Female Form Filipino Home Decor

Body Talk: Spruce Up Your Space With Filipino Crafted Celebrations Of The Female Form

Make and take space with your bodies—boobs, butts, and all.

Inspired by the curves, charm, and cheeky undertones of the female form, these locally sourced home decorations are filling up the sacred space in pure pride, passion, and persistence of the woman’s truth.

The female form, in all its beautiful shapes, sizes, and shades, is already a work of art in itself. Since time immemorial, the inspiration taken from the woman’s body has long endured, informing the creative processes of everyone from the Greeks with their study of the human anatomy in sculptures, Sandro Botticelli with the Birth of Venus, and even with music of empowered voices such as the Spice Girls (Naked), Ciara (Body Party), and Beyoncé (Pretty Hurts). A function to exalt the female form, it is also a disruptive form of protest to further the position of women as respected equals to men and to encourage acceptance and body positivity.

Even with the insightful influence it has had over art, commerce, and pop culture, it has suffered an inverse effect on those who truly own these vessels of glory and grace. Let’s admit it, a lot of shame is cast towards the nude, especially when it comes to women who want nothing but to feel their most comfortable and settled in the body that they have. Throwing morality and modesty around as if the naked female form is anything but acceptable, a pervasively (and often perverted) society has trained women to think little of themselves and their bodies. But greater and more significant strides have taken effect since then, where now, the women are owning up to their remarkable female form and reclaiming it for their own, depicting it in ways that honor what it truly is to be them from their own storied point-of-view.

Body Beautiful

From film, fashion, and the fundamentals of the home, the female form has come a very long way from being lined up in the museum walls only to be appreciated at a safe distance and objectified by misogynistic men in whatever form they could think of. Today, the women are making and taking space with their bodies—boobs, butts, and all. It has even found itself permanent homes, with decorations, furnishings, and accoutrements inspired by curves, charm, and cheeky undertones of the feminine filling up the sacred space in pure pride, passion, and persistence of the woman’s truth.

If you are in the mood to go on burn the bra, free the nipple, and own your body for all its world of worth, these local spots and artisans have just the bounty of bodacious pieces that will make you feel your most honest self at home. Remember: you are beautiful, no matter what they say or think; and it’s your body, you can do whatever you want, as you see fit.

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