kristel fulgar directing k-drama

Kristel Fulgar Went From Being A K-Drama Fan To Directing Her Own Korean-Filipino Web Drama

Kristel Fulgar goes behind the camera this time.

Kristel Fulgar finally achieved her dream of directing her own Korean-Filipino web drama series with Love From Home.

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Just like with K-Pop, K-Dramas have been wildly popular, and in recent years, an unmatched phenomenon. In the Philippines, some of the most popular shows of the past few years were K-Dramas like Crash Landing On You and Vincenzo. Among those obsessed with K-Dramas is former Goin’ Bulilit cast member and actress, Kristel Fulgar. In the past, she has talked about her love for K-Dramas, and she took that love to the next level when she revealed the first-ever Korean-Filipino web series she directed, Love From Home.

The Show

Kristel Fulgar has stated in the past that one of her biggest dreams is to direct her own K-Drama and now she has done that. In an Instagram post announcing the project, she said: “I may not be in the photo, but I can proudly say that I am one of the people behind this project. ‘Yung isang malaking pangarap lang sakin dati as a k-drama fan, posible palang mangyari.” She then went on to thank One Click TV, a local production YouTube channel created by Kristel and fellow YouTuber Benedict Cua, and her collaborator and close friend, Yohan Kim, also known as Big Boss. “At sa aking mga kababayang Pilipino, sana masuportahan po natin ang sariling atin,” she concluded in the post.

Love From Home

Love From Home is a Korean-Filipino web series set both in the Philippines and South Korea. The entire series will be available to watch on One Click TV’s YouTube channel. The first episode premiered on June 4 called Landings and Takeoffs of Life. The series stars Jana (Joyselle Cabanalong), a young Filipina woman. In the premiere episode, we learn that she loses her job during the pandemic which crushes her dream of going abroad. Because of this, her new source of income now is selling clothes on live streams and teaching English to Koreans.

We also get to learn that Jana is a big K-Drama and K-Pop fan with a few easter eggs sprinkled throughout the episode. At the end of the episode, Jana is informed that a student wants to learn Filipino, which is an odd request, but accepts it since it’s double pay. She then meets Jay (Jaewon Kim), and the rest of Love From Home will explore their budding relationship as well as showcase both Filipino and Korean culture.

Kristel and K-Drama

As stated before, Kristel is a self-described K-Drama fan. If you go on her YouTube channel, you can see that she has multiple covers of different songs from K-Drama OSTs. But with this project, it was clear that Kirstel Fulgar had a say in a lot of things. Aside from being the director and producer of the show, she also recorded her first original Korean song (yes, she sings in Korean as she’s fluent in the language) called Smile Again with Yohan Kim as part of the OST for Love From Home.

Also on Kristel’s YouTube Channel, you can see her vlog about her search to find the Korean actor to be part of Love From Home and the audition tape of Jaewon Kim. You can also watch this behind-the-scenes vlog about the making of the series.

A new episode of Love From Home premiers on One Click TV’s YouTube channel every Friday at 7 PM.

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