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Nadine Lustre’s Reaction To Seeing Herself In Times Square, NYC? “This Is Some Bella Hadid Sh*t.”

This is what happens when you keep on manifesting.

ICYMI, Nadine Lustre leads an army of fierce Filipinas in Spotify’s EQUAL Playlist and yes, she’s definitely surprised that she saw herself at Times Square’s enormous LED.

Nadine Lustre’s always been in a lane of her own. You know, stuff like making a visual album, being an award-winning actress, and of course, championing fellow Filipinas. A month ago, Spotify unveiled their EQUAL hub—an avenue where you can “listen to women from all over the world, at full volume.” Fierce females such as Moira dela Torre, Kiana V, Jess Connelly, and Sarah G were some of the names you’ll be seeing on the head-bopping playlist. Classified as a actual genre on the platform, Nadine Lustre is the chosen face of the Philippines and even appeared on a huge LED billboard in Times Square, NYC.

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So, naturally, we had to ask Nadine her thoughts about this. “This is some Bella Hadid sh*t,” she says via a Telegram exchange, alluding to the supermodel being a constant all over the famed spot in the Big Apple. Apart from an obvious excitement and overflowing of gratitude, Nadine Lustre also expresses that now, she feels pressured more than ever. A pleasant surprise for the Wildest Dreams singer, her image figuring in Times Square and her song being featured on the Spotify playlist is a testament to her reach and success since she focused on music. Despite some people not taking her music seriously, she couldn’t care less, especially since this really is her pursuit of passion. In fact, it just fueled Nadine Lustre even more to strive in creating and making sure that her work as an artist is uncompromised and recognized. And look where the persistence got her? The city where dreams are made of. Who knows, the next time we see her there, she will find herself in New York for real sharing her music and her truth to that side of the world.

You can listen to Spotify’s EQUAL playlist here.

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