moira dela torre body-shamer

Moira Dela Torre Claps Back With Kindness At A Body-Shaming Basher

Our anger issues could never.

TBH, we’re in disbelief knowing that the concept of body-shaming still exists in 2022.

Moira Dela Torre is one of the most-talented Filipino singers of today. Not only is her pen game strong, but it’s the way she connects through her music (and the accompanying videos that always leaves us shattered) that hits the hardest. Also, we’re pretty sure she’s used to hearing criticisms about her work by now. But her weight or her appearance? That’s a major red flag right there, especially if it came from another female. On her Facebook page, she recently responded to a basher giving her unsolicited advice about her body, but what she said isn’t what we expected.

moira dela torre basher body-shamer

Proving that she’s a class act, Moira schooled the body-shamer about self-love just ? like ? that ?. (Our anger issues could never.) Also, can we drop the “no offense” intro when you’re obviously about to say something out of line? We can listen to Moira Dela Torre talk about life all day and not get sick of it mostly when she reminds us how important it is to put ourselves first. Not for a man, not for our friends, but for us. Another day, another earnest PSA to stop getting too comfortable commenting on other people’s bodies.

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