Far From Sour, Olivia Rodrigo Just Took Us To Her Version Of Prom

Prom night would be brutal without Olivia's music.

Preforming a medley of her songs from SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo’s vision of prom night was a fun, magical, and emotional wrapped into one video.

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Depending on your point-of-view, prom night is either the best or worst night of your high school life. It is a moment where you dress up and go with your special someone, your friends, and even by yourself to have a great time. If you’re lucky, things can get a little romantic between you and your special someone. For others, prom can be an extremely anxious night where insecurity and heartbreak could break out at any moment.

Do you know what else is filled with fun, insecurity, and heartbreak? Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR. So, of course it wasn’t hard to imagine Olivia holding a special prom event and concert. Her songs fit perfectly with a soundtrack to prom night. She even invited some of her fans personally to watch the event. If you never went to prom or had your canceled because of COVID-19, then maybe Olivia’s SOUR Prom might be a great substitute.


At the start of the video, a white limo pulls up to Olivia’s house to bring her to prom. She’s dressed in a blue dress, silver choker, and black chunky boots (quite on-brand for her). Upon her entrance, she begins her set by singing a mashup of happier and déjà vu. Already, you can tell Olivia is ready to let out all her emotions from the album.


It’s prom time. At this point, Olivia Rodrigo goes from heartfelt emotion to unleashing her inner pop-rock princess. She stars her next song brutal and this time, it also includes a dance number with the prom attendees serving as her dancers. Olivia then sings traitor. We liked how in some parts of the song, she is singing alone while her dancers in pairs dancing slowly to show that Olivia has no one to be with her (appropriate for a song called traitor). She then performs jealousy, jealousy, a stand from SOUR with an amazing bridge.


By the end of the song, she starts to get mobbed by the people, so she leaves and enters a photo lab. She then slows it down as she picks up a guitar and sings enough for you, showing that Olivia can both kill the upbeat songs and slow jams. Afterward, she leaves the room, puts on a black jacket, and heads outside to the football field. Here, she performs her first smash hit, drivers license with a piano, a gaggle of dancers, and some well-done lights show.


But prom shouldn’t end on a sour note, at least not for Olivia. This is why her SOUR Prom ends with her performing her current smash hit, good for u. For this performance, she goes all out with a marching band, a cheer squad, her own band, backup dancers, and stands full of people. As the song ends, she is joined by some of her best friends including Conan Grey. Together they walk off into the night on a high note.


Before the event started, Olivia Rodrigo revealed that she’s never been to prom because she’s been home-schooled all her life. She envisioned SOUR Prom as a fun event for her fans who weren’t able to go to prom because of the pandemic. Olivia succeeded on that front. For someone whose never been to prom, Olivia sure nailed the feeling of prom night.

She performed a great selection of songs from SOUR. In a span of 30 minutes, Olivia Rodrigo delivered the excitement and nervousness of going to prom, the fun times with friends, the more quiet and special moments, and the unparalleled it can bring. The event itself too was great. Her vocals were on point, the choreography was great, the set design was believable, and her acting was able to sell the emotion of each song. If this were a preview of Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR world tour, let’s just say we have our credit cards ready for when tickets go on sale.

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