GForce Gelai Made The Choreography For Minzy’s TEAMO Music Video

Minzy x GForce is a collab we never knew we wanted.

MINZY’s latest comeback, TEAMO, is a whole bop and it’s made even better by the fact that it was choreographed by GForce Gelai.

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When you think of iconic K-pop 2nd gen girl groups, few matched the success of 2NE1. The group not only did well in Korea, but also around the world. They were one of the first K-pop groups to have a truly global fan base. While it was sad to see the group get disbanded in 2016, it makes us happy knowing that each of the girls has successful solo careers, just like Minzy.

After forming her own entertainment company, MZ Entertainment, Minzy has released a few songs throughout the years, and she had her latest comeback when she released TEAMO. The song itself is a bop, but what caught our attention was her dance moves. And that is because Minzy worked with a Filipino to choreograph the song, and that was GForce Gelai.


Serving as Minzy’s 3rd single and first in over a year, TEAMO (Spanish for I love you), is a Latin and hip-hop-inspired track that’s perfect for any summer party. The song sees Minzy sing and rap about the love she has for her fans. Minzy worked with Gionata Caracciolo (who has worked with other K-pop artists like Super Junior, Red Velvet, and Cravity) on the song. Minzy herself also participated in writing her own lyrics for TEAMO. But while TEAMO does show off Minzy’s vocals and rapping skills, her dancing was also exceptional. But what makes it even better is that GForce Gelai was the one who choreographed the song.


Minzy herself confirmed it on one of her Instagram lives that she collaborated with GForce on the choreo and that GForce Gelai was the one who choreographed the song. Given that Minzy is one of, if not the, best dancer of 2NE1, it was expected that so would go hard on the song and the dance moves complement both Minzy and the song. We get to see a lot of swaying and hip movements from Minzy as well as our favorite part where she aggressively points two fingers to her head during the chorus. This isn’t the first time Minzy has worked with Filipinos before though as she also released a Tagalog version of her song Lovely under Viva.

This isn’t the first time GForce Gelai has worked with pop stars before. She also is a frequent collaborator with the pop superstar herself Sarah Geronimo. She actually did a reaction video to the music video. In it, she put a side by side of Minzy’s dancing with her dancing it in the studio. At the end of the video, she said that she was so happy to see an international artist dancing to her choreo and thanked Minzy for trusting her. We can’t wait to see Minzy perform the song on music shows and see GForce Gelai’s work on stage. We have our fingers crossed too that other international artists will work will Filipino choreographers for their songs.

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