AC Bonifacio Uncovered: The Young Superstar That’s Been Making Moves

What would you do to be in AC Bonifacio's shoes?

In no uncertain terms, AC Bonifacio is a young superstar in the making with all of this astounding success surrounding her at just 18 years old.

Ever since she was a little kid, AC Bonifacio has amazed audiences and viewers around the world, especially when it came to her dancing. In fact, with a talent so good, she was invited to be on the Ellen Show, the video of which has more than 6 millions of views. She’s won dance competitions, appeared in TV shows, performed alongside Ariana Grande, recognized as a Hall of Famer in Los Angeles, California, and her dance covers have received a total of hundred million hits on her YouTube channel. And she had done all this at just 18 years old.


To hear it from AC herself, the whole experience has felt like a dream. “Never in my life would I have thought that I would make it this far. And I still want to do so much more in my life in my career. But being able to do these achievements from Riverdale to the Blackpink to every little thing, everything I’ve done to even just being part of ABS-CBN has been such a dream.” She relates her situation now to her life growing up in Vancouver where she would go into dance practice and come home and watch TFC. “It literally feels like a dream because I used to just be a little dancer in Vancouver. And now that I’m able to do things here, I’m just very honored. And it really just is a dream.”

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On Riverdale


AC Bonifacio was cast as a Star Vixen on Season 5 of Riverdale as the rival of Cheryl Blossom. The dance scene of her challenging Cheryl has already went viral since its release. “Okay, having to have people like, notice you because of Riverdale, and because of my covers, or whatever it is I do…It fills my heart in a different way, I get so happy because these things, what I do, I really just try to inspire as much people as I can. You know me, I used to and I still do. I watch other artists and I get inspired by them to do what I do.”

Recognizing her responsibility to inspire people and using her platform as an avenue for more people to hone their craft, AC happily takes on this challenge. “Now, I’m able to inspire other people. And that’ll just pass on, and pass on and pass on until all of us are doing the things that we love. And I just love seeing people’s smiles on their faces. So, I’m so glad that these little achievements of mine are able to help other people, as well as helped me to dance.”

Do What You Love The Most


AC’s face lights up upon talking about one of her favorite things in the world. The girl’s been making moves ever since she could remember. Remember when her previous dance duo, Lucky Aces, took off? Yes, she was just 14 years old back then. “Dance? I could dance, I could talk about dance, all day and all night.” When you’re 18, everything still feels like a blur—including your emotions, and AC believes dancing helps keep her sanity intact. “I like to keep everything to myself, because I’m not good at telling people. But with dance, dance is like my diary, I’m able to dance when I’m happy and excited. But I’m also able to dance when I’m sad or angry. And that’s what I really use as my therapy.”

Most people at her age haven’t really found their chosen path yet, but AC proves otherwise. She does modeling, hosting, and singing among other things, but primarily, dancing is what keeps her alive. “It’s important for me to always have dance in anything that I do. It’s really what got me started. And it’s really what I enjoy the most.”

Making Moves


When asked if there was a dance or performance that best describes her, she says it would be her Hip Hop International 2014 performance. She was just 11 years old when they won gold in the junior division with her group back in Canada, Fresh 2.0. “I think that one describes me the most, because when I think of that moment, my commitment for that as an 11 year old kid was insane. If I wasn’t at school, I’d be at the studio, sometimes we’d be there 6 AM to like 12 AM just training, practicing, doing cardio, and just doing everything we could to be able to win that competition.”

AC Bonifacio is a girl that can never keep still. Following a strict routine while figuring out your way into middle school wasn’t exactly easy, but she persevered. “It makes me cry every single time I think about it, because it’s like, well, that just proves how much I love dance so much that I would do whatever it took to really get to that dance competition.”

Pressure Makes Diamonds


Sometimes, struggles bring out that ✨ shine ✨ in you that you never knew you had. Just like how AC Bonifacio is a diamond in the rough. She’s been serving us stunning looks, as seen in the distinct makeup in her Pretty Savage dance cover. Despite the pressure to measure up to the precedent of the amazing Blackpink, she was able to do it beautifully, thanks to her collab with beauty brand, Ready, Set, Glow. Now, all these milestones considered, how does AC Bonifacio keep up? She answers with a relief, “I feel like being in the industry, there’s always pressure on you whether you’re onstage or offstage. But I tried to not let that get to me because I remember at the end of the day, you know, this is my passion and I’m happy to perform.”

It’s completely normal to feel nervous as it’s your mind telling you that this is what you want. AC knows this full well, admitting that she still feels anxious before every performance. “When I get on stage, every single time I perform, I get like the butterflies, I get the jitters. I always pray before I get on stage because I just get so scared.”

It’s easy for others to just say, “this is what you want though” or “you’ve been performing all your life,” but it’s still different for AC Bonifacio every single time. Even then, she knows when to have fun and just sweat it out. “Once I’m on stage, it just all comes out and I become so happy. So, that pressure is always gonna be there. But I always just, you know, I just have fun. I don’t like to let it get to my head because sometimes that’s what ruins me even more.” And just like that, AC Bonifacio is the golden girl that just keeps glowing.

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