WHAT? SB19 Now Has One Of The Most Liked Filipino Music Videos Of All Time On YouTube

SB19 aren't kings for nothing.

With 8 million views and counting for their “WHAT?” music video, SB19 is soaring. Now that’s a flex.

It’s only been a month since SB19 released the music video for their comeback single, WHAT?, yet the masterpiece has already gotten 8,034,619 views and counting as of this writing. As we continue to appreciate their talent, especially on the global stage, here are some of the major milestones they’ve achieved for this release. No fluff, no bluff—just spitting facts.

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1. “WHAT?” had 2 million views in less than 2 days.


This is precisely what happens when you give an artist creative freedom. Along with an all-Filipino cast who brought their vision to life, the boys of SB19 were all hands-on in the production.

2. It has already entered the Top 500 of the Most Commented Music Videos in the World on YouTube.


Since its release, WHAT? currently has more than 500,000 comments already. Usually, we’d see different opinions of people, especially towards the new wave of OPM, but SB19’s comments section is full of facts and achievements of the group. What’s not to celebrate?

3. “WHAT?” has surpassed 11.4K Shazams.

SB19 WHAT JOSH cullen santos

Shazam is an app that can identify music in a matter of seconds. Just play the song on the app and the software will instantly recognize the title and the artist. As of today, WHAT? already has 11.4K shazams, giving the track more radio plays.

4. “WHAT?” is now one of the most liked Filipino music videos of all-time on YouTube.


In one of their interviews, the boys of SB19 knew there were going to be attempts to “tone down” the concept for WHAT?, but from the very beginning, they knew they wanted to share the feeling of empowerment they got from the song not only to their fans, but for every Filipino. So, again, what’s not to like?

5. Local and international awards for SB19’s “WHAT?” MV isn’t impossible.


Imagine a reality post-pandemic where the MTV VMAs and Billboard Awards would present a rightful recognition to SB19 and invite them to rock the stage? The performance outfits, the choreo, the fan chants. That’s enough to drive the A’Tins and even the casuals crazy.

Watch the full video of WHAT? below:

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