Erik Matti’s On The Job Sequel Is Almost Here, And It’s Arriving on HBO Go This September 12

Catch On the Job: Missing 8 exclusively on HBO Go.

On the Job: Missing 8 will be streamed as a six part-miniseries exclusively on HBO Go this September 12.

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When Erik Matti’s On the Job was released in 2013, it was a critical favorite and was praised for its compelling story of a group of inmates who are temporarily let out of prison to work as hitmen. The sequel, On the Job: Missing 8, has been a long time coming. Production began in 2017 before finally wrapping up filming in September 2020. But the long wait is nearly over as the movie is almost here.


On the Job: Missing 8 follows a journalist named Sisoy (John Arcilla) from the fictional town of La Paz. He is investigating the deaths of his colleagues as they tackle corruption, fake news, and media censorship in the Philippines. He is joined by Roman (Dennis Trillo), an inmate-hitman who helps him with the investigation. Other members of the cast include Lotlot de Leon, Ricky Davao, William Martinez, Rayver Cruz, Christopher de Leon, Soliman Cruz, Ina Feleo, Isabelle de Leon, and Andrea Brillantes. Erik Matti returns to direct the sequel while he and his wife, Michiko Yamamoto, wrote the screenplay.

On the Job: Missing 8 will be a six-part HBO Asia Original Series streaming exclusively on HBO Go this September 12. The series combines both the 2013 original film and the sequel. The first two episodes will be the first movie remastered as well as some never before seen content such as new storylines and additions to old storylines. The remaining episodes will be the sequel. You can stream or download the first three episodes on Sunday, September 12. A new episode premieres every subsequent Saturday.

Here’s the official synopsis for every episode:

“Tatang” – Premieres Sunday, September 12

Prisoners Tatang and his protege Daniel are temporarily released from jail to carry out a series of assassinations for a powerful politician. Veteran cop Joaquin gets on the case, but his efforts are thwarted when young hotshot detective Francis steps in. The bickering law enforcers pick up the assassins’ trail and attempt to intercept them at their next target.

“Joaquin” – Premieres Sunday, September 12

As the hunt for the assassins continues, Joaquin stands firm on his duties as a cop while Francis faces immense pressure from his politician father-in-law and his powerful ally General Pacheco. Tatang reflects on the possibility of rebuilding his family and having a future outside the prison while Daniel, having gained the trust of their employers, starts getting his own missions.

“Arnel” – Premieres Sunday, September 12

Evidence about the conspiracy makes it all the way to the town of La Paz, where publisher Arnel Pangan’s newspaper is beleaguered because of his political beliefs, to the dismay of his editor, seasoned journalist, and staunch government supporter Sisoy Salas. The harassment soon escalates into a bloody incident.

“Pedring” – Premieres Sunday, September 19

Sisoy searches for his other missing colleagues, but his hopes of seeing them again diminish as the days go by. An eyewitness comes forward as the criminal syndicate quickly eliminates loose ends. In prison, Roman struggles with the messy internal politics of jail while hiding a key piece of evidence that Sisoy needs.

“Roman” – Premieres Sunday, September 26

Sisoy and Weng get a breakthrough in their investigation when they finally connect their colleague’s disappearance to powerful political figures. Roman receives a life sentence, pulling him even deeper into the gun-for-hire business. He is given another hit mission with his new cellmate, Popoy.

“Sisoy” – Premieres Sunday, October 3

Sisoy and Roman help each other out in trying to get to the root of the killings. Amidst suspicions from his employers that he is ratting them out, Roman decides to fight for his own freedom. Sisoy executes a daring plan to expose political crimes, endangering his own family in the process.


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But that’s not all that’s happening with the On the Job sequel. It was also picked to be part of the prestigious 78th Venice International Film Festival. On the Job: Missing 8 while screen in competition with 21 other feature-length films from around the world. What will be shown at the Venice Film Festival is a three-hour film composed of different episodes of the series. The movie is the only one from the Philippines chosen for Venice. The festival will run from September 1 to 14.

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon

But On the Job: Missing 8 won’t be the only Filipino movie to make a splash overseas. Carlo Francisco Manatad’s newest movie, Kun Maupay Man It Panahon (Whether the Weather is Fine) was chosen to be a part of Switzerland’s Locarno Film Festival. The film will play in the Concorso Cineasti del Presente or Filmmakers of the Present Competition, the only local movie to be screened in that section.

The film follows a young man named Miguel (Daniel Padilla) as he struggles to survive and cope in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. In the ensuing destruction, he searches for his girlfriend Andrea (MNL48 Francinne Rifol_ and his mother Norma (Charo Santos-Concio) and must choose whether to try to rebuild their lives in Tacloban or leave the city for brighter skies. The festival runs from August 4 to 14.

Kun Maupay Man It Panahon was also chosen to be part of the Toronto International Film Festival to make its North American debut. The movie will be screened under the Contemporary World Cinema selections. 20 films chosen for this section that highlight emerging directors across the world. The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 9 to 18. No Philippine release date has been given yet.

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