Say Her Name: BLACKPINK’S Lisa Makes A Powerful Solo Debut With LALISA

Say Lalisa love me.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa isn’t playing around with her solo debut as LALISA is making sure everyone will know and say her name.

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When it was confirmed that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was dropping her own solo music this September, the hype went through the roof. With nothing more than vague details and the title, LALISA, the teaser photos and trailers already had us very excited, not to mention nearly broke the internet. Needless to say, we had high expectations for Lisa’s solo debut. After all, not only is she the best dancer in the group, but she’s arguably also one of the best performers of her generation.

And the long elusive time is finally upon us. Following in the footsteps of her BLACKPINK sisters Jennie and Rose, Lisa just dropped her own long-awaited solo music and it without giving away too much just yet, it is definitely worth the wait. Let’s just say once you watch the LALISA music video then you’ll be saying her name, too.


LALISA is a pop, rap, and trap-infused song that sees Lisa show off her vocals and rap skills. The song features an addictive and dynamic beat, an earworm of a chorus, and probably one of the best raps she’s done. Clearly, Lisa was made for this moment as she romped through each outfit and set change in the video. She also ate up her rap verse (not to mention danced on a pole), and stunned us when the beat changed near the end. Brightly shining in her moment, Lisa effortlessly transitions between streetwear and glamour as she exudes confidence and charisma, showing off her slick dance moves.

And even though Lisa has global appeal and reach, she made sure to pay homage to and embrace her Thai roots in the music video. In one scene, Lisa wears a custom-made outfit incorporating Thai culture. She also made sure to incorporate Thai sounds and moves into the song and choreography respectively.

Along with the release of LALISA, she also dropped an album of the same name that includes another song called MONEY, her first full-English solo song, and the instrumentals for both songs. MONEY, a pop-trap track, is probably the most unapologetic Lisa has been in a song as she rightly flaunts her success and all the money she makes. We can’t wait to see the official choreo for the song. If one thing is clear in Lisa’s debut solo era, it’s that she’s coming for blood, ready to show the world the caliber of artist that she is—and we’re absolutely here for it.

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