SB19 Transforms Into Real Life Rockstars

SB19 out here really showing us range.

SB19 are the modern rockstars of today and they’re just getting started.

Just a few years ago, SB19 was struggling to make a name for themselves. This is something they don’t keep as a secret, but rather a testament of their hardwork, pure talent, and genuine intentions of making it one day. Lead rapper Josh even mentioned that they were just “fillers” for events at some point. But as we see it, the time has finally come for them.

Now, they’ve become the modern rockstars that they’ve always aspired to be. Which is why everything for their first ever NYLON Manila cover was well thought of—from the concept, the fashion, and lastly, the grooming. With the help of makeup artists Anton Patdu and Jia Achacruz, and hairstylists Jericho Valenzuela and Red Echavia of Culture Salon MNL, the boys of SB19 were transformed for the world to see. See all of their looks below.

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Sporting sleeker hairstyles than their last music video shoot for WHAT?, SB19 proves that they can clean up real nice. The key to achieving this second skin look on Pablo and Stell according to makeup artist Anton Patdu was, “to keep the skin is well hydrated and highlighted using a powder to liquid highlighter and strategically placing it areas where the light touches the skin.” As for Justin and Josh, Jia Achacruz decided to do the Korean makeup look that defined their features by applying soft brown eyeshadow on the lids and the waterline. “For Ken, he just told me to do whatever I feel suits him. So, I thought of doing a smokey eyeliner on him while keeping the rest of his face bare. Similar to Kurt Cobain or Billie Joe Armstrong’s look. The hairstyles on the other hand were also decided on by the boys themselves (remember when they did their own hair?) with the help of hairstylists Jericho and Red.


For their second look, SB19 knows no one can ever kill their spark. Mostly wearing rhinestones, gems and pearls, both Anton and Jia artfully placed each embellishment on the different parts of the boys’ faces. “For Justin’s creative layout, I used pearls and blue appliques all over following the natural curves and structure of his face. As for Josh, I used small blue stars to form a half star on one side of his face to compliment his outfit, specifically the embellished red coat. Then for Ken, I used appliques to make it look like face piercings,” says Jia. Then for Stell and Pablo, Anton says he mixed gold metals and rhinestones and glued it around the eye area while following their bone structure.

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It’s Time We Recognize SB19’s Tilaluha As The Masterpiece That It Is