In An Ultimate Stamp Of Approval, Rosé Gets A Pink Guitar From John Mayer

“Life is complete!”

After her heartfelt and stunning cover of Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, Rosé received the only stamp of approval she will need from that—a gift from John Mayer.

To this day, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room stands to be one of John Mayer’s enduring hits. A master class of pop rock, what with its guitar riffs that hark to the solos of the great Jimi Hendrix, the now timeless track off his acclaimed album, Continuum, has expanded itself into a study of poetry in its aching lyrics and pervasive irony of the cinematic metaphor. For these reasons, and many heartfelt attachments thereafter, this particular John Mayer has endeared itself to many, particularly to Rosé of Blackpink.

During her appearance on the South Korean variety TV series, Sea Of Hope, she performed a handful of songs, including River Flows In You, The Only Exception, and of course, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room. Backed up by SHINee’s Onew and AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun, the rendition of Rosé not only wowed viewers all over the world, with the clip on YouTube racking up 6.5 million views in just three weeks since, but it also has earned the most important approval with John Mayer himself, who tweeted a simple yet resonant: “This is gorgeous.”

While some perhaps expected a cute take on the song, what with the signature sweet vocals and distinct sparkling tone of Rosé, we were instead treated to an assured rendition that was powerful in its graceful restraint, packing even more pain into the written paradox of John Mayer. Clearly, she is a formidable singer, especially with the recent success of her solo effort, R. As if the record-breaking release wasn’t a gleaming feat in itself, Rosé recently celebrated 200 million views for her music video, On The Ground, a first for a female K-pop star.

Everything has come up roses indeed.

Pink Perfect

“Life is complete,” Rosé wrote on her Instagram Stories recently, showing a brand new PRS Silver Sky John Mayer electric guitar in Roxy Pink, of course. The new finish, which was debuted by Mayer himself on the Jimmy Kimmel Live where he sang Last Train Home, is the perfect continuation to the connection between the two artists. “Rose – I should be thank you! (So thank you.) — John,” the accompanying note read, which the main vocalist of Blackpink gave proper gratitude to. Talk about a validation.

Following another Instagram Story of the back details of the gifted guitar from John Mayer, Rosé posted a video dump of her practicing on what seemed to be a similar model, which she wrote would “hopefully make perfect.” The piece of choice? Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

Imagine a version of the haunting solo at the beginning of Slow Dancing In A Burning Room on the now famous pink guitar next? Rosé, hear us out, play this next, please.