9 Cute Moments from HORI7ON’s ‘Lovey Dovey’ Music Video That Stole Everyone’s Hearts

~Lovey dovey sweetie make me crazy~

From the colors that’s bursting with life to the boys’ performances, HORI7ON is sunshine in human form in their latest Lovey Dovey music video.

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It would only take less than a day before HORI7ON’s Lovey Dovey music video reached over a million views on Youtube. They’re still in their pre-debut era but Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston are already embodying that global pop group appeal. Released on May 31, 2023, courtesy of MLD Entertainment, Lovey Dovey showcases the Dream Maker boys in a vibrant and youthful energy that’s simply irresistible.

Like a bright, captivating ray of sunshine, the Lovey Dovey M/V is a unique offering from HORI7ON that will make you groove, sing along, and ultimately, smile. From the visuals to the boys’ performances and charm, the music video is a testament to how HORI7ON is more than ready to explore different styles and sounds. And to the absolute delight of their supportive fans, the Anchors, here are the other adorable moments and endearing aspects of the music video that’s just such a treat to watch.


Can we just pause for a moment and look at those colors? That strikingly vibrant palette is just bursting with life and perfectly complements HORI7ON’s charm and energy that really makes for a pleasant watching experience.


HORI7ON Lovey Dovey

From the sweaters and denims to those HORI7ON uniforms, the boys’ fashion game for the Lovey Dovey music video is on-point and their style card does not decline at all.


If there’s a part that some Anchors just couldn’t move on from, it’s that captivating smile from Reyster. One fan calls it “a smile that launched a thousand ships” while another describes him as having that 90’s matinee idol aura in him. Just like one of his lines in Lovey Dovey, it seems that Reyster really stole some hearts with just his smile.


In case you don’t know, just like HORI7ON’s previous single Dash, Lovey Dovey was also an original composition for Dream Maker. And one of the first to perform the song was Marcus. He was then a part of the squad, Team 6 of Hearts, who performed Lovey Dovey during their third mission on Dream Maker and on the finals as well. And in the latest music video, you’ll see that Marcus has completely got the song down to a science, effortlessly vibing through every beat and lyric.



If you’ve happened to catch some reaction videos online, then you might have noticed how many people are absolutely captivated by Kyler’s good looks. And honestly, it’s not hard to see why. One fan even jokingly told a reviewer to fall in line as the queue of Kyler’s admirers is already getting pretty long.


Meanwhile, here’s Jeromy busy melting hearts and leaving everyone swooning and smitten with his cuteness.


Other Anchors couldn’t help but also feel proud of Kim for his improvement and for being featured as the last member to take the center position in the Lovey Dovey choreography. And Kim didn’t disappoint one bit. You can see the dedication and hard work he put into perfecting his moves, and it truly paid off.


Winston made sure he’d make an impact with the Lovey Dovey music video and the Anchors felt it. From the visuals (one stan calls him the “cutest painter” they’ve ever seen) to his performance and vocals, Winston’s appeal is undeniable.


If there’s one thing you can expect from Vinci with every HORI7ON performance, it’s that he will always give his all when it comes to singing his part. And in Lovey Dovey, Vinci did make sure he’d stand out, as he should.


We know some of you are solid Vinci and Reyster shippers so here’s some VinSter Lovey Dovey behind-the-scenes ayuda to brighten up your day. You’re welcome.

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