Ylona Garcia Delivers Her Best Yet With Entertain Me

She's thriving your honor.

In an interview with NYLON Manila, Ylona Garcia opens up about Entertain Me, the love from fans, and what’s she hopes to manifest in 2022.

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Ylona Garcia made one of the most important career decisions she’s made so far at the beginning of 2021. She joined 88rising and their Filipino sister label, PARADISE RISING. She then began releasing a string of acclaimed singles that hinted at all the untapped talent this young star had to offer. Ylona then had a bit of a breakthrough moment later in the year when she performed at the Head In The Clouds III festival to further praise. As we enter a new year, Ylona is proving that she is showing no signs of slowing down as she dropped the absolute banger that is Entertain Me. And to hear it from the star herself, she’s hoping to make 2022 her best year yet.


Ylona’s HITC III performance was an important milestone for her in more ways than one. For starters, she considers it her highlight of 2021. “It was a lot of fun. It was honestly my favorite moment of the whole entire year besides working at McDonald’s and being with my family, of course,” she shares in an interview with NYLON Manila. The moment also proved to be an exciting opportunity for Ylona to do something she really loves, performing on stage. “Being given that chance [to perform], after not performing for a while, I felt very, very excited. Because it’s my first love. That’s what kind of pushed me to want to pursue this as a career.”

Needless to say, she killed her set with her powerful vocals, magnetic stage presence, and eye-catching red ensemble. But it was also around this time that Ylona was offered her next big career move, partnering with Valorant. “After the Head In The Clouds III festival, 88rising came up to me with an offer from Valorant saying that they wanted my latest single, which is Entertain Me, to be the song that introduces their latest agent Neon,” explains the young star. “I replied instantly with a yes.”


Produced by DNA and written by Ylona herself together with David Musumeci and Antonio Egizii, Entertain Me is a synth-pop track about self-confidence and female empowerment. It’s one of Ylona’s most upbeat songs and also one of her best. She exudes confidence in the song as she asserts her independence. In the song’s verses, she dispels the notion that she can be fooled and controlled by anyone. The song’s accompanying music video is also equally as good with its futuristic setting that shows Ylona going from a shy girl to a young woman in control of her life. “The vibe that I wanted to capture with the song was the vibe of being confident. Being 100% you and feeling bad-ass about it,” she explains.

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As a standalone track, Entertain Me would already turn heads and get multiple repeat plays. But the fact that it was also used to introduce Valorant’s first ever Pinoy character makes it all the more special. And if you’re wondering, yes, Ylona does play Valorant. “My siblings have been encouraging me to play for the longest time. So yes, I have been starting to get into it.”

To say that Entertain Me has been well-received is an understatement. As of this writing, the track has racked up over 6.6 million streams on Spotify and counting, which makes it her most streamed single she’s released under 88rising thus far. The music video has over 1.5 million views in less then two weeks. Entertain Me has both old and new fans praising Ylona for what may just be her best era yet. “Honestly, that makes my heart melt. That’s very nice of them to say,” expresses Ylona regarding the love she’s been getting from her fans.


Ylona Garcia - Entertain Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Ylona Garcia has always been seen as a rising star. But ever since the past year, she entered a new phase of her career that has allowed more people to see the true talent behind the Filipino-Australian. But regardless of where her career has taken her, Ylona is grateful for her journey so far. “I’ve quite enjoyed how my career has been, from the start to being here in LA. I feel like everything happens for a reason. Like it’s meant for you to grow, to become who you’re meant to be. I’m grateful for everything.”

Grateful is the biggest takeaway Ylona has taken from this whole experience. Grateful for the reception to Entertain Me, grateful to her fans, grateful for the support from 88rising and PARADISE RISING, and grateful for the opportunities she gets. Though she does admit that the attention the song has been receiving can be a lot to take in. “At times, I do feel overwhelmed. Because it’s only been a few weeks. But overall grateful. I feel grateful. I feel very happy, it makes me want to create more. It makes me want to fly over to where all the fans are, the ones who have been my fans since the start of my career and the ones who have recently entered the Ylona Garcia fandom. I just want to thank them in person for appreciating me and my music.”


As for what’s next for Ylona this 2022, she has a few goals in mind, which she is hoping to manifest. First, she would like to delve into acting like international productions. Second, she would like to put out an album. While she was mum on concrete details, she did say it was “definitely in the works” but “not close to reality.” She also expressed how she would like to direct her own music video someday and is down to collab with fellow 88rising labelmate Rich Brian. And finally, her last goal is arguably the most heartwarming. “I’d love and hope to be able to bless my family with the house that I’ve promised them ever since I started my whole career.” With the way Ylona’s career has been going so far, it won’t be hard to imagine her manifesting these into reality.

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