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10 Of The Most Expensive Chanel Pieces Jennie Kim Has Ever Worn

Jennie Kim's pink cardigan alone costs a 4-day tour at the African safari.

Jennie Kim isn’t called the “Human Chanel” for nothing.

Jennie Kim, main rapper and lead vocalist of Blackpink, Vogue Korea’s guest fashion editor, and luxury fashion house Chanel’s ambassador. A woman of many names, Jennie is one of Korea’s trendsetters of all things fashion and beauty. Clearly, she has exquisite taste and a big bank to boot that she worked hard for. Oftentimes, we’ve spotted Jennie wearing Chanel on most days with pieces ranging from street to luxury. Some of the pieces she’s shown on Instagram may seem affordable as they’re just casual wear like slippers or cardigans, but it still comes with a pretty hefty price tag, too. From the P103,033 ($2050) house sandals to her bracelet that costs P580,505 ($11,550), here are some of the most expensive Chanel pieces that Jennie Kim has ever worn.

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Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit Hat

For Blackpink’s Ice Cream music video featuring Selena Gomez, Jennie Kim’s stylist definitely did not hold back. She wore a classic Chanel boater hat with pearl strands that cost P118,111 or $2350.

CHANEL SANDALS – P103,033 ($2050)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit Sandals Shoes

How to be like Jennie Kim? Wear P103,033 or $2050 Chanel sandals at home.

CHANEL PINK CARDIGAN – P213,605 ($4250)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit cardigan

Even Chanel’s cardigans are unsafe from Jennie. She was first seen wearing Chanel’s pink cardigan for a magazine cover, but in her Instagram post, she wears a more casual look, pairing the P213,605 ($4250) piece with jeans.

CHANEL IRIDESCENT TWEED JACKET – P464,905 ($9,250) AND SKIRT P130,560 ($2600)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit jacket

Jennie wore an iridescent tweed jacket with a matching skirt from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection for her recent photoshoot with Elle Korea. The cost? P464,905 or $9250 then the skirt is $2600.

CHANEL TWEED JUMPSUIT -P638,302 ($12,700)

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit tweed jumpsuit

Jennie Kim’s convincing us to invest on a luxury piece from Chanel like this tweed jumpsuit that costs P638,302 or $12,700. We’d love to be one of her dogs in another lifetime.


Oh you know, Jennie Kim just casually wearing P580,503 or $11,550 on her wrist on the cover of Vogue Korea. No big deal.


A fashion enthusiast knows that if you buy a Chanel piece, it’s as good as a framed artwork on your wall. Pretty much like how Jennie Kim wore a P369,411 or $7350 tweed jacket for one of their promo pictures.

CHANEL DRESS AND BELT – P588,193 ($11,703)

Coco Chanel has been known for her love of the little black dress, and so does Jennie Kim. She wears a P588,193 or $11,703 dress for one of Blackpink’s cover shoots in the past.


Chanel’s embroidered silk dress from their Spring/Summer 2020 collection was memorable not only because of the infamous gate-crasher that Gigi Hadid escorted out, but also when Jennie wore their $12,550 embroidered silk dress for their Style Talk Week.

CHANEL TWEED DRESS – P691,075 or $13,750

Jennie Kim Chanel Style Blackpink Fashion Outfit dress

As cliché as it sounds, there’s no where to go but up for Jennie Kim’s Chanel outfits. This tweed dress alone costs $13,750 or P691,075.

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