set to preserve some of their songs in The Lunar Codex time capsules to be launched in 2023.

These time capsules are a global effort meant to archive both digital and analog examples of the arts and its many fields. The time capsules will be kept on the moon for the coming decades until it’s time for future generations to open them. The BINI songs to be preserved are Golden Arrow and Kapit Lang. So, next year, when this launches, it’s actually correct to say that BINI has been on the moon.


All this and more has been happening during BINI’s anniversary week. So, it’s only fitting then that they are capping the week with their official year one celebration. Aside from watching the Na Na Na music video and catching the latest episode of their travel series, you can also celebrate by joining BINI in their fanmeet on June 11, Saturday, at SM Megamall. Called “Bloom1ng: The 1st BINIversary”, the event will be held at the Ice Skating Rink from 7-10 PM. The event promises to be fun gathering as they official cap their debut year with music, dancing, and ice skating. Who knows, there may even be some surprises in store.

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