Hyun Bin’s 18th debut anniversary

Why Is Hyun Bin One Of South Korea’s Most Celebrated Actors?

We are ready, captain.

Hyun Bin’s 18th debut anniversary is proof that there is no timeline when it comes to reinventing and redefining your career and more importantly, yourself.

More like your ahjussi at 38 years old, Hyun Bin is probably too mature to be your oppa. Even if you are not quite the k-drama fan as many are, you have seen his face and have heard of him some point, especially from your mom, older sister or tita. Most recently, everyone fell in love with him and his character Captain Ri in the hit Netflix series, Crash Landing On You. And if you dig deeper into his entertainment portfolio, you will understand how he turned his passion into a long-lasting and meaningful work.

As he enters the second half of 2021, Hyun Bin shows his fans that even a pandemic cannot keep him from providing entertainment that crosses borders and language barriers. We’ve collated his upcoming appearances so you and your friends can continue to fangirl (or boy) over Hyun Bin and see why he is worth looking up to at any age.

Keep Connected With Hyun Bin

A pioneer of innovation, Hyun Bin continues to use his influence to inform the public on the power of being connected in more ways than one. His partnership with Smart Communications not only made waves here and abroad, but more importantly, it became an avenue for Hyun Bin to create content for his fans. In the last campaign, his co-star and girlfriend, Son Ye-jin, also became part of the commercial film. While the two will be having separate #SmartHallyuHangouts events, we are patiently waiting for July 31 to come so we can see him once more, even if it is just online.

The Sweet Smell Of Success

Armed with multiple acting awards, dramas that have high ratings and successful film releases, Hyun Bin continues to excite audiences with his charm and credibility. His charisma will indeed make you swoon. Having met him for a press junket in 2018, I have to say that his professionalism and personality is one that I will always remember. So, it is no surprise that Tom Ford has appointed him as the first regional fragrance attaché for Asia Pacific.

“As a longtime fan of Tom Ford, I am honored and privileged to be the first fragrance attaché for the region, and look forward to working with the brand,” he says in a statement. The premier actor will be making his debut with the new Tom Ford Private blend Soleil Brûlant. Described as an amber floral scent, it is warm and welcoming, just as he is. And yes, he really does smell good.

Hang Out With Hyun Bin In This Online Event

Always seen as a man of style, Hyun Bin knows that his fanbase is also composed of people who champion comfort and simplicity above everything. His partnership with one of the Philippines’ fashion staples came as a beautiful surprise. As a treat for his supporters, this July 11 at 5:30 PM, he will make everyone kilig once more as he participates in a 75-minute online show for his Filipino fans. We hope that one of you who’s reading this is one of the winners of  some signed merch, a standee or a gift box with a signed dedication card.

Stay Tuned For The Bargaining and Confidential Assignment 2: International

In 2011, after filming the global hit drama Secret Garden, Hyun Bin began his 21-month mandatory military service. Here, he volunteered to be part of the toughest branch of the Korean Army, the Marine Corps. It’s no wonder why in the later part of his career, Hyun Bin strategically chose action movies to expand his entertainment résumé. While the release of The Bargaining and Confidential Assignment 2: International have yet to be announced, everyone is more than excited to see him perform some stunts on the silver screen again.

Business And Beyond

What’s common between these four, you ask? Hyun Bin, despite being older than your favorite K-pop idol, has shown tenacity and a strong business sense. Together with his mentor Kang Kun Taek, he created VAST Entertainment in 2016, his current management agency. In 2019, it was acquired by Kakao M, one of South Korea’s biggest companies. Talk about expanding one’s reach beyond just the usual.

Hyun Bin is also never afraid to try new things, which is best exemplified when he starred in the augmented reality series, Memories of Alhambra. While he could have gone the usual route in his young adult life and focus on being a heartthrob, he challenged his body and emotions in order to portray layered and nuanced characters in The Fatal Encounter, Hyde, Jekyll, Me and The Negotiation, just to name a few.

Considered as one of South Korea’s entertainment treasures for his contribution to acting, he continues to carry the flag in his consistent commitment to the craft. (In fact, he literally carried the South Korean in the flag during the 2014 Asian Games.) And as he celebrates his 18th year in entertainment, he is more than ready to take on new challenges. As for us? Well, we will be waiting patiently for the next great thing he will show the rest of the world. We are ready, captain.