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Julia Barretto And BINI Have Entered Their Travel Show Host Era

Bags packed and passport ready.

What do Julia Barretto and BINI have in common? Both can add travel show host to their long resumes as they travel all over the country.

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For those of us who loved to travel or just going out in general, the past two years weren’t easy to go through. Due to the pandemic, travel was mostly limited within our personal circles. Gone were the days of spontaneous beach or out of the country with your friends. But with most of the country under Alert Level 1 and travel easing not just there but abroad as well, we are now ready to relive those experiences once more. Being cooped up at home has made us want to go out and enact our revenge travel plans. And just recently, Julia Barretto and BINI, two names we didn’t expect to say in the same sentence, launched similar new projects those travel minded may want to check out. No, it’s not a new movie or music video. The two launched their very own travel shows.


Initially teased in the beginning of May, Julia Barretto is a girl on the go as she has a new mini-series on her YouTube channel documenting her latest travels. Entitled Juju On The Go, the endeavor was started because, like many of us, Julia wanted to make up for lost time during the pandemic. “I’ve realized how much the pandemic took away from me. And now that we’re free again, I want to reclaim the time I’ve lost,” she wrote in the video caption. As of this writing, Juju On The Go has two episodes under its belt, both of which sees the actress and businesswoman explore Bohol.

Julia’s adventures in Bohol so far include visiting the famous Baclayon Church, having lunch on the Loboc River Cruise, and seeing Chocolate Hills. (Fun fact: it was her first time to see it.) She also visited the tarsier conservation center, went island hopping, and had ice cream at the Bohol Bee Farm to name a few more things of her itinerary. Basically, this show is her revenge travel and she’s living her best life. The show itself is actually pretty good. It’s wonderfully shot, Julia is a good host, and she genuinely looks like she’s having a good time. Low-key, it’s giving us inspiration on what to do for our next travel plans. New episodes of Juju On The Go premiere every week on her YouTube channel.


P-pop girl group BINI is traveling the country, but it’s not for a tour just yet. Instead, the girls are going around the country for their new travel show, The BINI Roadtrip Adventures. In partnership with the Department Of Tourism, the made-for-YouTube series follows the girls as they re-introduce some of the best spots for vacation, food trip, outdoor activities, and more. The digital show aims to bring out the beauty of local tourist destinations and shed light on Filipino culture. Think of this as BINI being tourism ambassadors and lending their support to the tourism sector.

As of this writing, there are two episodes out. The premiere is set in Luneta Park and episode two finds the girls at Intramuros. Aside from the sightseeing and history learning they did, BINI also had the time to go biking in Manila and even perform Na Na Na at Luneta Park where they were surprised by fans. While the first two episodes have been set in Manila, expect BINI to travel outside the city, including to Visayas and Minadanao, as they explore provinces like Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Bicol, Cebu, Bohol, Isabela, and Nueva Vizcaya. The show has been described as a year-long event, so expect BINI to make their way around the country as if they were the Pinoy cousins of Dora The Explorer. You can catch new episodes of BINI Roadtrip Adventures on BINI’s Official YouTube channel.

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