All The Heart-Melting Highlights of HORI7ON’s First-Ever Fan Meet

HORI7ON to the sky high!

HORI7ON bonded with their fans on a heartwarming night filled with fun and memorable moments before continuing their preparation to become a global pop group.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re still buzzing from the momentous fan meet that HORI7ON held last weekend. Dubbed as Hundred Days Miracle: HORI7ON First Fanmeeting, it was the boy group’s first-ever fan gathering, and it was sold out to boot. The New Frontier Theater was packed to the rafters, proving that HORI7ON has a special place in the hearts of their Pinoy fans.

Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston had a night to remember, as did their passionate fans who’ve been supporting them from the get-go. And as HORI7ON gears up to make their highly anticipated debut in South Korea later this year, they made sure to leave a lasting impression on their Pinoy stans with some memories they’ll forever cherish.

From finally revealing their fandom name to the boys’ heart-meltingly sweet and emotional moments, the fan meet was full of highlights that’ll stick with us for a long time. So, let’s take a look at some of the special moments that we just can’t get out of our heads.


HORI7ON official fandom name is Anchor
Photo from HORI7ON

After what felt like an eternity, HORI7ON stans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because the long-awaited fandom name has been revealed. On April 22, 2023, the Anchors were born. HORI7ON explains that the name is chosen to signify how their fans become their “compass” and keep them on course in their journey.

As some sharp-eyed Anchors have pointed out, one fan had already suggested this name before, and for good reason. Just like how anchors keep a boat stable and prevent it from drifting away, Anchors will provide emotional support and protect HORI7ON as they navigate their way towards achieving their goals. It’s a fitting name that truly captures the relationship between the group and their devoted fans.


To say that the Anchors were living their best lives is an understatement. Just check out the sea of yellow flags waving in unison as they passionately support their faves. And let’s not forget the sneak peek of them laughing it up together right before the event started. It’s clear that these fans have already formed a tight bond with each other.


Talking about having the best fans in the world, here’s another testament to the immense support Anchors have for HORI7ON. These fans go above and beyond to show their love for the group, like when they sent over a spread of healthy and delicious treats to keep the boys energized. One Anchor even flew all the way from Cebu just to see her idols – now that’s what we call dedication.


HORI7ON also gave the Anchors nostalgia overload as they took to the stage and performed Dream Maker’s theme song, Take My Hand, once again. Seeing their growth from being Dream Chasers to becoming a group taking on the global stage is truly a proud moment for the fans.


HORI7ON turned the heat up on the stage with a sizzling performance of their debut track, Dash, and a series of other Dream Maker sets that left Anchors yearning for more. From Lovey Dovey to Odd Eye and Tiger, the group had everyone screaming and swooning on their feet.


HORI7ON also did a couple of games and challenges together. One of them was Random Play Dance where the boys served fire and did not disappoint with their rendition of some K-pop hits like KAI’s ROVER, ENHYPEN’s FEVER, BSS’ Fighting, EXO’s Growl and SVT’s Very Nice. It was a moment that proved their versatility and talent goes beyond their own songs.


HORI7ON also took on the Whisper Challenge, and it was pure entertainment. There was that moment with Vinci and Reyster which satisfied the hearts of the VinSter shippers. And although Kim, Kyler, and Jeromy lost the game, their aegyo (cute facial expressions) won over the hearts of their fans.


And probably one of the moments that got the loudest reaction was that moment the boys were playing Pictionary and Marcus was up to let Vinci guess the word “guitar.” But the way Marcus drew it sparked some very not-so-innocent ideas from the fans that had them in stitches.


HORI7ON’s fan meet was filled with heartwarming and memorable moments that will stay with the Anchors forever. From Kim’s emotional outpouring to the VinSter ship setting the stage on fire, Kyler’s big-brotherly presence for Kim and his overwhelming visuals per usual, Winston’s aegyo, Jeromy’s killer dance moves, and Marcus’ hilarious antics, it was a night that left everyone smiling from ear to ear.


And for their final set of the night, HORI7ON warmed everyone’s hearts with their emotive track, Salamat. It was a fitting final song that let everyone take a trip down memory lane and also left the fans rooting more for their mains as they take on their journey of becoming the next global pop group.


Then there was that group hug that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings. Just like you Anchors, we couldn’t wait for HORI7ON to finally debut and take the world by storm. Fly to the sky high!

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