2NE1 reunion

LOOK: Are 2NE1 Finally Back In The Studio?

202NE1 is real!

Blackjacks, unite! The girls of 2NE1 are finally back home and we are ugly crying.

It’s been four long years since 2NE1’s last project together as a girl group along with their final track, Goodbye (they released the MV on January 20, 2017 ?). But after waiting for so long, the girls posted snaps on their respective Instagram accounts today in celebration of Minzy, their maknae’s birthday.

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Fans are speculating that there might be a comeback since some of the girls kept teasing 2NE1’s old songs in their IG stories (and pointed out that it seems they celebrated in a studio), but that’s okay—Blackjacks can wait. They are all flourishing in their respective paths, too. In fact, they were even wearing CL’s merchandise for her latest music drop.

At the moment, Dara is working on her acting projects and keeping us all updated with her vlogs, CL is continuously releasing music, along with Minzy, who recently joined Viva Entertainment, and Bom dropped a track after a year-long hiatus. It may not be on their usual MAMA stage, or on Gayo Daejun, yet seeing 2NE1 together again is enough to make our hearts flutter.