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SB19 Is The Biggest Awardee Of The First Ever Big, Bold and Brave Awards

When they said "Yeah we gonna go up", they meant it.

SB19 really said, “yeah we gonna go up,” and they haven’t looked back ever since.

The five-member trailblazing P-Pop group keeps pushing the boundaries of Filipino music and we’re not even surprised. Their undeniable talent for singing, dancing, and producing knows no bounds, which is why it is no wonder they keep on being recognized for their work ethic. From mall tours to sold out shows live and online, SB19 has cemented their status as P-Pop Royalty, with the help of course of A’TIN, their amazing legion of fans who are notorious for crashing voting sites, (as they should!) NYLON Manila’s included. For our first ever Big, Bold and Brave awards, SB19 won not only one, but two major awards.

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As if it hasn’t been set on stone, SB19 will and always be the standard of Filipino boybands in the years to come. Who else can achieve more than 8 million views for a music video in less than a month? Be nominated at the Billboard Awards? Have their own clothing collaboration with a Filipino designer? So, with that said, SB19 NYLON Manila cover, when?

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