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Another month is about to pass, which means we got another month of new music and songs. From much-anticipated comebacks to talked about albums, August 2021 did not disappoint in the music department. With the month soon coming to a close, we wanted to know: what is your favorite music release of the month? Vote in the poll below for your fave bop of the month. Voting ends on August 31, 5 PM.

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Watch Liza Soberano Celebrate Her YouTube Gold Play Button And Buwan Ng Wika With Enrique Gil

Watch Liza Soberano Celebrate Her YouTube Gold Play Button And Buwan Ng Wika With Enrique Gil

They get sili with it.

Breaking through her first million subscribers on YouTube, which now stands at about 1.45 million, Liza Soberano enlists the help of Enrique Gil in a trivia game: Category is: Filipino TV and films.

Not many people can lay claim to the fact that in just less than a year, with about eight videos, they would hit their first million subscribers on any social media platform. Among the fortunate few who holds this record is Liza Soberano, who in October last year, broke through this milestone on YouTube, much to her delight and her loyal viewers, of course.

Just like many of her contemporaries, the actress and advocate leaned in on the digital realm over the past few years, expanding her reach and to step out of her comfort zone, too. “I’ve always wanted to do a channel that’s all about the things I love, care about and enjoy. From really random fun things, to things I’ve learned (and am currently learning), down to quality time with my family, friends and loved ones and everything else in between that bring me joy,” writes Liza Soberano on her YouTube page, Life With Liza. “As I go along this channel, I hope this brings you a little spark or joy and happiness in your lives, as much as it makes me smile doing it.”

And she sure did deliver on the smiles, because with a playlist of 12 videos that average from the hundred of thousands to millions of views, everyone sure is enjoying what she is putting out on her own pace.


Spicing Things Up

Over the year, Life With Liza has taken us into the inner workings of the actress’ mind, which up to this point has ranged from K-pop, day-in-the-life, and reaction segments. Today, the channel prides itself with 1.45 million subscribers (as of this writing), as well as of a promise to publish more content for the audience to be entertained with. “This is the start of something new,” as Liza Soberano says (and sings!) in her latest video release. But we are getting ahead of the story.

In celebration of Buwan Ng Wika, Liza Soberano, together with Enrique Gil, sat down to play a round of Time For Trivia, an episode she did previously in honor of her previous milestone, the the YouTube Silver Play Button. This time, however, the upped the ante by challenging themselves to a Filipino TV shows and movies edition.

Kamusta kayo?” and so goes the description of Liza Soberano for the YouTube video. Of course, there was an English version, but in the spirit of our own beautiful language, they had typed it in Filipino as well. “Para sa Buwan ng Wika, magbibigay pugay kami sa mga pelikula’t teleseryeng Pinoy! Mas sanay akong mag Ingles pero sinubukan ko talagang mag Tagalog. Kung sino mang matalo o mas kaunti ang nahulaan, may parusa at para naman sa mas maraming nahulan, mabuti yan! Haha. Sana matuwa kayo dito, nahirapan kaming kaunti pero natuwa din naman kaming gawin ito.”

The Golden Touch

In the YouTube episode, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil power through Pinoy pop culture mainstays, with right and wrong answers being alternated between them. From Praybeyt Benjamin, Encantadia, to their very own, My Ex And Whys, it was a cute back and forth, proving who really is the Filipino film and television afficionado. By the end, Liza Soberano wins the game of Time For Trivia, but it being a space of fairness, she had to bite into the spicy sili for every mistake incurred. Sorry, Quen.

Once the heat settled, Liza Soberano took the time to thank her followers and viewers for being there on her YouTube journey. “Thank you so much for continuously supporting me even though there’s a lack of content on my end. But don’t worry, we’re really trying our best to provide you guys something new,” she says, Gold Play Button plaque in hand. “Hopefully you keep supporting us.”

As it is, things are looking mighty golden for Miss Liza Soberano on YouTube and beyond. Now, while she is set to bring us more joy in future episodes of Life With Liza, is the prospect of the diamond glimmering from the horizon? We wouldn’t be surprised if she hits this mark in no time, because come on, the power that she holds is something else, right?


8 Of SB19 Stell’s Best Song Covers That Prove He’s One Of The Best Vocalists In The Game

8 Of SB19 Stell’s Best Song Covers That Prove He’s One Of The Best Vocalists In The Game

Stell, the vocalist king.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that SB19’s Stell “Heavenly Voice” Ajero will always deliver when it comes to the vocals.

We all know SB19 is talented. Sing, dance, or rap, the group can do it all. If their Pagsibol album and Back in the Zone online concert proved anything, it’s that the boys always deliver quality content. And while each member is truly talented, Stell has stood out particularly for his incredible singing abilities. The main vocalist of SB19 is not only a talented singer, but he’s also arguably one of the best vocalists in the industry right now.

Watch any of SB19’s performances, and you’ll know why Stell has the nickname “Heavenly Voice.” Aside from SB19’s songs, Stell has also shown off his S-tier vocals in his song covers on multiple occasions. So, get ready for your ears to be blessed as we list down 8 of Stell’s best song covers.

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♬ original sound – Meme ✨ – SB19MemeVice ✨

When it was announced that each member was going to have their own solo performance during their Back in the Zone online concert, fans waited in anticipation to see what each member would do. For Stell, he sang All By Myself by Celine Dion, and wow did he understand the assignment. Stell sang the song as if the rent was due right after the performance and nailed the big climactic note near the end. His performance proved to be one of the most memorable of the concert.


Stell and Justin take on one of the biggest duets in recent years. Of course, Justin does an incredible job, nailing Bradley Cooper’s vocals effortlessly, but Stell really eats this one up and takes on Gaga’s parts with confidence and excellence. His high register meshes well with Justin’s lower tone.



big room + nice echo ??? ##heresyourperfect @jamiemillmusic @officialsb19 ##ppoprise

♬ original sound – Vester Ajero

What we like most about Stell’s cover is that he did it in a big room with an echo. So, when he delivered the soaring notes and swelling runs, it bounced through the room, making the cover sound even grander and better. Stell’s cover was so good that Jamie Miller himself reacted to and commented on the video and even asked Stell if they wanted to collab.


With this cover, Stell really said he can slay any song regardless of what position he is in. For his cover of Miley Cyrus’ When I Look At You, Stell performed the song in four different positions: sitting down, lying down, lying on his stomach, and planking with twists. And in each position he did, he delivered on the vocals and the emotions—all in the song’s original key.


This pre-Go Up era performance sees Stell sing the iconic A Whole New World alongside Hongganda. While Stell is known for his high register, what this cover shows is his versatility as he also has a great lower register and is able to blend well with Hongganda’s high notes. Now, all we need is for Stell to be part of an official soundtrack for a Disney movie, yes? Yes.


Even before SB19 debuted, Stell was already showing that he was an amazing singer. In this cover of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars, Stell shows his signature vocal range, clean high notes, and crisp voice quality.



gulat siya eh ? ##fyp ##heartattack gulat din siya!! @kensuson5

♬ original sound – Vester Ajero

So short, but so good, Stell had no right to eat this challenge up like that. When the #HeartAttack challenge was making its way around TikTok, Stell participated in the trend. It was a challenge right up his alley and he skated through the challenge without breaking a sweat. It was so good he even left Ken shook.  


SB19’s cover of Bakit Ba Ikaw by Michael Pangilinan stands out as one of the group’s best. The group is known for their high energy and upbeat performances, but this cover shows that they also can do well with slower and more emotional ballads. Each member does a great job and Stell really stands out in the performance as his sound suits the genre of the song. When the song reaches its climax, Stell lets it all out.

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olivia rodrigo brutal face filters makeup beauty music video

Y2K Beauty Looks Aside, Olivia Rodrigo Also Drew The Face Filters On Her ‘Brutal’ Music Video

We're just waiting for our ankle breaker moment, FR.

Olivia Rodrigo really woke up and said, “TALENT.”

Gen Z’s newest pop punk princess Olivia Rodrigo actually announced the music video drop for her single, brutal, 10 minutes before the release and it couldn’t get any better. Marking her second collaboration with director and visionary, Petra Collins (who also created the visuals for good 4 U), brutal brings out all the chaos that Olivia Rodrigo’s been wreaking havoc ever with, the good kind, of course, since she took the music scene by storm this year.

With brutal, Olivia lets us in on her teenage mind—exposing the ugly truth behind growing up, the pressure from your peers, and getting lost in a social media frenzy. She did this in the most Olivia Rodrigo way by wearing not one, but eight crazy hairstyles that embodied her different personas with the help of her hairstylist Clayton Hawkins. In order, an icy blue lob with micro bangs, a top knot with purple streaks, platinum blonde bob with bent ends, an orange bob similar to Leeloo of the classic, Fifth Element, pigtail braids, space buns, blonde beach waves, and high pigtails with magenta streaks were all moments on their own accord.

Choose your fighter! Aside from wearing crazy hairstyles and archival designer pieces for brutal, it was also the makeup and the face filters that told the whole story of the angst that being 17 brings you. In a few Instagram stories shared by Olivia, it was revealed that she also drew some of the face filters that were brought to life by Apple’s AR tech made entirely with an iPad and pencil.

Scroll down below for our favorite beauty moments and brutal face filters:

olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video
olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video
olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video
olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video
olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video
olivia rodrigo face filter makeup beauty hair brutal music video

You can watch the full video for Olivia Rodrigo’s brutal here:

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covid pandemic prediction

7 Pop Culture Moments That Foreshadowed The Coronavirus Pandemic

Do you believe it?

Call them predictions or just lucky guesses, but these moments eerily predicted and foreshadowed the coronavirus pandemic that we are currently facing.

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing now is unlike that of anything we have experienced in our lives thus far. Technically, coronavirus is not a new term or disease. It is a virus that has been known to man for decades. SARS and MERS are known strains of the coronavirus, but the one we are experiencing now, COVID-19, is new to humans. This is why the world has been mostly unprepared to handle COVID-19 and why no immediate cure is currently available. But how would you react knowing that COVID-19 was actually something predicted in the past?

As crazy as it sounds, the pandemic we are facing now has been predicted or foreshadowed in certain entertainment properties, if not in its entirety, then parts of it. Whether you consider these truth-tellers or just plain coincidence, here are 7 pop culture moments that foreshadowed the coronavirus pandemic.

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My Secret Terrius

Originally airing in 2018, My Secret Terrius is a K-Drama about a secret agent who tries to solve the mystery behind a neighbor’s death. When the pandemic started to make its way around the world in early 2020, the show went viral on social media for having a scene that predicted the coronavirus pandemic. At the 53 minute mark on the 10th episode, a doctor can be heard saying “The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system” and “What’s more serious is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days.” In the show’s lore, the coronavirus was genetically altered to become a biological weapon that attacked the lungs and had a 90% mortality rate.

Pandemic – Dr. Creep, Lone Ninja, and DJ Madhandz

Most people may not have heard of American rapper Dr. Creep, but he started to gain a lot of attention in the past year thanks to an obscure song he released in 2013 called Pandemic. The song generally talks about how the world would react if it was facing a pandemic. But what got a lot of people talking was the line “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking.” Again, coronavirus isn’t a new word, but with the inclusion of “2020” and “bodies stacking” in the sentence have convinced some people that Dr. Creep foreshadowed the pandemic.

As the song and music video started to gain steam, Dr. Creep released a statement explaining, “There were already six or so coronaviruses in 2012/2013 when the Pandemic song was created. A coronavirus was being talked about a lot at the time. As for mentioning 2020, well 2020-2030 was just significant years to me, as well as many other people that are educated on these esoteric topics. 10 years ago it was said that 2012 was nothing to worry about, it’s 2020-30 to pay attention to. To me, the lyrics are just more of a coincidence than a prediction. I don’t feel I was “trying” to predict anything. I just rapped about what I was watching.”

Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon features an episode that shows its protagonist deal with a pandemic similar to the one we are facing now. In season one, episode 13 aptly called A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek, a flu-like virus hits the hometown of the young Sheldon. In the episode, he is seen wearing a face mask, refuses to be in the same room as anyone who sneezes, and keeps a safe distance from everyone else. He’s basically practicing social distancing and doing the safety measures we are doing now. Most importantly, he is watching a news report about the virus and you can hear a line that goes “Doctors say the strain, originating in China, is particularly severe. Children and the elderly are most at risk.” Also, in The Big Bang Theory, the older Sheldon is known to be very particular about sickness and diseases, even going to great lengths to prepare an escape plan in case of a potential outbreak of any sort.

End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World

Sylvia Browne Book: This book predicted 2020 coronavirus outbreak 12 years  ago. Trending now - Trending News News

Sylvia Browne is a self-described American psychic, medium, and author. Before her passing in 2013, Sylvia worked with the parents to help them find their missing children. She was also a controversial figure who was criticized for preying on grieving parents and making wrong predictions. But one prediction that got a lot of people talking was one she made about the pandemic all the way back in 2008.

In her book, End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World, Sylvia predicted that “In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.” She also adds, “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it has arrived, attack again in 10 years, and then disappear completely.” While the second half of the prediction has not come true, the first half convinced a lot of people to buy the book and it soon became a bestseller.


Contagion was released back in 2011 and was co-written and directed by Stephen Soderbergh. It features an all-star cast that includes Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne, and Kate Winslet. The film centers on a fictional illness called MEV-1 that kills 26 million people worldwide. Contagion started to get more popular during the early days of COVID-19 for its timely subject matter. The movie has the virus start in Asia, specifically Hong Kong, and is easily transmitted through touch. The characters even talk about the concept of social distancing. The movie was praised for its accuracy of how a deadly, transmissible, virus could spread around the world and how governments would respond to it.

Contagion was also lauded for how it predicted conspiracy theories and disinformation would spread along with the virus. Jude Law plays Alan Krumwiede, one of the first people to get infected by MEV-1 and survive. For the rest of the film, he serves as the antagonist of sorts, telling people that the virus is not real and the government is lying to them. He even tries to sell pseudo-cure for the disease and dissuades people from taking the vaccine. It’s eerily accurate to how people in the real world are peddling fake news and pseudo-science about COVID-19.

The Eyes of Darkness

Did a Chinese Novel Predict Coronavirus 40 Years Ago? 'Wuhan-400' Leaves  Twitter Baffled

The Eyes of Darkness is a horror novel written by Dean Koontz in 1981. The book revolves around a grieving mother investigating the mysterious circumstances of her son’s death. In the book, one of the characters talks about a killer virus known as Wuhan-400, yes that Wuhan. The book paints the virus as a biological weapon created by the Chinese. “A Chinese scientist defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in decades.”

The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been known to accurately predict a lot of things, from Donald Trump being president to Disney buying Fox. The show can also include COVID-19 in its list of predictions, though this isn’t their most accurate. Originally aired in 1993, there is an episode in season four of The Simpsons called Marge in Chains. The main plot revolves around Marge being mistaken for shoplifting and sent to jail.

But what caught people’s attention was that the episode featured the flu infecting most of Springfield. The virus was called the Osaka Flu. A scene is shown where a visibly infected Japanese factory worker coughs on a package that is then sent to the US. This then causes everyone else to get infected.

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CL spicy music video

Excuse Me, CL Didn’t Have To Go This Hard In The Spicy Music Video, But She Did

Made in Korea, meant for the world.

Spitting serious bars, slaying dance moves, and starting fires, CL is bringing some major heat with the release of her music video for Spicy.

While it may be received as a flaming trap hip-hop banger, one that immediately thrills with a rousing drum line, sexy swerves, and pace that builds with steady aggression, the lead track off the Alpha era of CL, Spicy, actually functions as a rousing re-introduction of sorts. You know, just in case anyone forgot. “She got the sauce, and it’s spicy,” says CL, laying down throughout the track why she has the energy, power, and chemistry. Far from being a song of self-service, however, it expands into an imprint of Asian pride, proving that even you are looking the most fly and rocking with the most fly.

Following the release of high-impact teasers, including that of a cherry red-haired CL, the music video for Spicy was dropped earlier today, and as expected, it was a blazing three minutes and twenty four seconds of striking visuals. Taking us to a mostly dark and gritty futuristic space, akin to that of the worlds built during her 2NE1, this glorious return shows CL in fine fighting form. From her perch on an intimidating John Malkovich-like bust (the award-winning actor lending his ominous voice to the track as well), to the slick dance breaks, and even the Pikachu car, the fire-cracker of a performer is making it very clear: she’s here to dominate even more.


The Alpha Is Rising

Going hard on all fronts, CL commands attention all throughout the expression of Spicy. With edgy, Matrix-inspired fashion to striking beauty looks, she is breathtaking in every scene. Compounded with her signature sass, there throbs a don’t-mess-with-me vibe that alludes to that self-actualized power that one holds. “Getting up higher / Making everything spice,” she drops. “Now put the fliers / We can never be stopped.”

In the Bauuer-produced, and Bonique, sokodomo, and CL-written track, the Spicy music video sees cameos from Lil Cherry and Omega Sapien, making it even more of a treat to watch. A party where everyone’s invited, this high-octane visual narrative will bring you to your feet and dance along, just as obviously, the single on its own has done.

All things considered, Spicy is a well-placed and well-executed beginning to a fiery new chapter to the supercharged career of CL. Ahead of the release of the second single in September and album in October, there will be enough beats, bass, and bad-ass to tide us over until the full rise of the Alpha that is CL. Watch out, she’s coming in hot, hot, hot.


7 Times Niana Guerrero And AC Bonifacio Were Best Friend Goals

8 Times Niana Guerrero And AC Bonifacio Were Best Friend Goals

There is such a thing as two pretty best friends.

The kind of friendship that Niana Guerrero and AC Bonifacio have is a friendship we wish we all had.

Niana Guerrero and AC Bonifacio are regarded as Gen Z superstars and some of the best dancers of their generation. But did you know that the two young dance prodigies are also close, as in best friends close? That’s right, Niana and AC enjoy a close bond that has lasted for a few years now. The two also aren’t afraid to show off their friendship, love, and support for one another on social media. Whether it’s going on trips together, being in each other’s dance videos, or showing admiration to each other online, the duo radiates major bestie energy. Here are some of our favorite moments when Niana Guerrero and AC Bonifacio were the definition of best friend goals.

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Back in May 2021, Niana performed on ASAP Natin ‘To for the first time. And while she killed it, what made it better was that AC was there to dance along with her. To make it even more special, they danced Niana’s #BootyWurkChallenge.



get yall a bestfriend who makes the sickest dance trends @nianaguerrero

♬ Booty Wurk – Niana Guerrero

Niana is one of the most popular creators on TikTok and has on occasion started her own viral dance trends and challenges. And AC, being the best friend that she is, is game to do her best friend’s dance challenges like when she did her Booty Wurk challenge and her Kiss Kiss dance challenge (along with Kyle Echarri and Darren Espanto). We love a supportive best friend.


In 2019, AC posted a video where she did the “buy everything in alphabetical order challenge” on her YouTube channel the day before her 17th birthday. But unbeknownst to her, the challenge was actually a distraction for AC’s best friends to surprise her on her 17th birthday. So, when AC and her family finally returned home, Niana and AC’s other best friends surprised her with a birthday party. AC was so shocked she started crying tears of joy.


When AC had to go back to Canada in 2020, Niana, along with their other best friends, held a despedida for AC at Niana’s house. And even though AC would eventually return to the Philippines, Niana got visibly emotional during the celebration and started crying. Not only was it nice for Niana and her friends to hold a party for AC, but Niana crying showed that she truly would miss her.


Turning 18 years old is a special day for any girl, and that was no exception for AC Bonifacio. And given how special and 18th birthday is, Niana was on-hand to deliver a special message for AC. When AC celebrated her 18th in Canada, she was shown a series of birthday greetings, one of those coming from Niana. When AC had her debut in the country in February this year, Niana performed a special dance number where she was joined by their other best friends Shawn Castro and BJ Dapat Sy. What made it even special was that Niana was only one of the handful of guests at the party.



ur favs back at it @andreebonifacioo

♬ tell em snippit cochise – Cochise

If you follow AC or Niana on TikTok, then you know that the two of them post TikToks of them dancing together on occasion. They either post just the two of them dancing or with their close friends. But every time they do so, they eat it up and leave zero crumbs. And the two girls look like they are having genuine fun and don’t treat it like a chore or work. We would love to join Niana and AC in one of their TikToks, but we’re afraid that we might not be able to catch up with them.


Imagine getting to work professionally with your best friend and for Disney. Niana and AC can relate to the feeling as they worked together for a dance video for Disney. The project in question was for the then-upcoming Zombies 2 movie airing on Disney Channel. Dressed in cheerleading outfits, Niana and AC appeared in a dance video promoting the movie. Aside from the fact that we got to see AC and Niana together, it was also nice to see them dance alongside notable young dancers like Kaycee Rice and Will from FBE.


Not only are Niana and AC talented individuals, but they also can recognize talent. So it was little surprise then that the two went to P-pop Con together and had a great time. The two were even able to go back stage with the other groups and danced to Bazinga with SB19’s Josh. The level of talent in that one room, far too much.

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jisoo, snowdrop, junghae

Here’s What You Need To Know About Jisoo’s Upcoming K-Drama, Snowdrop

Actress Jisoo is almost here!

Get ready as Snowdrop is coming and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is set to make her K-Drama lead actress acting debut.

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Ever since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, BLINKS have been clamoring for Jisoo to get into acting. Aside from the fact that she is the designated visual of the group, she also is great at acting as seen in some of their music videos like Lovesick Girls. Back in 2020, it was announced that Jisoo was going to play the lead female role in a K-Drama called Snowdrop. And now, prayers and wishes have finally been answered as Jisoo’s first-ever K-Drama, Snowdrop is set to premiere very soon.


Earlier this year, JTCB released a video called COMING SOON, which showed their slate of shows for the rest of the year and Snowdrop was included on the list. The scene showed Jisoo and her co-star, Jung Hae In, In dancing in each other’s arms in what looked to be a ballroom. Despite it only being a 10-second clip, Snowdrop went viral on Twitter with fans wanting to see more. We also finally got the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series. The teaser shows the setting, Hosu Women’s University, and Jung Hae In’s character Su Ho riding his bike. We then see glimpses of Su Ho and Jisoo’s character Young Ro together.

Snowdrop is currently shaping up to be one of the most-anticipated K-Dramas of the year and we can’t wait to watch it. Here are other facts you should know about the show.


The 6.10 Democracy Movement (6.10 민주항쟁) | Koreabridge

The series takes place in 1987, and this isn’t just any random year. This is a culturally and historically significant year for the country as this was during South Korea’s Democracy Movement. Thousands of people would hit the streets in mass protests which would eventually lead to the fall of authoritarian rule and establish the present-day democracy we know today.


Jung Hae In plays Im Soo Ho. He is a graduate student who participates in a pro-democracy protest. Jisoo plays Eun Young Ro, a university student. One day, Im Soo Ho goes into hiding in order to not get arrested by the government and Eun Young Cho decides to help him by hiding him in her all-girls dormitory. There, the two then start to develop feelings for one another. The show comes from Cho Hyun Tak and Yoo Hyun Mi, who wrote and directed Sky Castle, the previously most-watched K-Drama in Korean history. Jang Seung Jo, Yoo In Na, Kim Hye Joon, and Yook Se Ah are also set to star in the K-Drama.


Mark your calendars as Snowdrop is coming this December 18. Specifically, the premiere episode is coming on December 18, Saturday, 10:30 PM KST, 9:30 PM PH time. After that, Snowdrop will be airing new episodes on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM, KST, 9:30 PM, PH time. It was also recently announced that the show would also be on Disney Plus when it premiers.


Jisoo Cameos on KBS 'The Producers' – YGDreamers

Technically this is Jisoo’s first time acting in a lead role for a K-Drama. But this isn’t the first time she has appeared in a K-Drama. She has made cameos in The Producers and Arthdal Chronicles. She has also done her fair share of commercials and appeared in other artists’ music videos. If you want to see more of Jung Hae In, you can catch his latest K-Drama called D.P. streaming on Netflix this August 27. The series will revolve around an army private assigned to capture army deserters that exposes him to the painful reality endured by the enlistees.

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Watch Out! The Forces Come Together As BGYO And BINI Unite In Their First Concert

Brace yourselves, a show is coming.

From sibling groups reacting to each other’s releases and hyping each other up, BGYO and BINI are out to prove that they can headline a show to remember.

Listen, there is no stopping these fresh forces to be reckoned with in music. Coming from the successful debut of Born To Win and the recent smashing of The Baddest, on-the-rise P-pop groups, BINI and BGYO surprised loyal fans and casual listeners with something they have been kept a secret, until now. Yes, no alarm, no anything!

Consider this the calm before the storm, because while there have been reports of a back-to-back concert, no other details were revealed just yet. Well, the time has come, because it looks like they are raring and ready to show us what they have got.

The Force

Marked by their movements and music, BGYO and BINI are set to make their upcoming concert a moment to remember. With the official drop of the performance dates, it solidifies the fact that these fast emerging stars are having quite the debut year. “It’s finally here and it’s finally happening! We are feeling over the moon,” writes the official Twitter account of BINI with nothing more than an image of their logos strewn across a night sky. Following suit, BGYO quoted the tweet and adding, “Brace yourself for the first-ever back-to-back sibling concert in P-pop!” Everything else it seems is on a need to know basis, and rightfully so.

While it may sound soon for some, it actually is the right time for both P-pop groups because just like their contemporaries, they have had years of intense and concentrated training for years before even being introduced to the public. Products of Star Hunt Academy, Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, and Nate of BGYO and Aiah, Colet, Gwen, Jhoanna, Maloi, Mikha, Sheena, and Stacey of BINI will guarantee a show to remember. They’ve surely come a long way from being mere sibling groups to reacting to each other’s releases. This time, the hype is going to realer than real.

Now this is a first they surely won’t forget. Let the show begin.

While we wait for more details, we list down what we want to see from the first BGYO and BINI concert.

Banter Between BGYO And BINI, Of Course

Epic Dance Moves

The Fashion, No Doubt

Celebration Of Milestones

An Homage To OPM, Please

A Whole Lot Of Fun

Fresh Takes On Their Debut Singles


Stray Kids thunderous

Stray Kids Bring The Thunder And Noise In Their Thunderous Comeback

Man, I'm not sorry.

With Thunderous, Stray Kids is telling the world their ready to dominate and do their own thing despite what the haters may say.

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It’s safe to say a lot of people have been waiting for Stray Kids to release new music. After all, they did release some of the best K-Pop songs of 2020 in God’s Menu and Back Door. And them winning Kingdom: Legendary War just made the anticipation go through the roof. After series of teasers, Stays now finally can rejoice as Stray Kids are back and just dropped their new song Thunderous as they continue to show that their recent success isn’t a fluke.

As the name suggests, Thunderous, written and produced by 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) is a pulsating pop-hip-hop-inspired track that immediately gets the listener’s attention. If Changbin starting of the song and including his own name won’t get you hooked, then the cracking and resonating chorus will leave a lasting impact.

The track sees the boys sing about their haters and that, despite their constant nagging, they remain unbothered by what they have to say about them. In fact, they will continue to do what they do in their own style and carve their own successful road. The epic music video, meanwhile, has the group dressed in a series of red, black, and white outfits as they dance in locations set in feudal Korea.

Aside from their Thunderous comeback, Stray Kids also dropped NOEASY, their second full-length studio album with 14 new tracks. Aside from Thunderous, other songs include the standout opening track CHEESE, the hard-hitting DOMINO, the emotional Gone Away, and an OT8 version of WOLFGANG.

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