LISA MANOBAN MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour

In Love Me Mode, Blackpink’s Lisa Manoban Stuns In This Showstopping Beauty Moment

Love me, love me, say that you love me.

Working towards that much-talked about glow-up? Well, look no further as a brand new era of expression manifests itself with the MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour starring the showstopping Lisa Manoban herself.

The last time we met Miss Lisa Manoban of Blackpink in what was then her first milestone with global beauty brand and architect of self-expression, MAC Cosmetics, she was seen evoking a much more refined disposition. With her severe jet-black bob, precisely swished eyeliner, and delectably neutral pout, it was all about ease and grace, highlighting what is naturally beautiful to the rapper, singer, and dancer. Already a talk of the town then, in a partnership perfect for her, Lisa comes back, this time with much more energy and grit than the last.

Swathed in a blinding skin-tight look, her hair snatched in a high ponytail with a curtain of bangs grazing her face, and a bold lip to match, Lisa is ready to get her disco fever on and party.

LISA MANOBAN MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour

With her hair snatched in a high ponytail and a curtain of bangs gently grazing her face, as well as of a blinding skin-tight number that is raring for a disco fever moment, Lisa Manoban is already showstopping sight to behold. But standing out from the party-ready look is a mesmerizing deep burgundy-red painted on her lips.  “Red has always been my power color, and this rich burgundy shade just exudes self-confidence—and it’s my new favorite way to wear read,” says Lisa. She is of course talking about the new Love Me Liquid Lip Colour, a sensual, state-of-the-art, and stunning next generation liquid lip color formula that flawlessly coats and colors the puckers without streaking and drying it out. “It is the perfect combination of high-impact color and all-day comfort with a satin finish that moisturizes my lips and allows me to express myself to the fullest.”


No Mere Lip Service

LISA MANOBAN MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour

With a proere duct pay-off that not only offers TLC, the MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour is guaranteed to make your lips look and feel better with every glistening glide. Even with its 12-hour wear, the high-impact innovation that functions like a traditional lipstick with the durability of a liquid formula, it definitely runs parallel to its promise of self-love in the language of a lipstick.

“It’s collections like these that remind me why I love makeup. It energizes and excites me so much to seethe range of lovely colors, and the new formula feels nourishing and long-lasting,” shares Lisa of Blackpink. Not just mere lip service, her appreciation for the Love Me Lipcolour was seen and felt in the way she brought the campaign to life. In an exclusive conversation with Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director of MAC Cosmetics, Drew Elliott, he says, “Lisa was an absolute dream to work with and the perfect muse for Love Me Liquid Lipcolour. She has an aesthetically fierce yet approachable style, which gave us so much inspiration and was so much fun bringing to life through this campaign.”

There is definitely a lot of love going around this exercise of passion, especially as it realization of reciprocation that is both seen and felt literally and figuratively. But most importantly, this is a story of self-love and expression, which celebrates you in every condition and color, especially at a time that is needed the most. A phrase that is often so hard to convince oneself with, this release will definitely have you feeling all that love back, just as it has done for one Miss Lisa Manoban.

Read the rest of the exclusive chat we had with MAC Cosmetics Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director, Drew Elliott:

<strong><em>Drew Elliott<em><strong> <strong><em>MAC Cosmetics Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director<em><strong>

What does it mean that Lisa and MAC champion the message of Love Me, especially in a time where precisely that is needed the most?

As people begin returning to their regular lives, we want to inspire them to take a moment to treat themselves, fall back in love with their lips again and experiment with all the ways to rediscover lip color. Lisa is the perfect ambassador for the message of self-love and expression that we were looking to capture in the campaign.

How did you evolve the concept of the first campaign, where it was a lot more contained than this one which is more pulsating with energy and not to mention, lots of shine?

Love Me Liquid Lipcolour provides the perfect combination of impactful colour and all-day comfort, which Lisa captured effortlessly in the campaign. We wanted to show how adding a bold accent of color, from rich reds to burnt oranges to luxurious purples, can help you get the Lisa glow-up.

What is it about Lisa and this latest campaign that you love the most? 

This campaign puts the spotlight on lip colour in a way that is authentically Lisa and shows the versatility of the shade range. She exudes self-confidence in the cherry-red shade “E for Effortless,” which she worked with MAC to unveil. She also rocks warm-toned makeup with “My Lips Are Insured,” a bold, red-orange shade that gives her lips an intense pop of color. 

LISA MANOBAN MAC Love Me Liquid Lipcolour

Did you discover anything about Lisa in this process of creating this campaign? 

We knew Lisa had a great passion for beauty but each time we work with her we learn more about her unique style and personality as we work with her to create looks she’s feeling at the moment, which can range from more everyday, natural looks to impactful, glam looks for when she’s on stage like these most recent campaign visuals.

How does it feel to be able to bring to life these stirring visuals from imagination to IRL with MAC?

We’re so proud to see the campaign come to life in such an impactful way and are loving the positive responses from Lisa’s fans who can’t get enough of her show-stopping makeup looks.