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Our Favorite A’TIN Reactions To SB19’S Cover Shoot For NYLON Manila

Here are some of the best reactions we found about SB19's cover shoot.

When we decided to put SB19 on this quarter’s cover of NYLON Manila, we knew their fans, A’TIN, would have a field day with the photos. Here are some of our favorite reactions.

In case you missed it, P-Pop superstars SB19 are on this quarter’s cover of NYLON Manila. We revealed not one, not two, but three covers featuring the boys in different looks and still looking good. Whether in matching red or stylish suits, SB19 delivered on this covered with the looks and the theme.

And it’s clear their fans loved it too since the cover reveal became quite the topic of conversation on Twitter. There were so many posts and comments we saw about the cover so here are our picks of some of our favorite reactions from A’TIN about SB19’s cover shoot.

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Comeback Levels Of Quality


When we revealed the teaser video for SB19 being on the cover, it caused quite the stir on social media. The short clip featured the boys walking away from the camera with a fire burning in the background, which made some of their fans think that it looked like a music video such as this comment that said that the video looked like they were having a comeback.

They’re On Fire


The main theme for their cover was fire given that SB19 has been red hot as of late. As well as having them wear hot outfits, we also incorporated real fire in the shoot. One fan commented how the shots were fire, both literally and figuratively and we don’t blame them at all.

The Power Of Red On SB19


SB19 is no stranger to wearing matching outfits in the same colors so putting them in all red was a no-brainer. This A’TIN said how they looked so intense and powerful in the photos and that it screams power and dominance. We agree as there’s something about the color red that brings out an intensity in them. Whether they wear all blue, red, or all black, they still look good in it.

L’Oréal Quality


It wasn’t just the outfits that the fans paid attention to, but they also loved how their hair turned out. Each member has their own style that suits them perfectly. This fan said how in one shot, Pablo’s hair is L’Oréal quality. His hair does look amazing in the photos and real-life and we’re just patiently waiting until the boys get that shampoo commercial.

Ate It Up


No matter what they do, SB19 always understands the assignment and does what needs to be done. Don’t expect anything less from the boys and that is what one A’TIN said when they proclaimed that they ate the photoshoot up and left no crumbs.

Hot and Spicy


In keeping with the fire them, one fan said how looking at the photos reminded them of eating Zark’s Reaper sauce. For those of you who don’t know, Zark’s Reaper sauce is Zark’s Burgers homemade hot sauce made with Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper, two of the spiciest peppers in the world. So yeah, it was that spicy.

SB19 Practices Social Distancing

SB19 took a lot of interesting photos for their shoot and one fan took notice of this photo of the boys spaced between each other and said that they were practicing social distancing. Not only are they P-Pop kings, they’re public safety kings as well. We also loved this reaction from an A’TIN who said that the photo is what happens when it’s a group presentation, but individual grading.

Barbeque Vibes

Of course, the fans couldn’t help making some fun jokes about SB19 in the fire theme. One commenter said that the boys reminded them of classic street food: Josh as barbeque, Pablo as a hotdog, Stell as isaw, Ken as Adidas (chicken feet), and Justin as Betamax. Another fan said how the fandom looked like they were in a middle of a barbeque and grill. We particularly loved the picture of the strawberries on fire, very appropriate for the situation.

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