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Jamie Miller Will Make You Cry With The Heartbreaking Ballad That Soundtracks The Jisoo And Jung Hae In K-Drama, Snowdrop

Grab your tissues, folks, because it really hurts.

Setting the scene in episode seven of Snowdrop, which stars Jisoo and Jung Hae In, Jamie Miller does what he does best, making us cry with his gripping, glorious voice.

At this point, Jamie Miller is really just out to make us cry. And we mean that as a good thing, because at this point, a catharsis is not only welcome, but also healthy. After reducing us to a pool of tears in the excruciatingly aching breakthrough single, Here’s Your Perfect, as well as teasing us with another tender telling in the forthcoming Lost Myself In Loving you, the singer and songwriter goes right for the heart yet again in the fresh drop, Wishes. While all his releases are always an emotional journey, wringing us dry with the inevitable waterworks, this one is a touch special because it accompanies the smashing success of Snowdrop, the K-drama series that stars Jung Hae In and Jisoo.

Where his evocative and endearing music comes from a deep well of emotions, Jamie Miller’s take on Wishes holds the distinct responsibility of not only standing alone as a stirring sentiment, but more importantly, to sustain the storytelling in song. Here, the unsaid becomes a soaring symphony of words and yes, all the gutting feels. With graceful restraint, the song swells into gripping anguish as it essays the struggles of a love that cannot be. “So take me to your deepest heart / Now I really need proof to go on,” and so goes the soundtrack penned by Korean singer and songwriter, J.UNA. “’Cause my life goes dark / When I know that / I can never be your love.”

Someone hold us, please.

One More Cry, Please

Lacing itself effortlessly into the narrative of Snowdrop, which sees the unraveling of romance and its challenges, this predominantly painful introspection is the necessary accompaniment to the story of Young-ro (Jisoo), a South Korean university student, and Su-ho (Jung Hae In), a North Korea set just before the 1987 presidential election. “Wish I never met you / Wish I never touched your hand,” continues Jamie Miller in Wishes, as if crying to the high heavens in a voice that certainly compels a good cry. “On the day I really thought / You are the only one / That I could ever really love.”

Introduced at the beginning of episode seven, the track not only set the tone of the rest of the scene, but in a sense gives life to the JTBC Studios and Dram House-produced K-drama for Disney+ as whole. (It is also important to note that Snowdrop is currently the highest rating primetime Korean TV series, so this is major by all accounts.) Apart from that, the song performed to perfection by Jamie Miller on Snowdrop was met with a heartwarming response from Jisoo and Jung Hae In, who upon its release both expressed their gratitude and love by sharing it on Instagram. Yes, complete with snowflake emojis, of course.

Wishes may hurt, which definitely urges you to reach for the box of tissues, but it is a collateral we are willing to endure, because again, who doesn’t love a good cry every now and then? If anyone asks why our eyes are puffy and stinging with threads of red, well, Jamie Miller did this, together with Jisoo and Jung Hae In. Really, we don’t mind the streams of tears streaking our faces. BRB, re-watching episode seven again.