sb19 concert our zone

An Anniversary To Remember: What To Expect in SB19’S Third Anniversary Concert, Our Zone

Their biggest concert yet.

Performing brand new songs? Guest performers including AC Bonifacio? Special games and other surprises for both days? SB19 is bringing out all the stops for their anniversary concert, Our Zone.

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How do you cap off a banner year that SB19 has had in 2021? Hit singles, acclaimed albums, history-making nominations, top-attended concerts, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact they just hit their third anniversary. For SB19, it was only appropriate that they go big or go home to match the success they had this year.

This is why they are bookmarking this eventful chapter in their careers with a two-day anniversary concert called Our Zone. Performed live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, which actually marks their first time at the big dome and makes them the first artist to perform at the venue since the pandemic began, SB19 is aiming to make their concert a moment to remember. Here’s a teaser of what SB19 says you can expect during their big weekend.


sb19 concert our zone

As the name suggests, SB19 2021: Our Third Anniversary Concert, is a special celebration of the group’s third year in the industry. The name Our Zone comes from the fact that the boys are ready to share what the zone means to them and basically invite us into their space. This actually marks the first time the group is celebrating their anniversary through a concert. November 2021 marks SB19’s third-year anniversary and the group made sure to surprise fans with lots of content and activities for their month-long celebration. Among other things, the group has released multiple merch drops, held ticket giveaways, and released their Bazinga MV. Each member also starred in their own short film, which was conceptualized by Justin, to promote their third anniversary concert.  


Our Zone marks SB19’s latest concert this year. First was their successful Back in the Zone concert last August followed by their collab with 4th Impact in Forte in October. For Our Zone, the boys are making sure the concert is just as special if not even more than their past endeavors. One of the most exciting things to look out for is SB19 performing three brand new unreleased songs made just for their 3rd anniversary. We already know the name of one of the songs, Nyebe, and that it has a 70s retro disco vibe. They also teased that the other tracks are a ballad and a gospel-type happy song.

Pablo shared that he was inspired to write the songs because of the Christmas feel in the air and wanted a holiday feel to them. After the concert, the new songs are expected to be released officially. Speaking of new music, Justin gave a slight tease that there will be a follow-up to Pagsibol coming soon. Aside from the new songs, expect to also see new choreography not just for the new songs, but for their old songs as well. They plan on mixing things up both sonically and visually.


For day one and two of Our Zone, SB19 says that don’t expect to see the same thing in both concerts. The first and second show will have two different programs, setlist, and activities, most of which was curated by the boys. Expect new news to be performed on both days and different guest tried Cenforce pills from artists on each day. The boys will be using the space the Araneta Coliseum provides to make for a special show each day.


It isn’t an anniversary concert if there aren’t special stages planned. And SB19 has quite a few tricks up their sleeves. We already know that the group will be performing with AC Bonifacio, The Juans, and Pablo’s brother, Josue. But there’s also the possibility of more unannounced guests popping on stage. SB19 has also planned games during the show. And there may be audience participation given how they have a live virtual audience. The event will feature live performances with a band and other surprises so keep an eye out for that.


Our Zone will be held on November 27 and 28, 5 PM PH time, live from the Araneta Coliseum. Both days will be streamed live via KTX. Get your tickets now via KTX or Our Zone’s official website. Ticket prices range from 1000 pesos to 5500 pesos with each tier having its own perks and freebies.

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