Filipino Designer to Create Lizzo’s Dominatrix Outfit

It Only Took A Week For This Filipino Designer to Create Lizzo’s Dominatrix Outfit

Turns out, Lizzo really is THAT bitch.

If anything, she is THAT b*tch. So, it’s no surprise that Lizzo was dressed by one of the edgiest Filipino designers in the country, Thian Rodriguez.

Singer, songwriter, rapper and overall bad b*tch, Lizzo is the 3-time Grammy Award winner that you shouldn’t mess with, really. Aside from her IDGAF attitude and no-holds-barred music, she’s also been a staunch advocate of body positivity and women empowerment. So, when you’re finally part of her circle, you’ll radiate the same energy, too. Now, isn’t that good as hell?

Just ask Filipino designer, Thian Rodriguez, who was commissioned by Lizzo’s stylist, Jason Rembert to make a custom look for her. Most of you are probably familiar with Thian’s work, probably because you’ve seen his designs on Nadine Lustre’s scorpion look for her birthday shoot last year, on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam featuring four of Philippines’ Power House Queens, and Ivana Alawi’s outfit for her cameo on Bella Poarch’s MV. Below, we were able to have a quick catch up with Filipino designer, Thian Rodriguez, on how it feels to collaborate with Lizzo.

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How did the collaboration happen?

lizzo filipino fashion designer thian rodriguez
Thians initial sketch

It started when Lizzo’s stylist, Jason Rembert, DMed me on Instagram. He asked me if I can create a custom piece for Lizzo. Of course, without second thoughts I said YES right away. After sending a couple of sketches and sample photos we decided to do an all-black ensemble with silver metal details.

How long did it take to create the piece? Were there any challenges? Feel free to share any funny experiences.

Time was one of the major challenges, because the whole piece should arrive in LA before August 15, 2021. Jason messaged me a month before, however, I was able to start the production 12 days before the said deadline mainly because I had to wait for their approval and source out all the materials. So, I had to finish the whole ensemble in 8 days to allot 3-4 days for the shipping. (Thanks to coffee for the full support!) Plus, I have to make sure that I purchased all the needed and possible materials before all the suppliers closed for the August 6, 2021 lockdown. Very Amazing Race! LOL.

How does it feel working with Lizzo and how long did you have to keep that a secret?

NAKAKALOKA” is the best word to describe my whole experience with this project. Working with Lizzo, Jason Rembert, and her team, and the chance to showcase my craft and Filipino talents is an amazing and memorable opportunity. Believe me, keeping a secret for like a month is not easy! Even my closest friends didn’t know about it.

What were the lessons you’ve learned while working on this project?

One of the lessons I’ve learned while working on this project is to truly believe in your vision. You are your best support in times of doubt. When you think you can’t, tell yourself you can. Lastly, coffee is your best of best friends!

Any advice you’d like to share for upcoming Filipino fashion designers?

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A piece of advice for all upcoming Filipino fashion designers, have a concrete vision and embrace your story, these two major factors will make you different from the others. So, good luck! ?

(Photos exclusively shared to NYLON Manila by Thian Rodriguez)

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