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Did We Just Spot Ivana Alawi in Bella Poarch’s New Music Video, Inferno?

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Is Bella Poarch’s new hobby raising hell? From Build A B*tch to Inferno, she sends a powerful message to victims of assault and we’ve spotted some familiar faces who made a cameo, too.

(Trigger warning: this article contains the words sexual assault.)

It’s only been two months since TikTok superstar, gamer, and now singer, Bella Poarch debuted her single, Build A B*tch, and it’s already racked up 269 million views and counting. The anthem talks about breaking beauty standards and how toxic the world can be. Less than an hour ago, Bella is back blazing, this time with her newest music video. Inferno marks her second collaboration with American singer Sub Urban as she first appeared in his music video for Cirque.

ivana alawi bella poarch inferno

We’re not speaking in tongues over here, but the song was actually Bella Poarch’s love letter to all the victims of sexual assault. As the pinned comment of Inferno reads, Bella says, “This is something I haven’t been ready to share with you just yet. It’s very hard for me to talk about. But I’m ready now. I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went.” Most sexual assault victims never get the chance to speak out, so the fact that Bella Poarch used a platform as huge as hers is a big step, especially one where the spotlight is blinding.

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Aside from the empowering messages that Bella Poarch has been voicing out, we also spotted some stunners in Inferno. You’ve got her best pal Valkyrae, Bretman Rock (who both starred in Build A B*tch, too) and now, vlogger and actress, Ivana Alawi. We had to make sure that we weren’t making things up when we saw Ivana’s cameo, but the end credits confirm that it was indeed her. In a post shared by Ivana Alawi’, her edgy ensemble was made by Filipino designer Thian Rodriguez. We love how we keep on seeing Bella Poarch’s cast grow bigger and bigger in her music videos. She didn’t just choose anybody, she casted her friends, family which now includes Ivana Alawi, too. We stan an unproblematic pop star in the making! Now that’s fire.

bella poarch ivana alawi inferno music video

You can watch Bella Poarch and Sub Urban’s Inferno below:

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