Moira Dela Torre Channels Her Inner Taylor Swift For Malaya (10 Minute Version)

Get the tissues ready.

Heartbreak has always been one of the most compelling ways to inspire new music. And it seems Moira Dela Torre is taking a page from Taylor Swift with her new version of Malaya.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard that Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez announced their separation after three years of marriage. Jason shared in a statement that he was unfaithful during the marriage, which put to rest all the rumors and gossip that got played out on social media. The period must have been hard for Moira to go through and seeing all those stories didn’t make the split any easier.

Her situation isn’t unlike that of Taylor Swift who’s love life and breakups are often treated like a spectator sport. Both female musicians also happen to be experts at crafting love songs and breakup tracks that speak to a generation and transferring their own emotions and experiences into song. And it seems that Moira is going the Taylor route with her recently shared a snippet of the 10 minute version of Malaya.


@moiradelatorre happy malaya day ? #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Moira Dela Torre

On June 12, Independence Day, Moira took to social media to share a new version of her 2017 track, Malaya. But in the video, she captioned it 10 minute version, a nod to the updated iteration of All Too Well by Taylor Swift. The video isn’t 10 minutes long nor did she release a new song officially, probably because she didn’t want to hurt too many people at the same time. But her reworking of the track suggests that she has something in the works. And naming it 10 minute version is mostly likely a nod to how raw and more emotional the extended version of All Too Well was.

In the clip she shared, the original lyrics went like this: ”Baka sakaling makita kitang muli / Pagsikat ng araw paglipas ng gabi / Kung ‘di pipilitin ang ‘di pa para sa’kin / Baka sakaling maibalik / Malaya ka na.” But in the new version, she switched up the lyrics and instead sang, ”Baka sakaling makita ko pang muli / Ang pagsikat ng araw at ang paglipas ng gabi / Kung ‘di pipilitin ang ‘di pala para sa akin / Baka sakaling mahanap ang sarili / Malaya ka na.

Given the lyrics change, it looks like the OPM queen isn’t focus on finding a new love anymore, but is instead focusing on herself. She is now looking to rediscover life through the pain with no specific person in mind expected to heal her completely but herself. She shared the video on Independence Day, which also suggest that she chose Malaya as she is now free and ready to live her life the way she wants.  


Based on recent comments Moira has made, it looks like the music superstar is slowly but surely in the process of healing. During an interview on Magandang Buhay, she shared that she’s starting to feel better and credits God for helping her get there. “I may feel like broken glass right now, but God can make me a diamond again.” She further adds, ”Pwede pala magsabay ang grieving at healing. Pwede pa rin pala ako maka-experience ng joy sa umaga kahit umiiyak ako sa gabi.” And on the music front, Moira has made a new song focused on the split as shared by Regine Velasquez who said that she heard it backstage. Though they didn’t expand on what kind of song it is.

Moira Dela Torre is one of the best OPM musicians out there who really knows how to make a track that hits straight for the heart. She’s up there with Taylor Swift as artists who can tug and tear the heart out in an instant. We already can’t see some of her songs the same way again like Paubaya. But the fact that Moira Dela Torre may have a 10 minute version of Malaya in her vault may be too much for us to handle. It’s going to be a cultural reset.

Whether or not this is real or she’s going to drop Paubaya (Moira’s Version), we’re just happy that she’s able to move on. What Moira went through was not easy and she is turning to music to help her heal and grieve. If she does decide to release music about her breakup, we’re just gonna protect our hearts from the torrent of emotions see might unleash on us.  

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