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From The Voice UK To TikTok, Hear How Jamie Miller Is Taking Over The World One Song At A Time

He’s a star, no doubt.

He may be dominating at every few scrolls with Here’s Your Perfect on TikTok, but did you know that Jamie Miller made a breakthrough on The Voice UK? Now, it’s time to know him beyond your FYP.

There is no escaping Jamie Miller these days, not that there is a desire to anyway. With every mindless scroll on the blackhole that is TikTok, his voice will stir your senses with swooning and soaring snippets of Here’s Your Perfect, his breakout track that been a mainstay on many an FYP (For You Page). And just like that, the once shy boy who only wanted to sing and dance has not only commanded our attention, but endeared himself to us with his story.

In just a few seconds, a snag that is crucial on TikTok, Jamie Miller manages to hook you right in a sweet spot of piercing lyrics and a big, booming belt. The original minute-long clip has now been used by over 203.2K times, and variations of which, both clipped and a cappella, perhaps even more. But before he broke hearts on the video-sharing app, he first broke out in The Voice UK, where just like on TikTok, Jamie Miller caught the attention of the judges, as well as of the rest of the world, with his tender and aching take on James Bay’s Let It Go in just a few breaths and blinks.

His journey on The Voice UK was a revelation. In every coaching session with his mentor, Jennifer Hudson, and every succeeding performance, Jamie Miller would slowly step out his comfort zone and deep-seated doubts to emerge as a frontrunner and well, a superstar. “I never thought I’d get this far,” he expressed on the show, his voice slowly breaking. “So, I just want to thank Jennifer for believing in me. You’ve really brought out that confidence.”

He Is The Moment

Since placing third on The Voice UK, Jamie Miller’s career has grown and thrived at a steady pace. Whether it was putting out covers on YouTube or creating original music (The City That Never Sleeps, Onto Something, ‘Til We’re Old), he was really putting in the work for his dreams. But the greatest success Jamie Miller would strike so far came in the unlikeliest of places, at least in the traditional sense, as his brimming ballad blew up on TikTok.

“I wrote a song about not being good enough for the person you love and then trying to change for it,” Jamie Miller reveals on TikTok, later on describing Here’s Your Perfect as the most heartbreaking song he’s ever written. And just like in the same space of Adele and Sam Smith, the pain that he poured into his passion became a soundtrack for so many people who related on a profound level. To date, the song has reached 100,000,000 streams worldwide, with it charting across the globe including Billboard, and yet there is no sign of slowing down.

Coming a long way from the reluctant young man that he was, the singer and songwriter is proof that no matter what, go after what you love and what gives you life, even if the path isn’t perfectly paved. Even with the stiff and saturated landscape of music with his heart and honesty, Jamie Miller has also managed to cut through and etch an indelible imprint on the densely populated TikTok, a feat that is not to be taken lightly. Here, it is his turn to make dreams come true, sharing the spotlight with anyone who connects to his song. All it takes is a few seconds, and in that time, which he knows very well, lives change.

Want to know more about Jamie Miller pre-TikTok domination and beyond the FYP? Hang on, we got you covered, and trust us, you will love him even more.

He Used To Hide Under Tables In Choir And Stopped Singing For A While

After being introduced and raised on the classics of Donny Hathaway and Michael Jackson, Jamie Miller would foster a fierce fascination for music, gravitating to gospel, R&B and soul. But as is typical with young’uns (“Singing wasn’t the coolest thing to do in high school”) and the persistence of a stubborn and archaic definition of masculinity, he would often hide under tables in choir class “so no could see I was there from the outside.” Changing a lot since then, he’s taken over many stages to an adoring public no less.

From The X Factor To The Voice UK

“I tried out for The X Factor last year and I didn’t get on TV, so being on The Voice now is amazing,” shares Jamie Miller in an interview. “Maybe I just wasn’t what they’re looking for. But I didn’t give up, everything happens for a reason.”

He Quit His Day Job For Music

“I knew I wanted to do music forever. I never had a plan B,” he says on the Wasserman Music website. Coming from a small town, he says, “If you walk down the street, you’ll know everybody. It’s one of those places where you keep to yourself though. People have office jobs; they don’t become singers. I kept it a secret, because I was afraid of what everyone might think.”

When It Comes To Music, It’s Always 110%

“I want everyone to know my music comes from a real place,” he shares. “It’s my life. I aim to give them three minutes of happiness. I came from a town where there wasn’t much opportunity, but I was willing to get out and move to the other side of the world. I’ve gotten strength from the journey. I hope to share it in the music.”

Fans Include Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, And Pink. No Big Deal

“You betta sing,” Kelly Clarkson says. “Sing babe,” writes Sam Smith. “Holy Jesus I want to harmonize with you soooooo baaaaaaaaddddddd,” asserts Pink. We’d take them up on their offers, Jamie.  


I never thought this one riff I made up.. Would change my entire life. Thank you so much ?

♬ original sound – Jamie Miller

A Made Up Riff Turned Pure Magic? More, Please

“I never thought this one riff I made up…Would change my entire life,” writes Jamie Miller on TikTok, accompanied by the video of the powerful vocal release that just makes you feel things. “Thank you so much.”

Gender Doesn’t Determine Who He Falls In Love With

“I was in a relationship back in London, in my comfort zone and the happiest I’d ever been,” details Jamie Miller of the story and intention of Here’s Your Perfect. “But eventually when I moved to Los Angeles, I got cheated on and was so heartbroken. I went into a studio session devastated, but wrote through it and realized there is so much more to the world. Since then, I’ve experienced so much and really found myself through the pandemic—specifically coming to terms with my sexuality and realizing that gender doesn’t determine who I can fall in love with. It was one of the most challenging but amazing journeys I’ve worked though, and I hope it can be heard in the music.”


##duet with @salemilese wow Salem you won this challenge ????

♬ original sound – Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller Listens, Duets, And Collaborates On TikTok

Connecting with his fans all over the world on social media apps, especially on TikTok, Jamie Miller doesn’t just bask in the glory of his song; he is earnest in his engagement, encouraging people to duet with him. In fact, some have been shared on his own account. Oh, and speaking of, the internet was responsible for Jamie Miller discovering the mightily impressive and breathtaking cover of Stell Ajero of SB19 on TikTok. This led to the two talking and teasing of a possible crossover between the two vocalists who manage to gut us every time they sing.

Recently, he posted a TikTok asking his followers to rewrite the second verse of Here’s Your Perfect. Salem Ilese, a co-writer on the track herself, jumped in on the call and essayed her lyrics. Today, this partnership has been realized as a duet in the sparkling new version of the song.  “This duet was so special to me because I wrote this song with Salem! So proud how it turned out! I hope you guys love it,” he writes on YouTube.