Lisa Manoban Solo Era

The Solo Era Of Lisa Is Upon Us And These Performances Prove That She Was Always Ready

Ready when you are, Lisa.

Following the footsteps of her Blackpink sisters, Lisa is poised to blow us away with her solo era, which as she confirmed is “coming soon.”

Blackpink in your area? Well, yes, and much more. Ever since their debut, the girls have been unstoppable together, dominating everything from fashion and beauty, games, and even food. But as strong as they are as a unit, what with millions of views to their name, records broken, and histories made, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are even more of a force on their own accord. There is nothing quite like seeing them shine individually, and this is most evident as they pursue their solo careers.

In between charming the world over with their songs, visuals, and choreography, each one of them have been blazing individual trails, taking on their dreams such as being a guest fashion editor, game character designer, and drama actress, but despite all that, they will always go back to the music. Following the footsteps of her Blackpink sisters, the solo era of Lisa is fast coming.

After Jennie and Rosé, Lisa is raring and ready to show the world who she is as a solo artist. (Jisoo meanwhile is going solo in a different way with her role in the upcoming Snowdrop.) After much wishing and teasing, the mystery surrounding this unique undertaking is slowly being lifted. “Coming soon,” and so is stamped across a blurred image of Lisa in what appears to be red thigh-high boots, which she posted on Instagram hours ago. Blessing us with a confirmation, she continues to play coy, leaning on the element of surprise still. If anything, this has the audiences and eagle-eyed fans all the more eager to see and hear what she has up her sleeves.

It has been a long time coming, but finally, this chapter is finally upon us.

Her Shining Moment

Following whispers from the rumor mill, YG Entertainment confirmed the solo debut of Lisa in July, and since then, the anticipation has not waned. Now, while she is more known as the lead rapper and main dancer of Blackpink, she has proven time and again that she can stand with the rest when it comes to singing. A distinct contrast from her fierce rapping and fiery dancing, the sweetness of her singing voice is one to watch out for.

The details are far and in between for the solo effort of Lisa, but one thing is for sure, we know that she will turn it up. Rapping? Seamless. Dancing? Flawless. Singing? Captivating. If this isn’t enough to hold your attention until the release sometime soon, then a quick internet search will show you how much she has been slaying it all these years. Though she has been long dazzling us with her charisma and talent, this solo spin is when her star will shine the most, because this time, Lisa is defining on her own.

Together with Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé of Blackpink, all of whom have shown support for their sister, Lisa, the rest of the world will be waiting patiently. Ready when you are, Lisa.

Can’t get enough of her? While we wait, bear witness to the star-making solo spots of Lisa with these performances and dance covers.

To The Stage

Rapper Supreme

Practice Makes Perfect

The Voice Of Queens

The Dance Mentor

Say Her Name